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Airbus H125 Helicopter Project

VERSION: BETA 1.3.9 **IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS PRODUCT**  1. YOU WILL NEED TO BE RUNNING AIRLAND FS to Fly this Helicopter - download the latest version from flightsim.to 2. There is an installation section in the manual supplied 3. You are downloading a product that...

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  • 1. YOU WILL NEED TO BE RUNNING AIRLAND FS to Fly this Helicopter - download the latest version from flightsim.to
  • 2. There is an installation section in the manual supplied
  • 3. You are downloading a product that is 25% complete at BETA release stage. 75% of this helicopter will not function. Please do not report this as an issue - we already know and are working on it!
  • 4. If you have ANY Control Issues please create a NEW DEFAULT PROFILE for your JOYSTICK & CONTROLS
  • 5. As only 25% of the helicopter is functional our procedures for start and shutdown etc are SIMPLIFIED 
  • 6. Please read the manual before requesting new features or asking a question - it really helps the community
  • 7. For HELP & SUPPORT go to the RSP DISCORD  - we are unable to provide support on the review section of Flightsim.to or YouTube comments
  • 8. Clicking DOWNLOAD assumes you have read this and accept that MSFS2020 does not support helicopters and that this is a BETA product only 25% complete.
  • 9. Now we have all that out of the way - get those doors off, camera on and HAVE SOME FUN!
  • 10. The AirlandFS Profile shipped with this download is very much experimental - this will be our focus to improved 


This project is a community build from RSP (Rotor Sim Pilot) 

Please be respectful that this is an BETA release product, a community project and approx 25% complete. A full roadmap of coming features and modifications can be found within the guide provided as part of the download.
Thank you to all of the team who have spent their spare unpaid time to build. Please encourage and be thankful if you enjoy this product. This product is not affiliated to Airbus Helicopters or any other brands that may be mentioned.
The product has not been created to annoy you and will not be for everyone. Lifetime free refunds are available for anybody who does not enjoy flying this model. Simply uninstall and maybe come back when we are further on in the journey. We want to get you up into the virtual skies as soon as possible so please take a moment to read the following guide as installation will be different from other freeware
The product is being designed by pilots, helicopter owners and operators, developers, simmers, modellers and amazing people, let us know if you want to be

Sim Update 10 1 1
Initial Release
December 24, 2021
Last Updated
7 month(s) ago — BETA 1.3.9


BETA 1.3.9

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  • Updated to version BETA 1.3.9

  • Updated to version BETA 1.3.8

  • Updated to version BETA 1.3.4

  • Updated to version BETA 1.2.2

  • Updated to version BETA 1.2a

  • Updated to version BETA1.2

  • Initial File Release


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© rotorsimpilot - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden. This Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on was created by rotorsimpilot and shared in Aircraft » Helicopters for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Please join the RSP discord for help & support with flying this machine - we are unable to provide help and support via the review / comments page below.

Veuillez rejoindre le discord RSP pour obtenir de l'aide et de l'assistance pour piloter cette machine - nous ne sommes pas en mesure de fournir de l'aide et de l'assistance via la page de révision / commentaires ci-dessous.

Únase a la discordia de RSP para obtener ayuda y soporte para volar esta máquina; no podemos proporcionar ayuda y soporte a través de la página de revisión / comentarios a continuación.


ho questo problema. a meta volo impazzisce la airland e l'elicottero non risponde piu ai comandi. vi succede?

I really love this thing. Here is a cinematic video to celebrate the ability to do Astar things that you have brought to MSFS.


The file called "pms50-instrument-gtn750" just fucked up my MFS2020.

All avionics in any plane are just a black screen, and after several hours removing files i found this little piece of sh..!

After removing only the file, everything went back to good!

So be warned, if you get any problems try remove the "pms50-instrument-gtn750" file.

Is the project on hold? It's a great machine that deserves to be on top. I believe in you ! Strongly the sequel I hope. Any news for us?

It would be nice to see some further development and bug fixes on this.

