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Version 1.0.1a
Initial Release October 23, 2020
Last Updated August 19, 2021
File Size 158.66 MB
Downloads 20,325
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Intl. Airports Turkey Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.0.1a August 19, 2021

    -Bug fixes
    -SU5 Compatible

  • Version 1.0.1 April 24, 2021

  • Version 1.0.0 March 16, 2021

    -Re-built the package with the latest SDK
    -Removed all the light rows
    -Added parking lines to both cargo and maintenance aprons
    -Revised various 3D Models
    -General bug fixes

  • Version 0.9.0 November 30, 2020

    Thanks to everyone who gave feedback about this project. These feedbacks helped us to spot issues and resolve them. Although we are solving
    the issues, we can't stop believing that every Sim update will cause new issues. Let's hope that this belief will change in the future :)

    -All taxiways are now completed (AI ATC)
    -Taxiway H added
    -Terminal has been almost remodeled and optimised (File size reduced from 75MB to 15MB)
    -Texturing quality has been improved and changed accordingly to the real deal
    -Added Safedock (For visual only, not functional )
    -Scenery has been changed regarding the new SDK structure and requirements
    -Improved performance close to a butter smooth experience (Not in render scale 200 of course :)


    We have noticed that the main cause of the stutters and low performance was not caused by our models but caused by our main polygons. After
    digging into this, we have figured out that the missing default data of this airport causes our project to get less priority from the sim
    compared to default existing airports. That's why this project is not performing as good as it should be. Whenever Asobo adds this airport
    into their default data, our scenery will (hopefully) perform better automatically.


    Just delete "argaeus-ltfm-istanbul" from your community folder, you can keep tayakadın file which contains LTFM satellite imagery. Copy "ltfm-objects" and "ltfm-inf" files seperately into your Community folder.


  • Version 0.60 November 04, 2020

    Delete the previous version (Only "argaeus-ltfm-istanbul")

    Unzip the zip file into your Community folder
    PLEASE! Check your installation directory before reporting a bug or CTD's
    Most of the issues from V0.50 were caused by wrong Installation
    -Delete previous version from your Community folder ("argaeus-ltfm-istanbul 0.50 )DO NOT OVERWRITE IT
    -Unzip "" and copy the folder into your Community folder.

    -Sınce this scenery is covering big area I have added LOD's to improve performance.
    -If you see low fps, try checking your system and sim before reporting.
    -I did my best to optimize this project (Reduced polys into half, Added LOD to almost all of the objects), However, this sim is not in a stable state(YET), so your performance drop may be caused from the sim.


    -Fixed FPS issue
    -Added reflections to windows
    -Fixed texturing issues
    -Bug fixes
    -Added LOD's
    -Reduced poly count.

    PS: Not working correctly with cracked versions of Navigraph BETA (Elevation issues etc..)

    Enjoy your flights !

  • Launched October 23, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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5 month(s) ago
To all who are having problems loading the scenery resulting to a CTD:
Being one of the authors, I was also having the same problem immediately after the latest MSFS update and I could not load my LTFM scenery as well, which was working fine right before the update. After an extensive investigation, I decided to do a clean-up because no one had a real answer.

Here is a list of what I did after 2 days of agony, thanks to Asobo!

A) Disabled Rolling Cache from DATA SETTINGS and deleted the file,
B) Cleaned up my Community folder and moved everything to a backup folder,
C) Deleted the Content.xml file in LocalCache,
D) Deleted SceneryIndexes folder in LocalCache,
E) Started up the simulator with no 3rd party mods/add-ons except the official ones from the marketplace,
F) Closed it back after starting up at a default airport,
G) Brought back my add-ons/mods in groups of 10 until all I needed were in there again - deleted some though.
G) After finally copying the scenery folder of LTFM (without making any changes to the scenery files) back to the Community folder, I could start up without any problems. Then I re-created the scenery with the new SDK and started up without a problem again.
So, as a result, both this package that is being shared here and the one that I had re-built with the latest SDK worked fine and if your systems are not starting up at LTFM with "this" package, please check elsewhere or write to Asobo or wait for them to "add" this airport and a scenery for it to their simulator.
We will be sharing the latest package here soon for anyone who are willing to try.

