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WBSim/JPLogistics Cessna 152

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Sim Update 12 3 0
Initial Release
October 24, 2020
Last Updated
4 month(s) ago — v2.0.5

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Please direct any support questions to the discord channel as this page is not monitored



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Cessna 152


  • Updated to version v2.0.5

  • Updated to version v2.0.4

  • Updated to version v2.0.3

  • Updated to version v2.0.2

  • Updated to version v2.0.1

  • Updated to version V2.0.0

  • Initial File Release

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Sadly it no longer seems to work. The plane shows in the hanger, but for some reason I no longer have the ipad and static features

Its a great Mod and i have been enjoyying it alot. There is a problem i and a friend are having. We cant see each others Pilot avatars. When i see my friends plane it is empty and the same for them. We have tried using the Tab in plane and its options but no luck. Is this a bug or is this normal for this Mod?

beautiful plane,

works perfectly and looks great.

Especially the small details are really great.

It is compatible with SU12,

thanks for that

Why is it no longer available? It was such a good addon.



3 month(s) ago

Outstanding, in my opinion best cessna for msfs 2020

Too bad the project is dead and no longer available. It was great addon.

2.0.5 don't work for me. It is like no electricity in battery and nothing with generator.... and the tablet is black, battery 0% also may be....

I tried starting at 2000 feet, effectively, no electric energy, no flaps, instruments off, no speedometer, and the engine is going alternatively between 0 and 2000 RPM, suffering ...

Good training to land without nothing but just primary commands !

Hopefully I had the 2.0.4 in a backup. Restored and everything is OK like before. ( I tried first to download this old version, but how ??)

( I never had CTD ). So, If I had read "The author does currently not recommend downloading this file and has unlisted it" .....

But this plane, (2.0.4) is superb, wonderful. Thanks again and courage to find where is the bug.

Mon avion ne fonctionne pas ,pas de tablette ni tableau fréquence vor


Nice mod! I like it very much. You might consider adding flap overspeed induced damage (a common mistake among new flight simmers) and random failures.


Few around in the sim for 6 hours today, and not one CTD, before .5 it was like everyone 15 minutes, Thank you for the fix! This plane is perfect now!

Any chance we can get a GNS430W option as well?

Recent update solved all my CTD issues when using this aircraft in VR 5 star top quality stuff. Already spent hours in it. Great work!

One of my favorites for sure. Amazing job! One quirk I noticed - after completing a flight the logbook only logs the landing and not the takeoff. Not totally sure if it is limited to this aircraft, but I noticed it after my last couple of flights in the 152.

today appear problem with CTD again 😞

I keep getting pink textures in cabin and propellers any ideas? all my other aircrafts dont have this issue.

I've done my ppl on C152 and you guys done brilliant job.I just started having slight issue after couple versions back.My attitude indicator not working it's got red flag saying gyro.any idea what my cause that?other than that everything works beautifully

Avionics won't come on! Every time I try to turn them on they reset to off.


I verry much like the mod.

Could you add an option for the GNS430?

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version v2.0.5 February 15, 2023

    ## V2.0.5 - 15-Feb-2023
    - CTD fix from AI aircraft
    - Random black screens fixed (hopefully)

  • Version v2.0.4 February 11, 2023

    ## V2.0.4 - 11-Feb-2023
    - CDI TO/FROM flag fixed
    - N2577E livery panel.cfg fixed
    - AP NAVARM tweak

  • Version v2.0.3 February 10, 2023

    ## V2.0.3 - 9-Feb-2023
    - ammeter fix
    - AP arm modes Lvars created
    - AP tweaks
    - Lvars for visors and windows created
    - electrical relays installed
    - under the hood tweaks and optimizations

  • Version v2.0.2 February 04, 2023

    ## V2.0.2 - 4-Feb-2023
    - NAV/APR AP fix

  • Version v2.0.1 February 03, 2023

    ## V2.0.1 - 3-Feb-2023
    - low voltage light threshold fixed
    - VR fixes
    - Tablet position moved
    - getting tablet interaction improved
    - Added additional clickspot for tablet, on left post by the handle
    - Fouling logic tweak
    - DME NM decimal fixed
    - 750 not having power in some situations
    - rework of all 3 transponders electrical
    - small cameras.cfg change
    - AP and DME breakers added to state saving
    - duck added to state saving
    - improved ground handling in excessive wind
    - fix for runaway numbers on tablet

  • Version V2.0.0 January 27, 2023

    ## V2.0.0 - WBSim Initial Release
    - All previous model and texture issues are now resolved (THANK YOU Wombii)
    - Functioning External eye candy! (THANK YOU Wombii)
    - Engine cowling cover
    - Pitot tube cover
    - Wheel chocks (missing from tail dragger for now)
    - Engine related realism and failures added including
    - general engine wear
    - oil usage
    - overheating
    - plug fouling
    - correct pitot icing, both port and drain hole
    - static port blockage
    - Various selectable instruments
    - Custom KAP140
    - Custom KR87 ADF
    - PMS 750 option *
    - "old" ADF *
    - "old" transponder *
    - "newer" Garmin transponder
    - KN64 DME (kinda - WIP) *
    - EGT gauge
    - Flight model from base 152
    - Engine tweaks to align speeds and fuel with POH values
    - Corrected OAT gauge
    - Independent TACH and HOBBS times
    - Working breakers that may trip from time to time
    - Electrical overhaul (WIP, more to come)

    * usage of the 750 will force a few options due to equipment and space issues...
    - NO transponder choice, it's built in
    - NO DME
    - NO ADF choice, KR87 ONLY
    - It is how it is...

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Mod is crashing the game?!

This is usually caused by another mod, I take a lot of time and effort liasing with a dedicated group of Beta Testers to iron out any issues with the mod prior to public release!


- Remove all other mods & try again!

- Make sure you are on the latest version

- Sometimes, I will request you delete the mod entirely and replace with a new version this is due to file structure changes which won't be performed if you just overwrite it!

How to install?


This mod replaces the default C152, it doesn't create a new aircraft!

Open the .ZIP then drag and drop the folder into your "Community" folder!

Drag the "JPLogistics_C152" folder inside the zip into your Community folder.

See below for the location of your Community folder:

For the Microsoft Store edition AND/OR Gamepass edition:

  • Copy the "JPLogistics_C152" folder into your community package folder. The path is: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_<RANDOMLETTERS>\LocalCache\Packages\Community.
    For the Steam edition:
  • Copy the "JPLogistics_C152" folder into your community package folder. The path is: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community.
    For the Boxed edition:
  • Copy the "JPLogistics_C152" folder into your community package folder. The path is: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community.

To quickly tell if you have installed it correctly, select the C152 in the Launch menu, head over to Weight and see if "Baggage Forward" is there, if so, you've successfully installed the mod!

The radios do not work?!

Turn them on!

Use the little volume knob on the lower left of COM1 & COM2 to turn each of the panels on!

If this doesn't work, flick on the Taxi Lights.. if that turns them on, you have an incompatible Livery installed, delete all of them and add one by one until you find the one causing an issue!

Flicking Gauges/Radio?

Are you using external switch panels, such as, Saitek/Honeycomb?

Even though the C152 doesn't have a Avionics Switch, MSFS seems to require one to be turned on if you have a physical switch!

Turn the Avionics Switch ON on your panel and it should be resolved!

We are working hard to fix this!


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