Strictly speaking, it is the second time to release this mod as I would like to review the addon after WU13, and the original page for this addon has been "returned" to Gatot Subroto Airport (WIPO). This mod contains 9 airports which are missing in the sim, or not being generated properly:

  • Jenderal Besar Soedirman (WAHP)
  • Datah Dawai (WALJ)
  • Namniwel (WAPR)*
  • Frans Sales Lega (WATG)
  • Pantar (WATP)*
  • Arung Palakka (WAWN)*
  • Gading Wonosari (WI1G)
  • Nusawiru (WICN)
  • Nanga Pinoh (WIOG)

Those airports marked with (*) means that the airport names are wrong in the sim, but it can't be changed by MSFS SDK at the moment.

No custom buildings have been made for these airports.

There are still some airports not included here because they need custom ground textures, and they will be released independently. Enjoy flying around these airports with the new ATR42/72 from Microsoft/H&S Studio.

You may also have interest on these Indonesian airports which are released as separate packages:

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