Milford Sound Airport NZMF (New Zealand) v2.3

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Version 2.3 ORBX
Initial Release October 30, 2020
Last Updated August 25, 2021
File Size 210.40 MB
Downloads 27,254
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Regional Airports New Zealand


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  • Version 2.3 ORBX August 25, 2021

  • Version 2.3 NO DEM August 25, 2021

    Update the NO DEM version from 1.8 to 2.3

  • Version 2.3 August 01, 2021

    What's new in V.2.3
    +fix texture problem on some model
    +made new texture for the little house near heli pad
    +fix other things

  • Version 2.2 July 30, 2021

  • Version 2.1 June 14, 2021

    What's new in V.2.1  (Orbx Dem version)
    +add and model the "Milford Sound Boat Ramp" with:
        -port quay with parking for amphibious aircraft (choose parking W, like Water)
        -fishing boat provide by Henrik Nielsen's Global AI Ship Traffic 
        -kayak rental model
        -dinghy mercury marine
            -rocks and light pole
    +add rocks/cliff to the mesh in the fiord
    +fix height layer
    +fix tree layer

    there is no upgrade planned for versions 1.8 and 1.9 because as indicated the scenario gives its best with the orbxdem package

  • Version 2.0 June 07, 2021

    What's new in V.2.0
    +orbx dem compatibility
    +fix height layer
    +fix tree layer
    +add cruise harbor 3d model

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Question. I have the ME DEM and everything seems load ok with 2 exceptions. The biggest thing is a steep drop in elevation on the taxi way making it unusable. The 2nd is the fact that several airplanes are parked very close to the runway. Not referring to the helicopters FYI. Any suggestions ?

Awesome airport mod. The airport and close surrounds are great. The only issue I have is the further towards the exit of the Sound, the cliff faces are sitting proud of the Orbx mesh. There is a large gap between them and the underlying mesh. Otherwise its a perfect product. I downloaded both the Orbx mesh and V2.3 of this airport on the same day, so have the most up to date of both.

This is a great rendition of Milford sound, just as I remember it. One of my favorite places to fly and in default MSFS it was so bad. I am very happy now.

A big thank you to the talented creators.

The addon is perfect. I was there and it is like that.

I have a problem that is not depending by the mod. It is permanently snowing at Milford Sound.

Anyone with same problem?

Wow, this scenery is amazing. Your work is thorough, works cleanly, and the outcome is jaw dropping. I have never been to this beautiful place in real life, but this depiction brings it to life in a way I didn't know was possible in the sim. Thank you!

Fantastic scenery, one of the few scenery's, that actually appeared, and did not shut down the sim, excellent work, keep it up.

Do you foresee any problems if one uses the ...




instead of the ship-mod you suggested ...?



26 day(s) ago / Thanked by Blinn

Many thanks for your default mesh update Sergio. While it may be true that buying the ORBX mesh and using that version will yield better results, I'm quite happy with the result achieved for the standard mesh. It represents a noticeable improvement over the prior version and love the new docks and terraforming. Also appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing a couple of water/dock parking spots for seaplane operations. Your extra effort to include us 'default-meshers' in this most recent excellent update is recognized and welcomed.

Thank you for updating the standard mesh version as well!

Does it work with Mikeatt DEM ??

Im a little confused! desription says for orbx use 2.3 no dem, but then theres 2 versions of 2.3 no dem (one is in the title then the other says it in descrip.)? is it possible to name one orbx and one default to tell them apart better or are they the same file?

I can see the cruise centre building again - yay! I love this airport, a great piece of work.

I still can't find the seaplane though.

Had to get the Orbx mesh aslo as the airport was in a weird valley so had a terrain issue. Love all the work gone into the surrounding water etc. bought me back 10 years to when I was last there. Thanks Serg. Great job

Anyone else experiencing issues while loading the airport?

I have ORBX Mesh and the latest version of the airport (main file) but when I try to load the airport, the screen stucks at half of the loading indicator.

Hi... Are you intending to update for those , like me, using the Mike AT DEM in the same way that you have updated the scenary for those using the ORBX DEM please?


The version in readme.txt and also in manifest.json of the main file still 1.9. Am I download the correct file. If I have ORBX DEM, do I need the one with OBIX_DEM?

Just checking that I have the right files...

Since I have the mesh from Orbx do I down load two files... the one labeled Main file and the one that says SDR Milford 2.3 Orbx Dem?

Is version1.8 still valid for Default (Asobo) DEM users, even after SU5?


SU5 is... mmm

....double mmm...

i dont know.

what i know is that using the sdk and editor is hell.

This is what I see when I open the Milford scenario.

Sometimes it loads the templates sometimes not ...

I have been here for 8 hours in front of the monitor trying to understand how this system thinks now .. it has changed and for the worse.

Hi SDR, i am getting some pink chequered elements (textures missing?). for example: The bottom side of the blue helicopters, the front side of the covered fuel tank and the door frame of the small building next to it.

if u want, i can send you screenshots.



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