This add-on aims to remove the huge checkered box (including the lamppost next to it) which is caused by some old SDK sample conflict. After taking this bug as granted for years I decided to learn some simple SDK tricks myself, and found the removal of this pesky bug to be surprisingly easy.

I tested it with the default MYNN scenery, but (hopefully) it will also work with the freeware and payware versions of MYNN.


1. Unzip the Mod and and drag it tinto your Community folder.

2. Load into the Sim.

2. While in the Sim open the "General Options", then "Experimental" and select "Package Reorder Tool".

3. In the new window locate the "zzz-mynn-fix" (use the search bar on top of the list to make it easier) and click the arrow down al the way to the bottom of the list. Make sure the mod has the highest number than all of your other sceneries!

4. Exit the Sim and restart it. Or just chill in the Sim :)

5. Upon the Restart the Mod should be working properly.

P.S. Make sure to keep the mod at the highest priority or else some of your new mods may re-activate the bug!