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Schleicher K7 Glider

Schleicher K7 Rhönadler two-seater glider (Version 1.10) A vintage two-seater steel tubing, wood and fabric training glider which evolved into the K13, still in use in soaring clubs today. This is a faithfully modelled ASK-7 two set training glider, which originally flew in 1960. It...


Schleicher K7 Rhönadler two-seater glider (Version 1.10)

A vintage two-seater steel tubing, wood and fabric training glider which evolved into the K13, still in use in soaring clubs today.

This is a faithfully modelled ASK-7 two set training glider, which originally flew in 1960. It had good performance for its day, with a glide ratio of approximately 26:1. The K7 is constructed with a welded steel tube fuselage covered in doped aircraft fabric covering while the wing is a wooden structure, again with a doped fabric covering. This is the first modelling project for GlideSimmer67 and a huge amount of care has gone into the model (see the images incldued here). B21 helped out with the flight model and the programming.

See intro video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dprKVPPGpno

Version 1.10 changes as described in the changelogs

Version 1.02 corrects a model texture that accidentally included an inappropriate symbol and also properly synchronizes the internal and external views of the canopy open/close status.

Features of the MSFS model
  • Exceptionally detailed model, inside and out.
  • Authentic panel with both an uncompensated VSI and a TE vario, without the modern audio lift indication.
  • Carefully modelled and animated yawstrings, attached to the forward pitot and on top of canopy, operating in both yaw and pitch.
  • Distinctive flight model, 26:1, with a much lower wing-loading and airspeed range than modern racing gliders.
  • Modelled P1 and P2 cockpits with individual panels and multi-part animated canopy.
  • Automated winch launch provided via the tow-release lever. Voice output now in german language.
Buttons/key event mappings available in MSFS "Settings/Controls"
  • Winch launch / tow release mapped to "TOGGLE RECOGNITION LIGHTS" (same as AS33, LS4)
  • Radio knobs recognize standard MSFS events, i.e. INCREASE/DECREASE COM1 FRACT/WHOLE
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June 09, 2022
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4 month(s) ago — 1.10



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I love this glider, it's the only thing close to a student club glider I can find (I fly a blanik L23 in real life) - 3 suggestions:

-Please update it to support the tow plane functionality in SU11 (proper tow line nose hook config)

-Please include an alternate instrument option for US based pilots (kts, ft)

-Not a big deal but the trim slider control is back to front with all the other gliders, so I have to remap controls every time I switch

Thanks you so much!

Great, Tx!

Great job

You should update the aircraft.cfg file parameter ui_typerole to "Glider" so this aircraft will be identified and organized in the Hangar aircraft filters as a "Glider" instead of an "Other" aircraft type.

This glider looks beautiful, would you be open to making a SGS 2-33A?

Sehr schönes Flugzeug sehr realitätsnah! Großes Lob von mir an der Stelle! Eine nette sache wäre jedoch, wenn man beim windenstart den Knüppel die ganze Zeit gezogen haben müsste. Das würde dann noch mehr an die Echte K7 rankommen ...

How do i use air brakes ?

was schönes aus der Heimat

and the pilot ?

Love this glider. It's an old donkey but I learned to fly in one of these. Nice work the sim version behaves very much like the real one. Slow but you can depend on it.

@ GlideSimmer67,

Excellent work...

Just an observation;

If you change the folder name e.g;



it will leave both folders in the sim install library.

For this reason, the version number shouldn't be used in the folder name, as it is handled in the 'manifest.json' file.

Also. it should be mentioned in the install instructions to remove previous versions.

Thanks for your hard work...

Thank you so much for this wonderful glider! I've had a lot of fun flying the newer top of the line models like the Discus and the AS 33, and it's great to be able to step back in time to fly the K7. Our local glider club has an SGS 1-26, and I imagine it's much like the K7.

Would it be possible to turn up the wind sound effects? Right now, they seem very quiet compared to the other sound effects like opening the air vent. I find myself turning my speakers way up to get the wind sound, but then the other effects are even louder!

Anyway, excellent job. I'll be following your project with great interest!

Looks very interesting! I´m gonna try to learn gliding in the sim soon and definitely wanna try this bird, too!

Just a tiny thing i would suggest: The RGB values of the cockpit knobs and levers (= bright green, yellow, blue) are a bit too saturated and "shiny". Please reduce saturation of them a bit, they don´t need to "scream" that much and look more natural then.

It's near enough perfect now.

Nice work. Any chance of an English speaking option, plus and ASI in knots and altimeter in feet. That would be pretty close to one of the gliders I learned to fly with and once got a 3 and a half hour duation with in weak thermals.

Thank you for this excellent glider!

Wieso gibt es dafür nicht ein paar schöne Live ries ?

Hello, I am still waiting anxiously for the K8 for the Fs2020. So I was surprised that I can now fly this super nice model of the K7. Even though there is certainly still some room for improvement, I give it 5 stars. It is great fun and free of charge. What more could you want? But what I miss most is sitting in the back from take-off (without having to adjust the seat position) and seeing someone sitting in the front seat. My suggestion would be a 2nd version that differs from the first only in the seating position, with the front man in the cockpit. I will soon test the K7 with "Your controls". It would be great if that works. Both can then take different seats.

Many, many thanks and all the best. <3 <3 <3

PS I fly the K7 in VR: It's a dream 😉

How do you install it on the SIM ?

@ GlideSimmer67,

manifest.json file:

Don't forget to update the version number in the manifest.json file.

Here it shows version number 1.01, but shows 0.1.0 in the manifest.


 "title": "Simple Aircraft",

The sim displays this line in the 'Content Manager' so it should reflect the name of the addon somewhat e.g.;

 "title": "Schleicher K7", ...for example.

Thanks for the glide.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.10 July 24, 2022

    - TE vario smoothing increased
    - new coding for slip ball in turn coordinator
    - improvement to the yawstring code
    - winch launch now with german voice

    Flight Model
    - more accurate side-slips possible
    - stall transition now much less aggressive
    - effect of the speed brakes a bit stronger
    - adjustment to the reported CofG limits

    - new camera.cfg positions for pilot and co-pilot

    3D Model
    - re-positioned front yawstring (lower position)
    - add second yawstring on top of canopy for back seat
    - interior/exterior animations fixed
    - animated control rods for ailerons and elevator trim
    - some small visual changes

  • Launched June 09, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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