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Version 1.9
Initial Release November 04, 2020
Last Updated August 30, 2021
File Size 12.01 MB
Downloads 30,332
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  • Version 1.9 August 30, 2021

    - Updated and improved controls profile for FBW's A32NX stable v0.6.3 and development version
    - Added feature to upload custom KML files (thanks to @luka97)
    - Added ADF 1/2 selector for PMDG's DC-6
    - Added feature to hide the plane icon on the map. The lower left map button has 3 states now: "Follow plane" -> "Unfollow plane" -> "Hide plane"

  • Version 1.8.2 July 11, 2021

    - Added controls profile for the DC-6 by PMDG. Supports NAV, ADF, COM, XPNDR, Gyropilot and the Artificial Flight Engineer.
    - Minor UI improvements.

  • Version 1.8.1 June 14, 2021

  • Version 1.8 June 14, 2021

    - Added controls profile for the FG-1D Corsair by MilViz.
    - Improved UI especially for the default AP and the PA-28R.

  • Version 1.7 May 14, 2021

    - Added controls profile for MB-339 and Long-EZ by IndiaFoxtEcho.
    - Added gear, flaps, spoilers and trim (elevator, rudder and aileron) controls.
    - Added press-and-hold functionality for frequency tune buttons.
    - Improved performance for map tracking (fixed jagged lines).
    - Fixed logo lights button status being mapped to cabin lights.

  • Version 1.6.1 April 20, 2021

    - Added controls profile for CRJ-550/700 (Aerosoft). The profile includes controls for FCP, Side Panel, NAV, and COM and introduces press-and-hold button functionality for knobs.
    - Updated controls profile for PA-28R (Just Flight) to reflect v0.4.0 changes.
    - Fixed zoom when double-tapping on iOS.

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1 day(s) ago / Thanked by CaronStudios

I absolutely love it, thank you man. Can't play without really! Just if you could make it so it would start with MSFS then it would be like sent from heavens 😀DD

I'm flying the Cessna C172 G1000 in stock MSFS2020. The PFD/MFD drops don't do anything as far as I can tell. Pressing the buttons doesn't do anything. I use COM and MAP well enough.

great program all works but none of the gps buttons work in game. any ideas

yes I am using nxi

your program has worked perfectly since it came out. recently it has not worked correctly with glass cockpits. either I get 99999 permanently set in altitude or the ils course points in the wrong direction. Steam gauged aircraft are fine.

Hello and sorry for my English but I am going through a translator. So I want to thank you for this beautiful tool that I have been using for a short time but which is more and more essential to me. I would however have a query:

I use bush trips very often and noticed that the flight plans from these trips were not showing on the "MSFS Mobile Companion" map? Only flight plans created on the MSFS home page are displayed on the MSFS Mobile Companion map. Would it be possible to implement the display of flight plans from a bush trip?

Thanks in advance.

I have a first generation ipad I want to use only for the msfs companion app, but the map will not show up, everything else works. It all works well on the new Ipad I have. Is there a problem with using an old version of the Ipad?

Can I use this on a mobile device if im at the shops so I can check on things, or will it only work if I'm connected to same network ?


After doing some research, the steam version neither has, nor apparently needs the following file ?


So if that's the case, what do we edit the settings.txt file to look for ?

I'm very keen to be able to be able to load my flight plan into the app,m and also access the PFD/MFD functions, *which I'm not sure if it's related the settings.txt file or a separate issue ?

I'm currently using the default Gamrin 1000 on t he Cesan 172, as the Working Title G1000 mod is causing altitude issues on the HUD.


Hmmmm.. Doesn't seem to matter where I set the settings.txt file to point to, I still get the error loading flight plan.

The game was installed via Steam to


Tried that, no good..



No good

Any help would be appreciated..

Apart from that, one of the best free apps I've ever come across. Bravo !!

The box that comes up when you start the app says do not use to use this server. Wants a server I've never heard of. Please tell me what I am to do!

Is it possible for this program to display what the radio frequency is set to and changes to the frequency in real time instead of having to press Force Sync Frequencies?

the garmin1000 pfd/mfd softkeys/knobs do not seem to work (world update 6). anyone else having this problem?

was superb now just wont work map and function wont load



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by CaronStudios

I mean, this is just awesome. You did a remarkable job, which I admire.



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by CaronStudios

This is the ultimate awesome mod - thank you!! So there is one flaw for me - the server is spitting out a 169.254.161.### so i had to go into network adapters and disable my VirtualBox adapter and finally got my correct IP address to work on. SO AGAIN I SAY A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

I can not connect my iPad, laptop or android cell phone to your app, yet if i open the browser on my PC where MSFS and the app are running it works . My network is set up as Home / private on wi-fi and i have excluded the app and IP address from my internet security

Firstly I just want to say THANKS so much for this it's really awesome, I just have one question maybe you can help, I pointed to my installation of the game and it still says the settings are incorrect and i should update the settings, I had it working and it was great but now it won't load my flight plans 😞 Any help would be appreciated!



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by CaronStudios

So i use this app on my second monitor and it works great. I have a request.

Would it be possible to make the buttons to change things have a 3d look? It would be so much more real looking if the buttons looked like real buttons instead of flat icons. I know this is purely a personal opinion, but if there was shading or reflections or whatever to make the buttons appear to have depth that would make it feel more real to me.

Error loading flight plan. Make sure you have the correct MSFS installation path in settings.txt...correct path (Steam) added but still have this error



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by CaronStudios

best freeware companion solution for my android phone. nice.

i fly with CJ4.

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