LukeAirTool - Passenger Sim & Pushback Assist & METAR & Charts and more

#Real-Life #Airliner #Experimental Drag and Drop

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Initial Release September 20, 2020
Last Updated July 11, 2021
File Size 73.98 MB
Downloads 79,012
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  • Version July 11, 2021

    - New Flight Log System
    - New Profile Page
    - 11 Extra audio buttons added to PaxSim and Soundboard
    - Log view upgraded
    - Menu icons
    - Remove your flight from log (doing so will remove score for that flight)
    - Check your rank progress with visual progress bar in profile page
    - Additional Profile information

    - Old flight logs will not show up on this new system. If you would like to transfer your current your old log files, please get in touch via support or discord

  • Version June 09, 2021

    - Leaderboards are back
    - Fixed random crash that some users experienced when flying over 5 hours

  • Version June 06, 2021

    - New modern UI
    - Window style has been rounded
    - Quick setup for new and returning users
    - New login system
    - Single window usage
    - FSUIPC auto reconnect
    - New settings
    - Event tab added
    - PaxSim placeholders removed or functional
    - New UI Framework
    - FBW A32NX Bug fixed
    - Connection issue with xplane and P3D fixed
    - New pop notification
    - flyLAT tab (check your beta invite status)
    - Fixed FSUIPC connection status
    - New loading screen for PaxSim
    - Removed pointless fields in flight setup
    - Removed pointless and disused labels in cargo and PaxSim
    - Improved flight time calculation
    - Airport database improved
    - Fixed FSUIPC connection in cargo
    - Removed old main menu and announcements
    - Troubleshoot removed and replaced with Audio troubleshoot
    - More accurate location detection
    - New PaxSim shrink function
    - View charts by double clicking on ICAO in PaxSim
    - Backup and restore settings fixed
    - Force ambient sound download no longer hangs
    - New discord status display and settings
    - New about page
    - Ram usage reduced
    - Euro2020 event
    - PaxSim map plane icon removed (temp)
    - Some bug fixes

    PLEASE NOTE AS THIS VERSION HAD TO BE RELEASED EARLY TO FIX A32NX BUG AND FSUIPC CHANGES some areas are still not finished so you might experience some bugs

    This will be patched in

    Hope you understand
    Luke and the team

  • Version May 16, 2021

    - Cargo Simulator
    - MultiDeck layout designer
    - Web Based Charts
    - Location based load and unload
    - Aircraft Database
    - Route Time Display
    - Flight setup Menu
    - Discord Flight info display
    - Cargo Ambient Audio

    - FSUIPC reconnection
    - PaxSim UI adjustments
    - Flight Setup PaxSim UI
    - Altitude trigger removed and replaced with flight type
    - Force Ambient sound download no longer crashes lat

    - LukeAirTool is now under 20mb in size (previous 200mb)
    - Some code rewritten

    To take advantage of the smaller size of LukeAirTool remove LukeAirTool via the launcher by going to settings and clicking on UNINSTALL

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it is unclear about how to use luke air tool after installing it , you should add more instructions and a video tutorial

Das wäre super

Applaus bei Landung

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 Gute Landung Applaus:

und mehr ansagen im Menü zb.

bei Sturm schlecht Wetter Turbulenzen


das wäre genial und damit wäre es perfekt.

Mit Google Übersetzt:


Das wäre toll

Applaus bei der Landung

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und kündigen Sie zum Beispiel mehr im Menü an.

bei Sturm Schlechtwetterturbulenzen


das wäre großartig und das würde es perfekt machen.

Great substitute for self loading cargo's passenger sim. Very good and useful

Very nice application with a lot of potential! Thanks

Hi all, i am unable to use your tool because register send me no mail. Mailaddress is my standard for every case, nothing in spam. Submit a ticket does not work too, so what can i do, thanks for answer.

Amazing update guys..Love the point progression graph...


newest versions are not here. File to download is the same old one with most recent content dated 2021-05-05

It looks good app but app display size is fixed as too small size so I can't use any function.

Is there text in simulator include? Like subtitle

Where is DC6?

The program's been cut off the screen.

Paxim is not available, what should I do?

can this addon be used with the Aerosoft CRJ? Thanks 😊

If I am using FSUIPC for say Pilot2ATC then can I use it concurrently with this program without conflict?

I do not usually write comment but it is so disturbing to see all these negative comments. Please do not care so much about those selfish and ungrateful people around, they do not deserve to use your amazing free add-on.

For those who complain: Why don't you make one yourself? Or at least to donate some cash to these creators and provide suggestion? You all are so cheap, complain about product that is being provided for FREE! You do not know what it's take for these people to make something like this putting all of their passion into it trying to make it better and better, I really hope you all get banned from this community.

To creators: I am really sorry that you have to hear these obnoxious comments, please just ignore them as you are fully supported by us, who can appreciate on your hard work. Thank you so much for all of your work that has been done so far, I cannot wait to see the future updates! Thank you again!

Отличный мод по всей видимости, то что лучшее на данный момент! Я его еще себе не устанавливал, поэтому спрошу: Есть ли в нем сопровождение на русском языке, если нет, то ожидается ли?

Amazing thanks so much

Also, I have 2 suggestions if I can:

  • In the upcoming version, when the small version of the overlay will be out, could you add a drop-down menu for the pilot's announcements and one for the volumes on it?

This way, if we let the auto-crew, we could be able to do an entire flight realistically without opening the main interface which would be terrific 😊

  • The 2nd suggestion would be to start the "landed" announcement a little bit later. Because now it starts playing when the reverses are still running on the runway, so a "vacating runway" trigger would fit perfectly.

Love the progress your making.Been some bugs, that's to be expected though.I have a question in regards to points system. Would it be possible for you to add in a points table showing how many points are needed to archive 1st officer,Captain,Senior Captain etc etc.Many thanks and look forward to the further developments.

It's just getting better and better!

However, could it be possible to have an alternative to the minimized window mode? I mean just a tiny semi-transparent icon less visible than the full bar with speed, altitude etc...?

Personnally when I am in the cockpit I just need a way to access quickly the main LukeAirTool window without going to my desktop which breaks the immersion... So a Hotkey or a little discrete icon would be perfect! 😉 I think it was the case in one of the previous versions.

Amazing!! Best freeware mod in MSFS2020


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