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Cessna 170B Backcountry

This aircraft simulates a 1954 Cessna model 170B with a 145 hp Continental O-300-A normally aspirated 6-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller. It is fitted with a STOL kit consisting of a leading edge cuff and molded wing tips. Empty weight comes in around 1,300 lbs....


This aircraft simulates a 1954 Cessna model 170B with a 145 hp Continental O-300-A normally aspirated 6-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller. It is fitted with a STOL kit consisting of a leading edge cuff and molded wing tips. Empty weight comes in around 1,300 lbs. with a usable payload of around 800 lbs.

Two variations are available to fly, a 29" bushwheel version and a seaplane version with straight floats.

The fixed-pitch prop is selected for climb performance over cruise speed, so expect the top speed to be no more than 110-115 knots.

The flight model is intended to feel underpowered and stable to fly due to the stock engine. Give it a chance to build some speed and you'll be off.

MSFS 2020 is an excellent platform for low and slow VFR backcountry flying. If you see a flat spot below, there is a good chance you can successfully land there. Get out there and enjoy the back country!

"Super" 170 Modification (Optional)
To keep up with the hot-rod Carbon Cubs and KitFoxes, you can install the optional engine and prop mod. Adding this package to you Community folder will add a new STC Lycoming IO-360M1B fuel injected engine and modern propeller. This combo is tuned for short takeoffs and climb rate. Top speed will suffer a bit due to the fine pitch of the propeller. 

Source files included
There are more features and details than I can add by myself, so included in the download is the Blender file used to build this version. Feel free to make modifications and add-ons. This is released under the BSD open source license, so you are free to use it how you like.

To install, unzip and copy the sal1800-cessna-170b-backcountry directory into your Community packages folder. Don't forget to read the manual, the main instruments are described and instructions for takeoffs and landings. 

The in-cockpit pilot and copilot models are controlled by both the weight & balance settings and additionally by the toggle click spots inside the glove box.

Version 1.2 (Jan 26, 2022)
Thank you to everyone who downloaded the first version and provided feedback. I took a lot of your comments and suggestions and got back to work. There are many fixes but notably, the scale of the plane has been corrected and should seem closer to the actual size. I've tested the flight model to ensure it still handles great and should be even more fun to fly.

I included six liveries this time and a few different panel and interior options. You can mix and match texture files to match your own personal taste. 

This was only possible due to the very generous help from the amazing texture artist twoseventyinc, who volunteered to give the textures a hi-res update and improve the model to make liveries easier. 

Bushplane STOL Floats
Sim Update 11
Initial Release
January 02, 2022
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1 year(s) ago — 1.2



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Works perfectly and looks really great.

Both variants are really great and the optional motor variant is super.

Thanks for that.

Incredible aircraft just the way it is. Love the STC 195 mod. Glad to see someone else at least sticks to what is realistically possible with an aircraft. I do have a requesto for 2 items: Effects on the wheels when they touch the water, you know us backcountry fliers love to ski. Ideal would be spray similar to that of floats hitting the water. Secondly would be a small simple VFR map just to the left of center on the panel, as if a pilot had stuck a small tablet or phone with gps on it up there. I'm willing to pay you for those updates.

Nice plane looks good and performs great! But what is with the fov it's so weird.

Just took this for a first fly; this is a very classy airplane! Greatly appreciated, with all the little extra features to immerse myself into the sim!

Been flying this for a few days now after adding it to NeoFly. Love it - has everything I need with a bit of style and class, and flies beautifully.

There is one thing though (and I'm no expert at all) - C170 cruise speed at lower altitudes is around 104kts, but I'm struggling to realise 95 knots above 2500rpm. Is this correct? Thank you. Either way I love flying it.



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by sal1800

What a great plane! Used it alot the last couple weeks. I did a small cinematic as well for myself, maybe u wanna see it ^^ https://youtu.be/yI8McQe8Xe8

What a super little plane. Thanks for this.

I would like to start of by saying that this is an amazing little aircraft, however there is 1 problem: I modified a bushtrip so I could use this aircraft. Sometimes when I load back into the next leg, the engine is off and I can't start it. Even CTR+E doesn't work. Fuel, mags, mix everything is in the correct position and the tanks are full. Not sure if this problem exists with Asobo aircraft as well. Restarting the previous leg solves the issue but it is a bit anoying. Any idea what might be the issue?

Edit: Using the repair and refuel command made it start again. It's probably an issue with bushflights in general instead of your plane.