Excellent, recommend the AirlandFS H125 6.0 profile inside this download rather the ones inside of AirlandFS Profile, and for me the slider in advanced pilot the best. Really really thanks, hope it continues improving.

I downloaded it and ended up uninstalling it, it flies badly and as long as it is necessary to run Airland to "half fly" it I will not give it credibility.

The model is very nice but they should work so that it flies like the HPG, without the need for Airland.

(I know what I'm talking about since I'm a real co-pilot)

helicoptero fuleragem não voa só fica parado acho que esse site tá perdendo credibilidade pelos aviões péssimos

Same issue as mdsuper80. FLI stuck at 7 & no more interior night lighting toggle but other then that it's brilliant.

Thank you very much for your work and effort to bring us this wonderful helicopter, my favourite.

It works much better than previous version, except for two things.

When i depart from cold start, the FLI indicator remain hold on 7 and if i increase the collective the gauge does not show any increase.

When i depart from an airport with the engine on, the gauge works normally showing me the correct value of FLI

Another thing.

Light cockpit seems do not work. In the previous version light cockpit was possible to turn on.

this new version is simply amazing! well done



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

Awesome, thanks!



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

excellent, merci



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

Fabulous! Now this is my favorite helicopter.



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

Much better than the previous version



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

This latest version is so much better to fly


nice job.

As per manual I installed and run AirlandFS and loaded H125 profile but dont see "Enable Governor" to ceck in AirlandFS interface.

Thank you

Hello, would it be possible in the next update to do it this way if you turn off the helicopter and actuate the rotor brake that the rotor would also stand still and no longer rotate unfortunately it still rotates despite the ban the brakes had been switched on thank you

hello for me the 6.0 profile does not work as soon as I step on the gas it goes up quickly and stays in the air have an XBOX controller ? which profile should I take 



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by rotorsimpilot

The new version is fantastic. I really like the flight model.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version BETA 1.3.9 March 18, 2022

    New & Improved Flight Dynamics & Model
    Upgraded Cockpit Textures
    Airland 6.0 cfg included
    Various Performance & Enhancements
    Thanks to Rob Olejniczak & Fred Naar for their assistance

  • Version BETA 1.3.8 February 16, 2022

    Air Intake Filter Model added to Exterior
    Added Turn Co-Ordinator
    New Floor Texture
    Fixed GENE switch recycling on Startup from Cold & Dark
    Correct Position of Switches when Spawning on Runway Engine, Twist Grip, PITOT & GENE
    Various SU8 fixes/updates
    Corrected Some Accessories Weights (as per manual)
    Co-Pilot Pedals Removed in HEMS Model

  • Version BETA 1.3.4 January 21, 2022

    New Starflex Rotor Head System
    Moved to New Loading Operation
    Animated Passengers
    Animated Patient
    Baggage shows on Loading
    Bear Paws now Optional
    Utility Baskets
    External Mirror
    New Air Ambulance Technology Interior
    New Livery courtesy of Vanfipe Liveries
    Improved Performance
    Improved Textures - Skids now have COMB Texture
    Improved / More Accurate Modelling
    Night Lighting in Cockpit & Baggage Areas

  • Version BETA 1.2.2 January 10, 2022

    Addresses Various issues created for developers by Microsoft/ASOBO with
    Fly on Throttle or Throttle 1 Assignment
    Various Performance Enhancements
    Various Texture Enhancements
    AirlandFS Version 4 (Latest) Profile included

  • Version BETA 1.2a January 07, 2022

    Includes new AirlandFS Flight Model Created by Fred Naar & RSP
    Updated Important Notes for running the H125 in release MSFS2020
    Internal Texture & Performance Improvements

  • Version BETA1.2 December 28, 2021

    Opening Baggage Doors now triggers Doors WLT on Annunciation Panel
    Rain Effects Updated
    External View Optimised
    Various Texture & Modelling Updates (Skids now sit correctly for example)
    Baggage Doors on CoPilot side now open with LOAD
    Created an Engine Start Warning Light on Annunciation Panel - Must be ON for flight
    Manual Trim enabled
    Sounds - updated - thanks to Marc Aviator

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