This is my first performance mod, ment to improve the capability of takeoffs and landings of the Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140. Reworked how much power it takes to move the aircraft to reach takeoff speed. SHOULD feel closer to what it should be. Slightly reworked the brakes for better stopping power. SHOULD feel more realistic, you will get nose overs with the current braking power if not careful. Be prepared. I have done this in hopes to get a more realistic feel to the aircraft. Espcially in STOL Comps and STOL Drag, the performance was not on par with what it should be. Speaking with a real life pilot who their CFI has said that the Cessna 140 is very touchy on the brakes, i felt i needed to correct this in sim to be more accurate. I will continue to adjust if it feels too powerful or too weak. Feedback is more then welcome, please let me know if the performance needs tweaking.


To install just unzip the file and either copy paste or drag and drop into your Community folder.