Budworm city was a big thing for the province of New-Brunswick, and since it was missing from MSFS2020, I added my own version of the old strip!

In one area you can see hunters enjoying a campfire, and at the other end you can still find some old spraying planes, and hundreds of Fuel and DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) Barrel stil burried in the bushes!

Budworm City airport is now closed. It is located in south-eastern Restigouche County approximately 50 km south of Campbellton. It was established in 1951 as a base to treat 182,000 acres of forest in northern New Brunswick against the spruce budworm.

On November 24 1951, the construction of the airport began and Severals camps were built to house over 200 peoples.

Today, Budworm City is used as a staging area for herbiciding Crown plantations and by hunters who establish a yearly campsite. The southern runway is open and grassed, but the northern runway is grown over.

Be aware of debris on the runway, this is an old abandoned airfield ;)

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*Note* This airport dos'nt look like that in real life...I just tought it would be fun to merge the old usage with today's usage.