Oslo Airport 2020 (ENGM)

#Real-Life Norway Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 1.3
Initial Release September 19, 2020
Last Updated December 22, 2020
File Size 94.03 KB
Downloads 30,852
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  • Version 1.3 December 22, 2020

    Changelog V1.3
    -*Fixed crucial compatibility issues with the Dec. 3rd patch

  • Version 1.2 September 20, 2020

    Changelog V1.2
    -Removed blue lighting on edge lines (Important)
    -Added blast fences
    -Added apron lamps

  • Version 1.1 September 20, 2020

    Changelog V1.1
    -Fixed/re-aligned numerous centerlines

  • Launched September 19, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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je connais pas vraiment ce type aéroport mais ca sera pour moi une premier découvert merci

Love the airport, but have one request.. Gatenumbers marked in yellow before line to gate. Would it be possible to ad them? You can see them well on google maps and on the chart for ENGM

Requires updating together with a full recomp against the latest MSFS SDK v0.12.0 in order to be useful again (at least for us with the licensed simulator / with the latest MSFS v1.15.10.0 as of this writing).

Otherwise, no doubt a work of dedication having it left abandoned in this state being such a pity.

Nice work, but a few serious issues. Like other users have reported, this crashes for me. Never had a crash before in any other situation, only with this scenery. Also taxi guidance doesn't seem to be working.
Just installed this and it's working fine here... Really nice job on the terminal and the improved layout! Hope you get a chance to resume eventually as it's coming together really nicely.
Hello, I would like to use your addon but when I load the simulator in oslo I still see the default airport and not yours. I put kw-oslo-engm inside my community folder and other mods work.
It's pretty and all but only place where I get constant crashes... ~200 hours in MSFS without problems but in ENGM with this addon I cannot play. 0 crashes with default ENGM. Have re-installed / retried but crashes start to happen if installing the addon and crashes go away if I remove the addon.
Really great work! I remember my disapointment loading the autogenerated version of ENGM for the first time, but you saved the day.
Thanks for this fantastic piece of freeware, amazing work! I've seen that it's on hold at the moment, but I just departed from Oslo and I'm not sure if it's an issue with the navdata in the sim or something else, but I used the airport ground chart in Navigraph with the live position indicator on and it didn't match up with where I acutally was and I was using stock ATC so the taxiway directions they gave me were not correct, so instead I turned on the taxiway navigation ribbon which took me to the runway (19R) but tried to take me through part of a terminal! Any ideas why this could be? 😊
Looks really cool but it doesn´t show up in my game.
Konge scenery! Synd det temporarily har blitt suspended. Er det en spesiell grunn? Hva er planene fremover? Gleder meg til hva fremtiden bringer 😊
Thank you for making this scenery! I see that your project is suspended at the moment- but when you resume, might you add the iconic Kepler Star which is something of a landmark right by the airport? Thanks agein for your work 😊
Could you check the Aircraft's spawning position at Gate 61?
When I pick that as a starting location for the A320 it spawns with the cockpit in the middle of the jetway.
Hope you will continue this fine work!
Stort tack
I really hope you'll resume updating this scenery...it has a great potential!
Great work. Made a cinematic video based on this mod, check it here (hope you like it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGx6PFYBstc
Great airport and approach, I arrived in thick snow and foggy conditions, great landing. Just one question, I reqested taxi to gate many times but it didnt tell me any even though it said which... I never got the waypoint to it. Is this a problem? Thanks anyway 😊
Just a quick question, do I have to extract it after I place in into the community folder?
Please update and remove the errors and is that correct that the only file size 94.03 KB?
I hav the latest version of fms2020. but when I install ENGM it never shows up. I have reinstalled msf2020, could that the reason why?


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