For Low to Middle - spec PC.

This mod is a Simple File improves Jet fighters' framerate drops due to " Vapor Effects ".
( Default F/A-18 and Addon F-15, F-16, M-346 etc ... )

Vapor effect drops frame rate even in Cockpit View while turning.
This mod only disables LERX or Wing Vapor. These two effects cause the frame rate to drop.
WingTip Vapor trail (vortices) is generated in this mod, It may cause a slight drop in frame rate, but it seems to be less of a drop than the above two effects.
( WingTip Vapor : VisualEffect File="DragTrail"/ )

Frame rate will not be improved for aircraft data that does not have the FS2020 default vapor effects.
However, many add-on fighter aircraft use default vapor effects.
If the add-on Aircraft has the original Vapor Effects, I think you need to rewrite model.xml or stop loading the spb file.

Depending on the graphics board and graphics settings, there may not be much improvement.

<  Installation  >

1: Find the Base folder in the fs-base-effects folder.

Please use the search function in Windows Explorer.

(Windows Store version)

2: Back up the original VisualEffectLibrary.xml in the Base folder.

3: Copy this mod's VisualEffectLibrary.xml to the Base folder.

This mod includes two types of VisualEffectLibrary.xml.

(1) Disable LERX and Wing Vapor
(2) Disable Only LERX Vapor

Default F/A-18E LERX and Wing Vapor will drop the frame rate.

LERX Vapor will drop the frame rate for add-ons such as F-15 / M-346.

You can replace the default VisualEffectLibrary.xml at any time, so compare the FPS and choose.

Please be careful when editing the default files.
Do not delete any default files.

If you want to get more Frame rate,

Open Panel.cfg located in the Panel folder in text editor.

Delete the cockpit MFD and MAP display.
If you leave only the HUD, it may be much improved.

size_mm= 1024,1024
pixel_size= 1024,1024
;;;htmlgauge00=xxx/xx/DDI/FA18ACC_DDI.html?Index=1, 0,0,1024,1024

Prefixing with  ;;; ( semicolon ) disables it.

RTX3000/2000,GTX1000 Cards
   FSR3 Frame Genaration ( Free, Double frame rate generation )