This is a long-running joke on the @MSFSOfficial Twitch streams. The Senior Community Manager of MSFS, Jayne, creates a very close replica of what a stall horn sounds like in an actual plane.


Here are some clips of it...


So, I decided to replace the default stall horn with Jayne's stall horn. Here are the aircraft it is replaced in:

- Cessna 208

- Beechcraft Bonanza

- Cessna 152

- Cessna 172

NOTE: For the 172, the Floats and Ski version's names are changed. This doesn’t affect the aircraft just it has been renamed.

- Diamond DA62

- Extra 330

- Flight Design CT

- Icon A5

- King Air 350i

- NX Cub

- Pitts (Base)

- Savage Cub

- TBM930

- JMB VL-3


If you would like, I can add more aircraft to the list. Just reply here!


NOTE: Do NOT drop the entire folder in the Community Folder or else it will not work. Drag the individual aircraft files inside the CF for which aircraft you want tweaked :)

Credit to Jayne for the stall horn and WombiiActual for clipping it :)


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