Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra: Custom Buildings and Models Only

Current Version 8.0.2 by mkvy
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Version 8.0.2
Initial Release November 03, 2020
Last Updated April 25, 2021
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#Handcrafted United Kingdom Exclusive Drag and Drop

Lets make Gatwick Great Again!
Extract Folder as one into your community folder as gatwick
This version uses  Default Airport runways/taxiways and jetways... But all the terminals/piers/stand plates are handcrafted. Every stand number is correct on the airport but incorrect in the world map at the moment. This may change with world update uk. Depends on Asobo.
This is the full version with added animations and trains
A Lighter version is available here with all the upgrades but without the trains and monorail animations

Another Version i am developing which is a full Edit of runways/aprons/texiways/jetway positions and correct stand numbers in world map is available here

Big thankyou to my supporters. . it was supposed to be just the bridge!
Great Free resouce used for this project -  CC0 Texture
The amazing free Blender 3D application
All would be impossible without Blender2MSFStoolkit
Without these tutorials i would have just been scratching my head

Installing updated versions for EGKK and Best way to clear your cache and get rid of old data indexes
1) Delete the older version 'gatwick' from community folder
2)Start fs2020 and spawn to default Gatwick
3)Close Fs2020 and install New version into community folder as 'gatwick'
4)Open fs2020
This method will solve the problem of scenery not appearing, or overlapping models



Package completely rebuilt with SDK 0.12.0

Ai building removed from taxiway Juliet
Packaged using latest SDK V0.10.0

EGKK Fire Training Aircraft.
BA Hanger.
Pier 1 4K Bricks update.
South Terminal adjustments and Textures.
Airbridge Less dark textures and glass.
Inside Gate number corrected Pier 6.

Virgin Hanger- fits 747-400. Asobo 747-8 will not fit fully, 5 metres longer.
A380 stand 558 added- jetways inop ATM.
ATC tower lowered slightly.
Added detail to airbridge ends.
Added detail to 500's jetty stairwell pods on 500's..
Pls Note.. some safedocks need adjustment on 552/553/557/558 due to rework.

Centre Line T bar end terminations on every pier stand.Gate 101 shifted and new centreline in place.Poliigon Concrete Blocks Generator 4K Textures for Pier 2 and airbridge supports. (more additions later)More work on North Terminal added details and re levelling building heights using Google Earths NEW telemetry data as a visual reference aidV7.9.3
All Jetty Stands now have safedocks and stop markers for A320/747/787
Some tweaking still needed for 500's
Test Introduction of  Stop Markings on13,15,17,19,21,23Stand 23 is calibrated with its own safe dock.13-21 are not yet calibrated and checked but with a bit of luck they will match with the safedock stop.This is particularly useful for the Dreamliner where visibility of the safedock  disappears near stop point due to H.U.D and low windows. In VR you can duck to see the safedock but in normal 2D you can now finish the taxi on stand in external view and capture the stop marker. This problem is only on stands 13M-23 due to reduced stand size
81 Safedocks now added and calibrated
1-5 Airbus or smaller
31M,32M,33M,34M,35M,36M,37,38 747 or smaller
31L/R, 32L/R, 33L/R,34L/R,35L/R,36L/R Airbus A320 or smaller
KA taxiway sign moved to correct location
Stand 109 now has its stand plate back
Added taxiway lights to KQ intersection
Airbus or smaller stands 140-145
Pier 6
Airbus or smaller 104,105,106,107,109,112,113,101
747 or smaller 102
Pier 2
Airbus or smaller 10,11,12,13L/R,14,16,18,20,22,24,28
747 or smaller 13M,15,17,19,21,23,27
Dreamliners may be a bit tail out on 13M,15,17,19,21,23. But 747 are as snug as a bug in a rug
stand 25,27 747 ASABIR (as snug as a bug in a rug)
Pier 5 
Airbus or smaller 48L,49 L/R,, 50 L/R, 51 L/R,52 L/R, 54 L/R
747 or smaller 49M,50,51M,52M,53,54M

More waves of stands in V7.9.. 
Any pilots with parking issues are very gratefully recieved, off centre line issues or tweaks i need to make to the stop points do let me know..

