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Flying Donut

A donut 3D model which shouldn't be able to fly but still does. Model made with Blender Guru's beginner tutorial series

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A donut 3D model which shouldn't be able to fly but still does.

Model made with Blender Guru's beginner tutorial series

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November 17, 2020
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Just heard about this, downloaded it and tried it, just because I thought it was hilarious. Now onto the serious stuff: didn't see any flight controls in the cockpit, nor a cockpit view really, just shows the angle from the front, was completely uncontrollable once I got up, granted I'm not very good at the sim anyways so it could be just me. LOL Plus, I tried it after Update #5, not sure if there's any correlation to that and it not working like a plane. Still gets 5 stars for creativity.

Ah... I see you also completed that Blender guide! 😉
useless and pollution on thissite... go away play with kids please, and please to flightsim delete this stupidity
😋You should team up with Hype Performance Group to convert it to a helicopter with a rotor in the donut hole. Jimmies can flap up on either end to resist rotor torque. Can anyone design a giant coffee cup helipad to land in it?😋
This Is Hard To See Past Interior/ Exterior While Flying But It Is Beautiful To Fly. Need better Views Please
this thing flies while the 737MAX doesn't
nice job man
Mmm, donut!
Haha spot who's done the blender guru first tutorial and set his donut to the sky after the level 1 lessons are done with.... ! Love it !
Tch tch ... your sprinkles are clipping pretty badly..... LOL
So funny! But that makes me worried about the physics of MFS2020 that a Donut can even fly in a "Flight Simulator" or then you have the Homer Simpson'genius and inspiration!
Good job man! hhhh
Homer would love this!
Brilliant, I can now go escorting random planes in multiplayer
Very interesting, I love it lol!
i dont see how your going to end up making an a350
Me parece que es una falta de respeto a este simulador, los que volamos en este simulador lo hacemos en forma seria y no a la chacota.
Swiss001 needs to see this
You sir are a legend. Here is a tribute for you:
Why does this thing's existance exist?
OMG, SimCaesar (Twitch Streamer) you need this bro.
This one of the reasons that FS2020 cannot be considered as a flight simulator
I see I'm not the only one who followed that blender tutorial...

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  • Version 1.1 November 20, 2020

    The aircraft selection screen now shows the donut.

  • Launched November 17, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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