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EDDS - Stuttgart Manfred Rommel Airport

WE will not provide any support in the future. The project is closed!Stuttgart (EDDS) Freeware Airport Finally, a proper airport in the Ländle Alpha version for public download. This repository provides the built and ready-to-use versions for the MSFS 2020 of the Stuttgart Airport. Note: This airport is...

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Intl. Airports
Initial Release
November 14, 2020
Last Updated
2 year(s) ago — 0.3.7

WE will not provide any support in the future. The project is closed!

Stuttgart (EDDS) Freeware Airport

Finally, a proper airport in the Ländle

Alpha version for public download. This repository provides the built and ready-to-use versions for the MSFS 2020 of the Stuttgart Airport.

Note: This airport is still under development.

If you experience any problems, have feature requests or any other types of improvements, feel free to open an issue here.

The development and issue tracking takes place on GitHub. If you want to contact us, feel free to join our Discord.


  • Realistic runway incl. slope, lightning system
  • Realistic apron incl. taxiway layout, parking positions and ground textures
  • Accurate NavData & procedures based on up-to-date data
  • Custom modelled 3D buildings:
    • main terminal (new version is WIP)
    • Firedepartment
    • GAT hangars and terminal
    • LH Technik hangar
    • DC Aviation hangar
    • and many more
  • Functional jetways and other ground crew features (refueling, catering etc.)

Known Issues:

  • windsock not lighted
  • taxiway signs "ils cat 3 hold short" have a wrong / between II and III
  • taxiway signs "TORA distance" have missing meter letter



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  • Updated to version 0.3.7

  • Updated to version 0.3.6

  • Updated to version 0.35

  • Updated to version 0.3

  • Initial File Release

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Uneven rwy. Its broken, I already deleted it.



9 month(s) ago

The runway slope and the custom jetways that connect to the default ones are misaligned. I hope you keep working on it its a fantastic project

thanks for your work, is there a way to fix the runway elevation?

it is a shame you dont work on this anymore, but of course understandble, could you atleast give permission to someone to fix the airport as right now with the elevation problem its un usable.



12 month(s) ago

WARNING: Huge elevation issues on taxiways and runway. DO NOT USE!

Full of dips and bumps. Literally crashed my 737 at taxi speeds from a bump, my landing addon recorded a landing of -600fpm. While highly entertaining, unfortunately unusable.

Any chance of updating this scenery? Looks great, but there's elevation issues and taxiway N has some blockage because of it.

There's a huge unrealistic slope on the runway, and various slopes across the airport. Will need to be relooked at. Terminal looks great though

Text totally destroyed, no lights on the track, no ils, no unloading.

Seit dem Deutschland Schweiz Österreich Update ist der EDDS Flughafen als handgemachte Version von MS Asobo bereitgestellt. Muss man dann diesen deaktivieren? Ich denke, ansonsten werde die sich kaum vertragen... Also entweder diese Freewareversion oder die Asobo Version (welche besser ist, kann ich noch nicht beurteilen, sehe keinen Unterschied, was eher für die Freeware spricht).

Since the Germany Switzerland Austria update, the EDDS airport has been made available as a handmade version of MS Asobo. Do you have to deactivate it then? I think otherwise they will hardly get along ... Either this freeware version or the Asobo version (which is better, I can't say yet, but cant see a big difference what speaks for this mod 😉).

Hello, great job, thank you for sharing this beautiful scenery.

Have a nice day.

Beautiful but I have a moutain on the runway i cannot acces the 07

Vielen Dank für eure EDDS Szenerie.

Ist der Flughafen Stuttgart jetzt mit dem neuen Microsoft Update dabei oder nicht?

I like it.😃

I like this Scenery very very much.

For an Free Scenery its amazing!!!

But at the Moment there is an Scenery Issue its Buggy, does someone have an Idea how to fix it? its like the old Stock scenery and Addon is mixed together.

https://ibb.co/JKR78RY <<< here is an Link how it looks

https://ibb.co/M6KCp1g <<< here another Picture

No more working with

It worked before, but no more with

can anyone confirm that it is still working?