Just left red light visible - Too far to left
Just right red light visible - Too far to right
Both red lights visible/flickering. Green and orange bars visible= dead centre
AS the aircraft gets closer to stop point the size of the orange/green bars reduces and the red bar becomes visible.
When the green/orange bars disappear, means STOP
I have no idea how i manged to make this work.. i starting to wonder if i am a genious (LOL)

Pretty empty over here.


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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 8.0.2 April 25, 2021

    Package refresh with SDK 0.12.0

  • Version 8.0.1 February 17, 2021

    Built and packaged using latest UK world update SDK 0.10.0
    Building Removed from Taxiway Juliet near stand 27

  • Version 8.0 January 27, 2021

    EGKK Fire Training Aircraft
    BA Hanger
    Pier 1 4K Bricks update
    South Terminal adjustments and Textures
    Airbridge Less dark textures and glass
    Inside Gate number corrected Pier 6

  • Version January 06, 2021

    Hotfix 2.0
    All Glass Panels now positioned correctly on Pier 2. I blame it on Gremlins in Blender

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The addon crashes after a few minutes.
February 24, 2021
Default Scenery Appears
November 23, 2020

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I have been facing CTD every time when on short final ILS26L, specially when I am online on VATSIM. It happens as I am on a 3nm final, the frame rate drops from 35 to 15 and followed by the CTD.

Thanks for all your work on this, much appreciated.

😍WOW! This has to be THE best freeware airport for MSFS! Heck, it's better than most payware. Donated!
Incredible scenery mate, thank you for all the work you have put into this and the detail! My only concern is my system (ryzen 5 3600, 2070 super, 32gb ram) with the A32NX starts to choke a little bit, maybe around 20fps on medium/high settings. Is this something you continue to optimise, or should I upgrade? Hahaha! Thank you again.
scenery/mycompany/modellib.bgl - 56bytes

It's required files or artefact?
Tomorrow i will be doing a rebuild refresh of the package with the latest SDK 0.12.0 and uploading
Hi there - firstly thanks for a great add-on - I really enjoy flying out of Gatwick in MSFS. The one problem I'm having is that at some gates, calling the tug causes a CTD. I've noticed this at both 565 and 577 - likely some other gates have the same issue. The common theme seems to be when there isn't an airbridge connection. Is this a known bug?
same here. crashing after takeoff. something in the scenery is messed up since the last world update 😞 I flew here nearly every day and I want to usw this possibility to thank you for your great work,
hello great addon but please update it beacuse from this update it is crashing the overall very nice scenery
Omg this is awesome. Thanks!
thank you this is amazing!
Hi, is the fire station this bright blue colour in real life? It looks a bit odd.
This looks amazing! However I feel like your images doesn't do the scenery justice! For the next update, perhaps update the pictures as well! 😀 Keep it up!
Great addon, looks exactly like the real airport.
Just have one issue though: When doing an ILS approach with the addon active my plane seems to start doing circles around and before the runway. The ILS seems to be about 30 deg to the left. When I remove the addon the approach works fine,
Does this use default placed jetways or did you relocate jetways?
I like great work very much
Great job, but I'm no longer able to active the scenery. Even following the procedure (delete the scenery, start Fs, spawn at EGKK, install the scenery, start fs .....)
Very strange ! The first time for me

Nb: it seems correct with the lighter version
This amazing. I think to take it to the next level would be to include green and orange runway exit lights. It would be the first airport in FS2020 to include them. Even though 99% of major airports in the world have them in real life.
the best scenery
Really great work! Just a question, why I cannot see the airport marked as an addon airport in Littlenavmap? In Flight simulator too, it doesnt appear as an addon...

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