Hey, are you gonna update to the new prop engine (SU8) and those new physics (SU9)? Would be cool to have this nice little bird with the latest ingame technologies applied.

This working okay with SU9?

Thank you very much! Looks great, and works well! Perfect for those like me that loves light aircraft and slow flying ^^



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by sal1800

Its great! I've only tested it for a few minutes, but man, for a freeware mod, does this have many features. not only does the mod work and look great, it has tiny features like vents and openable windows! I could make a whole movie-long video about this mod, but to cut it short, if you're looking for a fun little bush plane after the stock ones get boring, then this is the way to go!



10 month(s) ago

This plane is really good in vr,

I'm not sure why this aircraft is so highly rated. It looks nice, but the flight model is terrible. Specifically, the trim characteristics are all wacky -- at max throttle the plane gains altitude even at -25 downtrim. What's worse is a wild self-induced oscillation that seems to make the plane bounce up and down regardless of trim settings. Perhaps it's because of the latest update but the plane is unflyable.

AWESOME CRAFT! Beautiful!! (Any way to get VR controllers working on yoke?)

This plane is amazing, looks so real, textures really pop, fun to fly. I use VR motion controllers to fly and everything works really well except for the yoke. I can "grab" it but as soon as I do, the yoke pulls right or left immediately and doesn't go front or back. Seems like one of those things where it is 99% there and there is something minor holding back that one last feature since the yoke otherwise fully animates and is grabbable. Would be totally wonderful if you could get that last piece work. THANKS AGAIN EITHER WAY!

MSFS SDK docs on VR yoke is here in case helpful:

VR Helpers

Within the aircraft cockpit model you will have to create 1 or 2 helpers as markers for the placement of the controllers, and another locator for the rotational axis. You should do this for each yoke or stick in the cockpit, following the guideline listed below:


  • The helper for the hand must be a child of the yoke/stick, to move with the yoke/stick.


  • For a stick, you would need to place the first helper where a pilot would usually put their hand. The second helper should be positioned at the center of rotation of the stick, which is most often at the base of the stick.


  • For a yoke, you would need to place one helper on each side of the yoke, where the pilot would usually put their hands. The third helper should be placed at the center of rotation of the yoke.

VR Helpers (flightsimulator.com)

Is the addon compatible with sim update 8?

Top drawer



12 month(s) ago

Thank you for your polite reply. I understand how hard it is to to produce a model of this quality. I know the repaints are coming. 😊



12 month(s) ago / Thanked by sal1800

So...dude! I fly a Aeronca 11AC Chief and this plane comes closest to mirroring its flight behavior than any other plane in this sim. I'm not sure what you've done, but you've really nailed it. It has great static and dynamic stability, nice inertia and responds very appropriately to pitch and power inputs. I don't know how you've managed it, but it also has much better ground handling than most tailwheel aircraft in this sim, which are mostly too sensitive and react to crosswinds unrealistically during takeoff and landing.

I've not flown a C170, but I've flown plenty of older C172s and some C140s, and you've done an excellent job of recreating the feel of flying a classic high-wing aircraft. As someone else said in a comment, someone should put you on their payroll and we'd have better flying planes available to us!

Thanks for your work on this and making it available to us. Doubt I'll be flying the Carenado C170 anymore! I'll just miss its excellent interior graphics, but not its flight model.

Lately I've been flying a '58 and '63 C172 in real life and they look just like a C170 but with a tricycle landing gear. Any chance you might give your model a tricycle gear and some minor tweaks to make a C172?

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.2 January 26, 2022

    Scaled model down closer to actual size
    Flight model adjustments
    Updated texture mapping and hi-res textures
    Additional liveries
    Passenger Door click spot
    External lighting improved
    Strobe and Beacon added emissive meshes that blink
    Windshield mesh updated for better interior reflections
    Icing effect added to windows (try to avoid icing cond. though)
    Panel lighting circuits fixed
    Various animations and details fixed

  • Version 1.01 January 03, 2022

    Zip file now contains a folder you can copy to your Community packages directory
    LODs have been fixed
    Prop rotation and twist corrected
    Blur tire textures improved
    Cleaned up extra texture files
    Minor model behavior errors fixed

    Known issues:
    Panel lighting knobs don't always operate correctly. Assigning a key to toggle lights should work. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

  • Launched January 02, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

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The attitude indicator and directional gyro do not work

Older planes like this used a venturi vacuum system, so you need to gain some airspeed for these two instruments to spin up. You can sync the directional gyro to the correct direction in flight by pressing the directional gyro set command (default "D" key)


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