More useable maps for flightplanning with worldwide latin letter naming for Little Navmap (LNM)

Little Navmap (LNM) is a great tool, most of you already know and use it for your flightplans or even as VFR extension map,
to see life "where you fly" on a more comfortable map. Keyword: Sim connection

Using the embedded or connected maps so far was mainly comfortable as long as you flew or planned your trips in countries where lating letters
are used. If you wanted to fly in arabic, asian, or eurasian countries, the maps quite often displayed to local names in the local language and
local script. So i.e. Chinese in Chinese characters. For most of us who are non Chinese - unreadable.
For this reason I got in contact with the developer of LNM and asked if he could add a worldwide map, using latin characters. He came back to me
and told me, it's not on him, it's based on the tiles, the maps receive back from the server - But he forward me as well a link to another forum (avsim)
where this topic was already discussed and there was one guy who served allready some further map extensions for LNM (I'll share the link with you below)

What was/is still missing is - when it comes to open source, having an OSM (street or topo) map worldwide in english or at least readable latin letters, even for smaller towns and villages etc. For example the displayed letters in China are still mainly Chinese letters especially for smaller cities.
What I did now, I analysed a little bit the files which are relevant to receive the information from
several map servers and changed slightly the code to receive the tiles.*1

Little Navmap (You can download it here)

How to install (additional maps):
1. Extract the zip file.
2. Open the folder where Little Navmap is installed on your system. For example c:\Little Napmap
3. Copy the complete extracted folders into the earth subfolder of Little Navmap - Based on our example:
    C:\Little Navmap\data\maps\earth
4. (Re)start Littel Navmap. Now the new additional maps should be available for selection.
    They are named: osm-de, osm-fr & osm-tf outdoors

Picture descriptions: for comparison (based on LNM Ver: 2.6.6.)
Picture location: Somewhere in UAE.  (all screenshots taken from the same place but differents map selections)
Pic01: Displays screenshot of the already available OSM OpenStreetMaps -  Almost all names are Arabic.
Pic02: Similar to Pic.01 but diplayed as OpenTopoMap - Almost all names are Arabic.
Pic06: Displays as screenshot of the added OSM OpenStreetMaps in German- Almost all names are now in Arabic & German (or local names in readable latin letters)
Pic07: Displays as screenshot of the added OSM OpenStreetMaps in French.  - All names (if available*2) are now in Arabic & French (or local names in readable latin letters)
Pic08: Displays as screenshot of the added Thunderforest outdoor map  - Almost all names are now in Arabic & English and as a benefit the map
          is a kind of a Topo Map but.  you'll see the watermark of the API-Key note*3, regardless (for planning purposes) it works with the watermark.

Added Map extensions for download (in one file):
OSM OpenStreetMaps iworldwide additional in German or English
OSM OpenStreetMaps iworldwide additional in French*2 or English
- Thunderforest outdoor (topo)map worldwide in English

External link for more LNM map extensions:
i.e. several Scandinavian related maps, several US. related maps and others
you can find here

Disclaimer: All map data are provided free of charge and public accessibility.
*1: The developer of LNM (Alexander Barthel) gave me the permission to share the
slightly modified files for free, since they are running under a public GNU LGPL anyway.
The French language has not yet been adopted so well globally. This is why it is sometimes missing and the original labels are displayed.
*3: Sorry, couldn't find a solution in the dgml file so far to establish a connection with a vlid api-key. (did some tests). If someone has an idea and is more familiar with that, I'm happy when you come back to me.