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Initial Release January 03, 2021
Last Updated January 04, 2021
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Latvia Drag and Drop

Riga Airport for MSFS 2020

Thank you for your donations, I really appreciate it! Your support helps me to develop and improve my skills, brings inspiration and shows that I'm moving in the right direction.


  • improved ILS


  • fixed default modellib.bgl problem
  • improved night lighting in terminals
  • added and improved apron night lighting
  • some other small things


  • Taxiways
  • Approns
  • Parking stands
  • Runway lenght
  • Runway approach lights
  • PAPI
  • ILS
  • ATC Frequencies
all matching official airport charts.
  • Custom Terminal and Tower models  - thanks to for permission

Installation: extract "desmo-airport-evra-riga" folder to your Community folder

This is the very first version, so it is possible that there may be errors//bugs/inconsistencies somewhere. Terminal glass and night textures don't look very good (maybe I'll try to fix it in the future). Please let me know if you find any other bugs.
I am not a professional scenery builder. I hope it’s clear that this is not the level of paid sceneries, this is just my hobby. But if you like this scenery, I will try to improve it further :)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1.5 January 04, 2021

    -improved ILS

  • Version 1.1 January 03, 2021

    -fixed default modellib.bgl problem
    -improved night lighting in terminals
    -added and improved appron night lighting
    -some other small things

  • Launched January 03, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates 56.922364, 23.976989

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    February 14, 2021

    Thanks for the good scenery! Could you please add the missing part of the taxiway line Q when turning from F?

  • image
    January 25, 2021

    GREAT WORK , It's superbly done.
    Hope you can do Tallinn airport scenery, it's very beautiful.

    Thank you

  • image
    January 18, 2021

    It's my favorite eastern europe airport !

  • image
    January 09, 2021

    Thank you for the this very fine airport. It is superbly done.

  • image
    January 06, 2021

    Good job...looks great! Thank you!

  • image
    January 04, 2021

    Ne, nu šo es nebiju gaidījis! Paldies!

  • image
    January 04, 2021

    GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

  • image
    January 03, 2021

    Thanks for Riga airport! I look forward to more from Latvia and the other Baltic countries Estonia and Lithuania! Scenry and airports.

  • image
    January 03, 2021

    18RW 36 RW ILS kein funktion?

  • image
    Desmo replied Author
    January 03, 2021
    bei mir funktioniert
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    January 03, 2021

    Hello, great idea with this scenery! I just have an issue where half the apron textures (maybe a certain material?) are like blue and white - like a chessboard? Any ideas? thanks

  • image
    Desmo replied Author
    January 03, 2021
    Hi. Can you please post link with screenshot?
    scandinavian941 replied
    January 03, 2021
    i've had the same...on the Apron next to the terminal...behind gate F105.
    But since I arrived at night, i didn't see it was blue and white. But i did see the chessboard effect
    Desmo replied Author
    January 04, 2021
    have you installed the latest scenery version?
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    January 03, 2021

    Many Thanks and happy new year, now we have the airport for this lovely city.

  • image
    January 03, 2021

    Excellent Scenery, looks really awesome.

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