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Version 1.3
Initial Release December 14, 2020
Last Updated December 29, 2020
File Size 138.24 MB
Downloads 14,335
GPS Coordinates 22.322549, 114.202527
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Intl. Airports #Real-Life #Fictional #Buildings #Handcrafted Hong Kong


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  • Version 1.3 December 29, 2020

    Update 1.3

    Another small update

    Corrected taxiway sign errors

    Adjusted runway 13 glideslope

    Added Approach for runway 13 from Cheung Chau VOR over the current HK intl toward the Checkerboard

    Unfortunately the ILS frequency still has to be added manually in the FMC NAV/RAD
    Freq: 111.9 course 88

    Added delete existing airport element to XML

  • Version 1.2 December 17, 2020

    Sorry everyone I messed up with the last update. The package didn't build correctly in the SDK and I didn't notice therefore i pretty much uploaded the original file again without any updates.

    This latest version is that update. In your MSFS content manager the scenery should be listed as 'Hong Kong Kai Tak' Version 1.2

    Sorry again

  • Version 1.1 December 16, 2020

    Update 1.1

    Small update

    Cleaned up signs and taxiways that were incorrect

    Redesignated gates as ramps so that airstairs works

    Adjusted glideslope on both 13 and 31.

    Added an exclusion rectangle over where cruise terminal would be to see if that will help those with 3rd party scenery problems (not sure what it does if anything)

    Removed building from threshold of rwy13 in standard scenery.

  • Launched December 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Hi @Ali501,

Thankyou for wonderful community build. I have created a short video of your addon. You can add it in your description if you want 😊

i can confirm that it does work after su5

It does not work anymore for me either.. it gives me CTD... would it be possible to look into it so it can work again?

i loved this scenario very much

Thanks for the amazing work 😊

This is obsolete and destabilizes the sim kernel, it requires recompiling with the latest sim SDK - do not use !!!

Thanks a lot, very nice to have Kai Tak back, for me it´s working perfectly. 👍

I'm not sure if people are still having problems with this add-on; ie VHHX not showing in the map, grass on the runway and taxiway. These errors pop'd up on my end when I renamed the main directory, when I reverted it back to port_ali501-kaitak the add-on behaved properly; no need to use ModelLibChanger as well. Only problem I have which I think is inherent with the sim itself is that VOR CH 112.3 doesn't have a CDI which makes tracking it impossible.

There is a way to remove the AI cars that are running all over the airport now. A payware version of Kai Tak, "KAI TAK 1998 THE LAST DAYS ARE BACK MSFS" at says that all AI cars are removed for that scenery:

  • No AI cars on the apron, taxiways and runway! This scenery has resolved the issue with cars appearing at the wrong places, so you don’t need to set the road traffic density to 0%.

If ali501 is still active, maybe he/she can take a look at how to remove the AI cars? It may be something related to removing the roads from the underlaying scenery. I'm not exactly sure how it's done, but that payware version of Kai Tak was able to remove the AI cars.

It does not work

After last asobo update kaitak mod result in a CTD after I choose VHHH or VHHX and hit fly button as soon as the blue ribbon band at the bottom crosses half of the screen.

Cleared the mod from community folder, cleared the content.xml entry of the mod, and then reentered MSFS, choose VHHH, hit fly and everything ran fine, but of course no kaitak scenery in situ.

So followed next stept and deleted rolling cache, then exited MSFS, then put the mod back to community, retstared msfs, choose again vhhh and hit fly and again the mod cuases MSFS to CTD at hald blue ribbon at bottom.

So not working for me.

hope for an update some time, as this scenery is really great.

I am running SAMSCENE HKG city V 1.3 with the exclude kaitak file.
can you check you airport. I was using this.

All of a sudden, it stopped working. it ctds' if I park flt at kai tak
Nice airport! I was a little surprised of the last turn before landing on runway 13 though. Still got the plane down in one piece! But it was close... not gonna lie!
Not working even with ModelLibChanger =(
Since latest update , the airport have not show on the map , even ModelLib Changer, cannot fix the problem
I have a similar problem. Since the last update this briliant piece of scenery is no longer fully functioning. Even with today's hotfix. The airport is no longer showing on the World map, the runway is gone but the approach lights (running rabbits) and checker board are still visible. Anyone with a solution?
😞Not working since last update 😢
Dommage car elle ne fonctionne plus depuis la dernière mise à jour, je dois utiliser la version de Superstud pour le voir de nouveau sur la carte. Peut-être une mise à jour prévue !!

Too bad because it hasn't worked since the last update, I have to use the version of Superstud to see it on the map again. Maybe an update planned !!
great mod, just one question though were the approach lights actually so big? they look a little goofy how big they are in the city scape 😋
Very nice Mod. Fond memories of fling in there pre 1998. One bug, though, is that there's traffic (cars) crossing the runway.
Hi influous, thank you so much for the fix. Works just great.

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