I have 0.3.7 installed in the community folder and tried a lot of things like

  • deleting cache
  • following the gravity procedure (remove edds, restart fs2020, quit fs2020, add edds, restart fs2020)

but nothing works. I installed it as the only mod in the community folder and it is correctly loaded (according to developer options Tools-> packages) but i cannot select edds in the world map or select it from the map anymore

Must be installed in the community folder located, where the game is installed. First put it into AppData > ... > LocalCache > Community and it of course didn't work.

Other than that... This is a wonderful piece of work and I am grateful that I can now use this Airport on my flights.

il manque un petit peu de travaille a pars sa super

Well done, as good as payware airport scenery! Love it

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.3.7 April 19, 2021

    - Fixed flickering/floating taxiway and parking groundmarks
    - Fixed windsock
    - Fixed 74A ground mark
    - Built to support MSFS v1.15.8.0

  • Version 0.3.6 April 12, 2021

    - Fixed groundmarks
    - Added Lights to DCA hall
    - Replaced barrier model at GAT

  • Version 0.35 March 28, 2021

    - Added runway rubber
    - Added DCA hangar and surrounding objects
    - Added taxiway and stand markings at the north side
    - Added taxiway and stand markings on Cargo apron
    - Added service road marks at the north side
    - Added Heliport north markings
    - Updated service roads between S-taxiway and runway
    - Updated service roads east of runway 25 trashhold
    - Updated multiple thinks around the GAT entrance
    - Fixed "albino" gate in front of the GAT
    - Fixed bumps on taxiway N and G
    - Fixed taxiway signs on N between A and B taxiways

  • Version 0.3 February 27, 2021

    This update provides new buildings, a new aerial image, completely redone terraforming and many bug fixes.

    Massive thanks goes out to:

    - titan2002 (Outstanding airport design in general)
    - Pilot1106 (Excellent fire station and BVD buidling)
    - wodecffb (Excellent GAT objects & ILS Antennas)
    - Fipspilot (Superb work on the ground marks & aerial imagery)

    Detailled Changelog:


    Added Fire Station
    Added tunnel portal for B313 road
    Added Ground Handling Service Hangar
    Added following small Buildings Around the GAT and Fire Station:
    - red and yellow Gate
    - grey pillars (a lot of them)
    - Ticket Machine
    - Gate "Feuerwehr" Building
    - BBQ place (season for that is starting soon)
    - gas bottles storage
    Added ILS and Localizer antennas (both runways)
    Added runway guard lights (wig-wags)
    Copied the Lufthansa Technik Hangar to the DC Aviation Hangar place as a placeholder

    Ground textures:

    Updated grass texture all over the airport
    Added surrounding aerial map
    Added following ground marks on the north apron:
    - 15/30 km/h limiter
    - 07-25 and 25-07 runway marks
    - Give way sign
    - priority road sign
    - no stopping sign
    - plane crossing sign
    - 40-48 parking marks
    Added the Cargo Apron including all stands (100s and 200s)

    Fixed multiple terraforming bugs
    Fixed blue taxiway edge light bug (due to latest update)

  • Launched November 14, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

How do I fix the bumpy runway? (Navigraph Users)

The "default" MSFS without Stuttgart and/or Navigraph includes no Waypoints for and around Stuttgart. These are added both by us and Navigraph. This can result in issues, since Navigraph also adds a (very simple) runway for Stuttgart including the procedures.

This conflicts with our airport that includes accurate slope and so causes these elevation glitches. To prevent this from happening the following needs to be done:

  • Two levels above your community folder, a file named Content.xml exists.
    • For me, this file is in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft FlightSimulator
    • my community folder is in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community
  • Open this file in an editor, preferably Notepad, VS Code, Notepad++ but not WordPad or Word!)
  • Within this file you can find a list of all detected and loaded packages of the simulator. You'll also see the base-packages of Asobo there and the priority in which these are loaded. The top-most package is loaded first while the package at the bottom is loaded last.
  • Since you, as a navigraph user, want to have the most recent AIRAC cycles and our airport, you need to load the navigraph data first and enable us to override the default runway of navigraph. You do this as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" active="true"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" active="true"/>
  <Package name="gravity-airport-edds-stuttgart" active="true"/>
  • Now restart the simulator. This should solve the problem.
  • If you are still experiencing problems, feel free to post in our Discord!


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