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Version 1.1.0
Initial Release November 10, 2020
Last Updated November 15, 2020
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  • Version 1.1.0 November 15, 2020

    Thank you all for the feedback!

    To update: Backup/delete the old community folder, and write the new one "fspm-panel-vfrmap" from zip. DELETE FIRST, DO NOT OVERWRITE!!!

    - The panel with non-map info is now collapsable
    - Additional weather data (QNH, Temperature...) is shown
    - Plane icon is a bit smaller
    - "reload" icon goes up now, when the window is minimised. It's still visible, and I hate that this is ridiculously difficult to do nicely, but it's better like this.

  • Launched November 10, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Month later im still getting very small police on ultra wide screen , i can barely see writing on the map.

A really very helpful tool.

However, I have two suggestions.

a) See OpenStreetMap (OSM) from e.g. Little NavMap to your OSM

Why is your map so less detailed?

Why is your map so low contrast?

Can you use another version of the OSM?

b) You have pointed out in another place that you can change the zoom by changing the script, so that you can read the writing better in VR.

Disadvantage: The teleport is then only very inaccurate.

Suggestion for improvement: Insert a button with which you can set the zoom factor as desired. If you have set the zoom to e.g. 150%, for example, you can go back to 100% for the teleport for a short time.

Excellent program I only miss the option to show/hide the flown track on the map, that feature would be great and very helpful sometimes.

It is really a very useful tool.

But I lack any understanding that a program fix is not also published here.

After all, that means hours of trial and research.


I have downloaded and installed this tool. In 2D the window was small at first, but could be enlarged.

In VR, the window was not displayed at all. After many attempts and research, I happened to come across the page where the fix for the error was downloadable.

Why are such important bug fixes not mentioned and posted here?

Great job!

I would like to move the map to a second display outside of the MSFS window but have not found how to do it. Is it possible?

Great great and great!

Thanks for this sweet creation!

Works fine, i miss the dark mode map, but it doesnt mind its an awesome tool to use and freeware!

Thanks !

With the fix it's even possible to use it in VR.

One question though : is it possible to show the NDB and VOR and see their frequencies ?

I think it is very important to have a toggle key to clean the screen in the fly when necessary without moving the hand to take the mouse. Otherwise this addon is essential.

hi, i am using fspm how ever, it always launches to the far right and i spend like half hour trying to maximize, drage, move etc, won't launch normal, also the toolbar name of fspm is blank and what is the two buttons functions on fspm


Thanks for the update it now displays in the VR cockpit. my rating is now 4 star. Is there a way for the loaded flight plan to display on the map, if so my rating will increase to 5 star. Thanking you in anticipation for a splendid addon.

This app seems to be just what I need but I cannot find any way to make it appear in the vr cockpit when using my HP Reverb G2. Am I missing something or is further development needed. If it appeared in VR it would be worth 5 stars.

am I the only one who hasn't an Icon in the Toolbar anymore for this mod but just an empty box? (mod itself works fine)

It seems gone after WU6.

unfortunally not working in VR. The tablet is not appearing when in VR mode. Works in non VR though.

edit: Ah just now noticed the fix by a5tr0. Works now in VR too. Much appreciated for the mod and the VR fix too. This mod adds exactly what i was missing.

PS: an option to trigger it with a hotkey just like the default VFR map would be very helpful.

when i open the map it opens minimised to a very tiny square in the top right of the screen? it then has to be dragged to the correct size but dragging is very slow. is this the correct behaviour?

VR FIX, zoom, Icon FIX (it should correct initial window size as well): (i hope, Scelt will pardon my interventions) - let me know, if it worked, thanks

Thanks for this useful utility. In some respects even Navigraph can't touch this! However, I have two suggestions for improvement. Is it possible that you could provide names to the controlled areas to help those of us who fly on Vatsim?. Also, is there anyway that you could make Class A airspace vanish if zoomed in a certain distance? Reason being is that for those of us who are into VFR flying do not need to see Class A airspace. For that matter, not even IFR pilots need to see Class A airspace. Class A airspace only clutters the map. I hope that you can implement these two requests. Anyways, well done! Keep up the good work!

just great and really useful vor vfr flying. can we have the Icon in the bar, maybe the one from the vfr map, that would be the cherry on the pie ! thank you

Hallo alle zusammen. Ich bin ganz neu im Simulator unterwegs. Das ist ja eine tolle Sache mit den Flugkarten. Gibt es hier Jemanden, der mir die genaue Installation beschreiben kann ? Was super nett !!! Danke Euch. VG. Gunnar

hope in the future update we get to see ours own flights plans and ai air traffic on the map

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