Azores... the Atlantic paradise of Europe

Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. It is formed by 9 islands, all of volcanic origin, and divided into three geographical groups: Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico and Faial in the central part, Flores and Corvo to the west and São Miguel and Santa María to the east.

Each island is unique, with its own culture, history and landscape. They are known for their natural wonders, such as their impressive blue lakes, hot springs, hydrangeas and volcanic craters. They are also great for whale watching and diving, and for their incredible heritage sites, tea plantations and vineyards.

Its climatic conditions, its geographical isolation, the relief and the geological characteristics of the islands gave rise to a great variety of biotopes, ecosystems and landscapes, which foster a high number of habitats that in turn house a great diversity of species of fauna and flora.

Voices and Texts in English, Catalan and Spanish

You will fly with the Diamond Aircraft DA40NG, and have the weather window active so you can experience all the routes at different times and seasons. At the beginning of each leg, the plane is parked and in a Cold & Dark situation. If you want to start the plane quickly, just press the "CTRL + E" keys and activate the lights. You also have a flight plan available with all legs (Azores.pln). I hope you enjoy it!


You have two .rar files available:

Azores CAT-ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Catalan (es-ES), Spanish (es-MX) and English

Azores ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Spanish (es-ES, es-MX) and English

Once the corresponding file has been downloaded, unzip the file and copy all the folders “azo-azores-Txx-CAT” and/or “azo-azores-Txx” and “azo-azores-T01S” in the "Community" folder of your MSFS.

Note: BushTrip created with BushTripInjector, many thanks to its creator BuffyGC for her support and help, and with LittleNavMap by Alexander Barthel. Spanish/English translations: Google Translator. I also thank the authors of the photographs included in each leg. Music by Musictown from Pixabay.