Cok tesekkurler. Istanbulu cok seviyorum. EN BUYUK TURKIYE!

thank you. Eline emegine saglik. guzel olmus.

amazing but there is no departure or arrival waypoints

Great stuff! Finally one of the biggest Air Ports in the world has actual taxi ways and terminals.

Merhaba, elinize emeğinize sağlık çok güzel olmuş. Ben ILS seçtiğim yerde sadece direct var bunu nasıl düzeltebilirim ? Yardımcı olabilir misiniz?

Üstad ben

  1. argaeus-ltfm-aerial
  2. argaeus-ltfm-istanbul

klasörlerini community 'e attım. Eksik mi var ? Apron dışı çim alanlar pek hoşuma gitmedi de.Photoreal kaplama gibi bende.

Bir de jetway çalışmadı.

Pistte neden hiç eğim yok dümdüz havalimanı hiç gerçekçi değil.

Fantastic work!

You can find a short review here:


ll y a 3 fichiers dans le lien google drive lequel extraire ?

Awesome work! I'm impressed by the detail and the effort that went into this, right down to the interior signage and airport-branded buses. I'm also happy to see all of those Turkish Airlines flights in my AI traffic finally having a place to land!

I'm just glad that you guys decided to continue the project 🥰

Now I'm gonna fly an evacuation flight to Kabul from this improved airport

Everything is amazing, thank you, its a hard work and I can see it.

I have just one thing to say: please make the instructions up there concise.

I swear you'll get people gettin lost, downloading everything or not downloading anything, then complaining and giving 2 stars for nothing.

Actually, I am a computer scientist - and even I downloaded the wrong one ! 😀

Don't bother explaining too much how Asobo didn't even mark the terrain let alone a runway there, etc etc.

You did a great job and gave it to people for free, who likes it, thank you very much - who doesn't - well also thank you bye bye.

Just write your intro, and then let it say "INSTRUCTIONS".

And then:

  1. Download the file "nriytq" from here - AND a file named "mkjrw" from here --> .... (you paste the GoogleDrive link now and in GoogleDrive you can also mark that necessary archive with a red color by right clicking and "Change color" it's even easier...for the less fortunate ones)
  2. Unpack them and put them in the community folder
  3. Enjoy and please help the kidz !

If you could do that it would be awesome 😊

Thanks again for a well crafted airport !

The google drive link has 3 files. Do I download and install all of them on top of the file here in

Hello. Are there no ILS frequencies for your airport?

nice airport and remember this is a freeware

Id like to point out some issues you will find in this airport

Huge FPS drops

I'm using the 1080ti on ultra and drops from 40 FPS to 20

No map for the airport

after su5 came it is easier to choose your gate with the 2d map

but you can't find that because this airport without the addon doesn't have gates

I know it's not the creator's fault but is quite annoying

Only 4 runways to choose from

this runway has 8 runways but IFR with atc will only give

17L, 17R, 16L and 16R

(tried this with atc phraseology mod, might work with normal)

While starting the engine there are smoke effects (idk what they are)

if u go in it you'll see the windows are gone (like an x-ray) if u go in passenger view

you can still see em

That is it but the thing I really hate the most where those fps drops

landed here irl and is very realistic they even provide u turkish ground crew skins

I hope gets more updates bye😊

After downloading, I spawned at a random gate and everything worked fine. I then did a flight to the airport from Malta, and that too worked fine until I had a CTD at the gate. I have then tried to re-spawn at a gate 3 times but the sim just hangs. Do you have any suggestions?

BTW, this has to be THE top freeware airport, absolutely outstanding! On my first test load, I explored part of one of the terminal buildings, and the level of detail is mind-blowing! I love the tinted glass too, amazing.

Just downloaded it and put it back in the sim after a short spell when I kept getting CTDs. Works fine at the moment. Just hope Asobo add the airport officially soon

Sim Update 5?

This airport is amazing quality, 10/10. This matches payware quality, even better than some payware. Shame that you guys don't update it anymore, ILS is broken but other than that this airport is 10/10 and recommended!

working with su5?

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