This profile provides more accurate GSX support for the freeware EDDH Hamburg airport. 

The airport is made by "Chak991"

And I DO NOT take any credit for the scenery. 

Here is a link: 


Things included in the profile:

- Custom made pushback, edited ground handling and a “visual docking guidance system” just as in real life


Following gates are edited:

- Gate 1A

- Gate 1

- Gate 2B

- Gate 2A

- Gate 3A

- Gate 3B

- Gate 4B

- Gate 4A

- Gate 5A

- Gate 5B

- Gate 6A

- Gate 6

- Gate 7A

- Gate 7

- Gate 8



-This profile is NOT complete. It for now only include the gates seen above. Bugs are to be expected. 


-The Left and Right pushback is on valid for the middle LINE 1 taxiway. If you want to push differently or you get another clearance, use customize puchback.


To install:

Simply extract the zipfile and put “eddh-e4psdv” into AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS