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Version 0.37
Initial Release November 10, 2020
Last Updated August 01, 2021
File Size 64.40 MB
Downloads 4,969
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  • Version 0.37 August 01, 2021

    - Allow using negative number for Toggle/Hold parameter
    - Add new variables
    - `ENG OIL PRESSURE:index`
    - Add new events

  • Version 0.36 June 28, 2021

    - Add MobiFlight events for FBW 32NX (thanks @imodude for adding and testing)

  • Version 0.35 June 09, 2021


  • Version 0.34 May 07, 2021

    - Add more MobiFlight events for CJ4
    - Fix an issue when putting a wrong unit can blank out the page even after the unit is corrected
    - Fix a crash of the Horizon button when pitch is too large or too small and some other crashes

  • Version 0.33 April 20, 2021

    - Add variables `GENERAL ENG STARTER:{index}`, `LIGHT PANEL POWER SETTING:{index}` and `LIGHT CABIN POWER SETTING:{index}` (thanks @Nezz)
    - Fix crashes when ADF frequency is 0

  • Version 0.32 April 04, 2021

    - Number in custom gauge now shows in red when the value is less than minimum
    - Fix constant crashes if an invalid image is selected as custom background (will fallback to default background)
    - Fix NAV/COM button sometimes flashing warning icon
    - Fix default background is sometimes broken at the top

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Pretty empty over here.


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Pretty empty over here.


A couple of wishes on this if possible.

  1. Possible to add colour by % on a simple gauge? The arc allows for more of a range to be shown on a single button but would still like the ability to display green and red zones for example.
  2. Possible to change the background on a generic toggle button? It has a speckled look which I'm not keen on but we cannot set a new background to these e.g. pure black. The gauges for example are pure black so I would prefer these to be consistent.

Thanks as always.

Is it possible to add Fuel Tank Selector indication? I see someone asked this on the Github Q&A but no answers. Would be great to have FUEL TANK SELECTOR index working so we can see the current selected tank.

Thanks as always for your work on this.

Great plugin! Everything is working fine, except...

I am having trouble getting the AP ALT, increase/decrease and VS increase/decrease to work properly in the Carenado Mooney and I don't know if it's because the Mooney has an "arm" button for changing ALT or because of something I am doing wrong or just a bug in the Mooney.

I can supply more specifics if needed. Any help would be great. Thanks!

One of the best additions to MSFS so far - i use it every flight

sadly the AP functions are broken for a while now (at least for the A32NX). You can select Heading / Altitude etc but you can't engage it anymore 😞

I'm looking for the Win10 path for the profiles folder. I would like to copy my profile to another computer. Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks.

Is it possible to display the percentage of Propeller RPM and Mixture?

I am lost and I do not know if I am doing something wrong or maybe it is not possible.

I would be very grateful for your reply

I dreamed of it, you made it!

Great plugin 😊 but is there any way we can set simulation data variables in addition to sending simulation events ? You allow us to read and display simulation data but don't seem to be able to set simulation data, only send events

Can someone walk me through how to add Lnav and Vnav for the 747/787?

Definitely one of the best Flight Simulator mod ever! The possibilities are endless
Any reason why the display sometimes gets corrupt and you have icons superimposed on each other and strange graphics in the display ?

Ending Stream Deck from taskmanager and restarting seems to fix it until it happens again.
great! thanks 😉
Thanks for that great tool!!
But how can I update it in the Stream Deck Software? My Version ist 0.29 and there is no update button? Only deinstallation and install profile (what I have already done).

Udated now manually and it works 😊
Using the latest build of FT for Streamdeck on Windows 10 20H2, i get a message ''this custom action can't be installed on this operating system'' , any idear's?
Hi, thanks for your continued updates. I installed this manually long ago, what's the best way to see which version I have installed? If I update, will I have to remake my profiles? Thanks.
Thanks for this Addon!!!
I just installed the profile into STream deck (downloading within Streamdeck), but now I can not change anything in this profile. Why is this?
What was the status of having two or 3 values displayed on the one button or two different actions on the same button. I was wanting to have all the warning lights on one button. Stall , Overspeed, Caution.
Thanks again for this app.
When will you give it a connection with your Flight Recorder ?
First of all a very big thank you.
How can I assign lights? (Beacon/Strobe/etc.)?
Is it possible to upload a profile? That we can import it ?

Hi - Sorry it's me again! I have been spending a lot of time recently setting up a default aircraft profile (the Beechcraft Baron G58) with Flight Tacker so that I can then replicate it of all the simpler aircraft by deleting buttons as appropriate (I was intending to pop these on the site for others, but I just can't get it finished!

Overall it has been going quite well, and most of it is now done. I do have a few odd Simconnect issues that have me stumped - which I may ask about some time - but my biggest problem by far is with the G1000 Audio Panel. I had no issues setting up the PFD and MFD (including the the soft key menus, knobs and joysticks), being able to use all of the Mobiflight commands to get pretty much everything fully operational. The Audio Panel however is a different story. Not one of the buttons will work. There are no Mobiflight threads about any issues (and all of the toggle values are in the Mobiflight file in my Community folder - because I checked. Also, when I checked MSFS 2020 for the operations of the keys in question (in developer mode), all of the variables seemed correct too.

I can't really see why it would be a Flight Tracker issue, but I can't think what else the problem could be. Have you heard from anyone else with any issues? Do you have any ideas?



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