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Version 5.3
Initial Release November 12, 2020
Last Updated December 27, 2021
File Size 340.74 MB
Downloads 26,380
Status Not Downloaded yet
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10,820 | VIII Captain

Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category Intl. Airports

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  • Version 5.3 December 27, 2021

    1-New Kuwait airport fuel depot
    2-KAC hangar fixes

    Last image shows the final section to build from the airport !!

  • Version 5.2 December 10, 2021

    1-bug fixes

    2-vegitation fixes

  • Version 5.1 December 06, 2021

    1-KAC hangar

    2-optimized 2 parts of the city

    - notice in the last image !!!
    - red = WIP
    - yellow = rebuilt / optimized

  • Version 5.0 October 19, 2021

    1-new fire station near sheik saad airport

    2-optimized 2 city parts

    3-package size from 4.7gb to 2.88gb

  • Version 4.9 October 12, 2021

    1-new east apron ( dewan al amiri )

    2-ground color fix

    3-optimized some parts of the city

    4-custom ILS

    5- new static aircraft

  • Version 4.8 October 03, 2021

    1-fixed some textures

    2-repositioned smome taxi signs

    3-added height limit sign next to terminal 1

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Excelent Job and Nicely done Keep it up and cant wait to see T4 Kuwait Airways Terminal

Nicely done !!!

For some reason file downloads empty. nothing in it.

do i need to keep this folder kw_jt incommunity folder as well mate not sure what this does

A great scenery add-on. thank you

so i have to buy payware asobo Zurich airport to get the jetways

1 question. I already had an older version jn my community folder with the same name 1 kuwait, or something like that, with a size of 3.6 gb or some. Now the new file is only 3gb. Do I need to delete tthe old one and put the new one into the community folder. I got no jetways thats why I try the new version. Thanks

A QUESTION PLEASE: The downloads comes with 2 sceneries - "KUWAIT 4" and "KUWAIT 5". DO I HAVE TO INSTALL BOTH at one time? OR only the higher version "KUWAIT 5"?? I would be very thankful for information and remain with best regards, Laszlo from shity-old Austria

I also use a payware Zurich. I don't understand the need to depend on other airports for jetways, surely this is not the norm.


O Omar, I hope in the future you will settle the T4 airport

يا عمر اتمنى بالمستقبل تسوي مطار تي 4 

will there be a version for the people that prefer to keep FSDreamTeam Zurich versus the Asobo one?

Thank you for this... however, I now have no JETWAYS... Previously, there were 2 directories in the RAR file,

Hi, thanks for the excellent rendition of this airport. Previous version had two folders to install in the CF, and this latest only one folder. Is it that way, just one folder?. Do we need to remove the remaining folder for the previous version?

Hello every one please redownload the 5.0 version because I’ve fixed some missing textures thanks

In general, not bad, but why are there no ladders, how will passengers get on the plane?

man the scenery is heavy i get 30 fps in kuwait airports

another airport 50

If jetways dont appear turn dev mod on and use the dev camera full speed go up in the sky and come back to terminal fast then u should see them . Yes it’s weird but works for me

Where do i look to see if i have the file zussh_jetways ? Just taking precautions before testing.

Thank you by the way! Looks great!

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