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Version 4.5
Initial Release November 12, 2020
Last Updated September 01, 2021
File Size 659.90 MB
Downloads 18,484
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Intl. Airports #Handcrafted Kuwait


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  • Version 4.5 September 01, 2021

    1-sheik saad new light color
    2-vigitation changes

  • Version 4.4 August 30, 2021

    1-amiri hanger height and texture fix
    2-sheik saad terminal new windows texture and night lighting

  • Version 4.3 August 01, 2021

    jetway fix

  • Version 4.2 July 30, 2021

    runway color change

    sim update 5

  • Version 4.1 June 23, 2021

  • Version 4.0 May 28, 2021

    color changes
    now jetways are available

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Gorgeous scenery! Cant say I missed the jetways as we flew in on a CJ4. The city looks fantastic! Great work, thank you!

Hi! The scenery looks great however the jetways appear to be missing. I am aware that this is a known bug after SU5 but in every affected airport i've been able to work around the issue by going back to the world map screen and respawning back. This one seems to be the only airport where they simply don't appear at all

اي كويتي يطير معاي دسكوردي Xruuc#1575



14 day(s) ago / Thanked by omar

Great job! Looks beautiful and very realistic. I wished you could optimize it so that the frame rates would not drop as much as they do now! Hope you can also do some Iranian airports.

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته شكرا عمرعلى هذا الشغل الطيب بس ودي اكلمك بشغله اذا تقدر تعطيني اسمك اللي بالديسكورد

can someone help me with setup

I have the latest version and the ground textures around the taxiways show up as magenta/pink but the rest of the scenery is fine?

beautiful great work! avenues mall and marina mall would be great! and green island as well!

Amazing, I'm glade you made it, ILS is working know and the jet gates are working correctly, everything is good except the streets are purpley - pinky and blurry also the avenues mall isn't exist.

thank you for your work

Cool Airport so far. Looking forward to your updates!


Thank you very much for this lovely scenery, appreciate your work 😊

Looks like SU5 changed some asphalt or concrete default textures, I see some pink taxiways and aprons in OKBK!!


In the comments it states that this is 4gb download size but I am only getting 600mb.

Amazing! Thank you!

You can find a review here:


Wow! I am amazed. The airport looks like a Star Wars Star Destroyer 😀

Mr Omar, Downloaded main file- but while trying to extract, folder wouldn't open. It says archive is either in unknown format or damaged. Could you advise?

mr omar when you will add kuwait airways terminal

and fix the west taxiways

its not working

What's new in 4.1?

hello is it possible if you can make bahrain airport? obbi?

i just installed it not working

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