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This is a custom profile for Loupedeck Live consoles for use in MSFS.

(If you don't have a Loupedeck Live this is useless to you)

To use: Unzip the file, in Loupedeck Configration software go to Settings (cog wheel), then under Device Settings choose Profile and import the file.  It should automatically map to FlightSimulator.exe but you may have to adjust based on your setup.

Current Version has 3 Touchscreen pages and 6 encoder wheel mappings:
  • System & Controls
    • Pitot Heat toggle
    • Fuel Pump toggle
    • Set Altimeter
    • Elevator Trim Nose Up/Down
    • Avionics Master toggle
    • Parking Brakes toggle
    • Pushback toggle
  • Lights
    • Beacon
    • Taxi
    • NAV
    • Strobe
    • Landing
    • Alternator Master toggle
    • Battery Master toggle
    • Interior Light toggle
    • Flashlight toggle
  • AP & NAV
    • AP on/off toggle
    • YD on/off toggle
    • FD on/off toggle
    • ALT Bug
    • Heading Bug
    • Attitude Hold
    • NAV1 Hold
  • Encoder wheels
    • Mixture +/-
    • Prop Pitch +/-
    • Throttle +/-
    • Heading +/-
    • Altitude +/-
    • VS +/-

Issues I've encountered:
  • A couple times during the first trial run the encoder dials stopped responding and then my mouse cursor dissappeared. Seems to have stopped in the version I have uploaded here.
  • The encoder dials need 2-3 clciks to have any effect most of the time.  Not sure if I can adjust the sensitivity or use a modifier maybe.  I'm open to suggestions :)
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Current Version 1.0
Initial Release November 21, 2020
Last Updated November 21, 2020
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    November 29, 2020

    @rspaltenstein Thank You!!!! i was near to give up!!!

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    November 29, 2020

    Great Idea to use this tool! I had troubles to assign the profile to the flightsimulator.exe application. I had bought the MSFS via Microsoft store and i could not assign the flightsimulator.exe. I created a dummy flightsimulator.exe on the desktop and assigned this file. Now it works.

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