New in v1.1

- Added two key buildings in the Western part of the airfield: The Water Tower at 46.781063, 23.698144 and the tall silo at 46.779902, 23.698714. Both can be used as a reference for the base leg and final approach to Runway 08 (Thx @Dacair!)
- Removed the ODALs
- Dimmed the runway center line light
- Added runway edge markings
- Completed the Taxyway "A" to the apron
- Added and corrected some small visual improvements 


Aeroclubul "Traian Dârjan” Dezmir  Aerodrome is located just South of the "Avram Iancu" Cluj-Napoca International Airport (LRCL), and about 10 km East of the center of Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. 
It is home to the local branch of Aeroclubul României (Romanian Air-Club), providing flight training for gliders, ultra-light aircraft, light aircraft, parachuting, and skydiving.

I made this scenery since LRCJ is completely missing from the default scenery. However, this addon is semi-fictional, providing a more flat profile in the Eastern area of the airfield, and some enhancements, such as threshold and runway centerline markings, touchdown zones (with "European" aspect),  VASI21 precision approach lights for both directions and a Helicopter Pad where the actual skydivers landing spot is located.

There are 4 parking spots that may be used as starting positions.


Aerodrom Dezmir, ICAO: LRCJ
46.779343, 23.712921

Elevation/Reference temperature: 1021 FT (311.20 m) / 26.3°C
MAG VAR/ Annual rate of change: 6° E ( 2021)
Types of traffic permitted: VFR

Radio: OPC (Operational Control) on 118.880 KHz

Apron: Grass
Taxyway: TWY A, Width: 30 M, Surface Grass 

RWY08 089.49° 700x30 Grass Slope -0.39% THR 1013 FT
RWY26 269.49° 700x30 Grass Slope 0.39%


Installation is straightforward:
1. Remove any older installation from the Community folder
2. Download the latest ZIP file wherever you like and move the content to the Community folder
All scenery tools are Asobo's default so no other libraries are required. 

This is my first project, so don't be too critical. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you & Enjoy!