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DNBOF - Weather presets pack

Nine weather presets:

Atmospheric - Big and dramatic clouds, great for screenshots especially around sunrise/sunset
- Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the short to mid range
Shallow Mist - Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the mid to long range
Lying Snow - Snow on the ground, no wind and some high altitude cloud
Snow Showers - Large but scattered high precipitation snow showers with light winds
Thunderstorms - Large but scattered high precipitation thunderstorms with gusty winds
Breezy - Surface = 225/10 knots, gusting 18 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/30 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/50 knots, no gusts
Windy - Surface = 225/25 knots, gusting 40 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/60 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/80 knots, no gusts
De-icing - Utility preset for those times when you cannot avoid freezing conditions, you don't have windscreen/airframe de-icing and just need a bit of heat to help you out with minimal loss of immersion.


Simply unzip the downloaded file and place the folder dnbof-weather-presets-pack into your Community folder and start-up MSFS2020. Presets will then be available in the weather preset drop-down list. Have fun!

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.5 March 14, 2021

  • Version 1.4 February 14, 2021

  • Launched January 12, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • JNBennett64
    7 hour(s) ago
    thx so much, saves me from ajusting my weather, u did a fine job
  • MaxedOut
    6 day(s) ago
    Atmsopheric and De-Icing are identical btw.
    • DNBOF
      4 day(s) ago
      De-icing preset has a 60 degree C air temperature
    • MaxedOut
      3 day(s) ago
      Oh, thanks for clarifying! Are you planning on making more presets, I would love them!
  • felixfer
    26 day(s) ago
    One small addon for the sim, one giant leap for the community. Thank you very much for your presets. They are all wonderfull, but the "Fog" one is a must for taining instrumental flight.
  • MiklosBM
    1 month(s) ago
    Very nice, especially in VR.
  • Frelonvelours69
    1 month(s) ago
    Amazing presets to improve the experience !!! Well done !!!
  • Haddock
    2 month(s) ago
    Nice work as usual, thank you DNBOF ! Greetings from Haddock from EA21 😉
  • peterhemm
    2 month(s) ago
    Love these presets, and thanks for adding "Atmospheric"!
  • Daggy004
    2 month(s) ago
    DNBOF....great work
  • spectrelaser97
    2 month(s) ago
    Hey, I have like the mod quite a lot but in the recent sim update, it always automatically go to the defrost preset even though I set to live weather before flight.

    Edit: Nevermind, i think I set it to defrost from the start.
  • archaicpariah
    3 month(s) ago
    Edpatino does have the correct path for STEAM installations. Just copy the individual WPR files into that directory and they show up fine. Thanks for the presets!
  • edpatino
    3 month(s) ago
    In a future update, could it be possible to have the Windy preset modified a bit to reduce the intensity of the winds?. MSFS effects are too sensitive to high winds and the effects are too exaggerated. Maybe looking for something like "Moderate Winds"?.
    • DNBOF
      2 month(s) ago
      Latest (v1.5) update now has a "Breezy" preset for GA/props and "Windy" is now more for turboprops/airliners
    • edpatino
      2 month(s) ago
      Thanks so much
  • edpatino
    3 month(s) ago
    On a Steam installation, the presets cannot go into the Community folder, but here instead (custom install on Steam):
    C:\Users\<Your_Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Weather\Presets
    Thanks for this nice work!
    • Scooty
      3 month(s) ago
      If you just take the preset files out of this, then it´s as you mentioned, but this here is a complete addon, which can be placed into the community folder or managed by an addon-manager, to be de/activated an demand.

      There is anonther download on another site from sept. 2020, just offering preset files, which only work when droped into the folder you mentioned. But THIS HERE is just as comfortable as any other addon.
    • edpatino
      3 month(s) ago
      I'm taking the folder as downloaded, not as single files, and it does not work when I place it in the Community folder.
    • Scooty
      3 month(s) ago
      Hmmm... strange... do you have any other mods installed? Maybe it´s just a conflict between some of them.

      Maybe try to geactivate all others and just habe THIS one in the community folder. Would be interesting if it´s working then.
    • edpatino
      3 month(s) ago
      I have literally thousands mods installed. No problem, the presets are individually placed in the corresponding Weather folder together with the SoFly presets installed by ORBX Central and many others taken from different sites. I'm on Steam, not in the MS Store
    • Scooty
      3 month(s) ago
      All fine!

      You mentioned weather presets from other sites, i know the ones from sofly and the "More Interesting Weather Presets" so far, if you know about any more, any hint would be very welcome!
    • edpatino
      3 month(s) ago
      These are the ones, taken from Nexusmods.com. There are three other presets I took from Avsim, but I couldn't find the link, it was back in September

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