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Better Bravo Lights

What is it? Better Bravo Lights (BBL) aims to be a ‘better’ replacement for the Aerosoft Honeycomb Bravo Throttle lights tool (aka the “AFC bridge”).  It is completely standalone and does not require the original Honeycomb Bravo lights driver. BBL provides a number of significant...

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What is it?

Better Bravo Lights (BBL) aims to be a ‘better’ replacement for the Aerosoft Honeycomb Bravo Throttle lights tool (aka the “AFC bridge”).  It is completely standalone and does not require the original Honeycomb Bravo lights driver.

BBL provides a number of significant improvements over the original Aerosoft/Honeycomb Bravo Lights driver:

  • It supports different configurations for different aircraft; this is critical because oil pressures, fuel pressures and battery voltages vary wildly from aircraft to aircraft. 
  • Lights respond immediately, not just after a second or two. This is vitally important for responsive autopilot buttons.
  • It comes with a complete set of configurations for all of the aircraft that come with MSFS.
  • It supports both A: variables and L: variables. Putting the technojargon to one side, if you want to make the MASTER WARNING and MASTER CAUTION lights work, you need a tool that can read L: variables from MSFS. AFC Bridge doesn’t support L: variables.


If you're happy helping to test and report issues on incomplete and buggy software, give it a go. If you're not, and expect something perfect and polished, you'll want to wait a little while until it's completely stable and complete. Please don’t download it then discover it’s not complete enough for you and give it a bad rating!


Don't unpack it into your Community folder. This is a tool, not a piece of scenery.

Full details on how to install and (optionally) configure it, as well as all the source code for the tool, are available at GitHub:


How do I report problems/make suggestions? Can I see the source code?

The full source code is available at GitHub: https://github.com/RoystonS/BetterBravoLights, where you can also raise issues, make suggestions and share useful configuration.

Bravo Throttle Hardware Lights Driver Honeycomb Aerosoft
Sim Update 10 0 0
Initial Release
September 30, 2021
Last Updated
4 month(s) ago — 0.8.2



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  • Updated to version 0.8.2

  • Updated to version 0.8.1

  • Updated to version 0.8.0

  • Updated to version 0.7.0

  • Updated to version 0.6.0

  • Updated to version 0.5.1

  • Initial File Release


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Hello, I'm currently experiencing issues in the 737 and 736. None of the lights are working. I believe this might've been caused by the last 73 update. Is there a hotfix for this issue?

Hi, thanks for this software but i have a problem. It works fine but it doesn't load with the sim. I always have to launch it manually. And please could you embed an icon in the exe files? SO if i make a link to exe in desktop i will see an icon. Maybe you could embed a lamp icon just like the once in the splash screen.....Thanks so much.

unfortunately there is still no solution for the fenix

Anyone else detecting problems with the PMDG 737 since their last update? I'm not sure if it's related but I know PMDG's last update killed a few mods that communicate with the 737.

This works really well for interacting with the Bravo's lights. Unfortunately, if this is running, various other programs like A Pilot's Life and Pilot2ATC can't connect with the sim. Oddly, some other programs like Navigraph Charts will still connect. Hopefully this can be fixed, because other than that it's a lot better than the default Honeycomb bridge.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

This works perfectly right away with no configuration needed for me on SU9 with the Kodiak and other 3rd party planes. Thank you.

Quote "Whatever the problem is, it seems to be affecting all programs attempting to start up with MSFS, not just BBL. I'm attempting to find out what's going on"

Yes you are correct, none of my programs are starting as they should, since the update????????

Regards BJ from Oz

I just installed this update and after testing can confirm the following on my sim.

1) the BBL work well with the Asobo default A320 and also the FBW A32NX.

2) Anti Ice light does not work at all when using the Asobo B787 or the Bredock 737

3) Anti ice light works in reverse (eg, off when should be on and on when should be

off) with the Asobo B747.

4) The anti ice light will sometimes illuminate with the Asobo 787 but when it does it is wired in reverse and off is on and on is off, it mainly does not work at all though.

I have not tested any GA as I do not use them and I have not tested the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737 as I have enough problems with the commercial aircraft that I do have without adding to the honeycomb problem with new stuff that is now available.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

i am realy love Better Bravo lights !!! i hop fenix will sone com ihn to better bravo 😊

any update for Fenix A20?

Thank you



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

I just installed and was pleased to see that it worked perfectly, replacing the Honeycomb software. I loaded the PMDG 737 and it seemed to work perfectly. So I switched to the DA62 and it didn't work. I had to exit the sim completely and on reloading the sim, the DA62 then worked. So changing planes seems to lose your program. I will continue testing.

THIS IS A VERY IMPRESSIVE ADDITION. All my planes show more and better lights with instant response. Thank you very much!



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

I believe today's World Update IX broke the addon. My lights were working fine last night, updated the game today and no lights. Uninstalled and reinstalled via the .bat files. Redownloaded the release and attempted to install again to no avail.

Have downloaded this latest version, and have NO LIGHTS whatsoever??? MSFS is fully updated?????

Same problem here, the install window doesn't pop up and no action is taken.



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

Neither the Install or Uninstall batch files are working for version .0.8.0. I've had no trouble with any previous versions. Basically when I click on Install the command prompt with the install message doesn't open. I've tried downloading from here and directly from GitHub. Neither zip file allows me to install. I haven't tried uninstalling the BBL lvar module folder in the MSFS packages. Version 7 is responding as normal.

Any troubleshooting tips? Could something be cached from a previous version?

Hi, do you have any suggested config changes to make this work with the PMDG 737? Thank you!

good day,

Where can I find the config.ini or the config.built.ini

to change the settings for the lights?

would be grateful if there were instructions or an example of how to do that

sorry i hav found now the .ini

but, Whilst Better Bravo Lights is running, it’ll show an icon in the system tray.

there is no icon in icon in the system tray



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

I am having the same issue as the previous posters. -It has worked fine for about 50 hours ofgameplay, but now it only works if I reinstall before starting flightsim. I have to do it every time. This also goes for the original software from aerosoft. Maybe something weird with the latest sim update?



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

Just to confirm the program isn't shutting down when I exit the sim and it has to be manually quit. If you don't do this the next time you open FS2020 the lights won't work unless you manually quit and re-open the mod.

Daft question also, but how do I edit the parameters? DO I need spad.next or something? The Low Volts light on the JF PA28 series is not configured correctly.

Cheers, & thanks for a must-have mod!



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by RoystonS

Sometimes the bravo mod doesn't load and I have to restart the sim and hope it loads. Tried reinstalling it too and it worked the first time I loaded the sim but upon loading today the lights didn't engage. This issue has just suddenly started and I have 759 hours of flight time in some most of which have been spent while using this mod with no issues.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
First-class installer
🚀 In Progress

Estimated 27 May 2022 » Final planned rejig of the installation process of BBL. Instead of unpacking a zip and running `install.bat` / `uninstall.bat` we'll instead have a proper installer. This will make some things much easier: 1) Users won't have to remember to keep the unpacked zip around. We've had some users run the install, trash the unpacked zip and then wonder why BBL isn't starting up. With a real installer BBL will be installed somewhere safe. 2) With a proper install of BBL we can separate out the user-edited Config.ini file from the installed software. Users won't need to copy their Config.ini files between versions: they can just install the new version and their existing Config.ini will be picked up automatically.
Aircraft aliasing/inheritance
⌛ In Queue

Estimated 01 Jun 2022 » Add an aircraft 'inheritance' feature. Right now if there is a minor variant of an existing aircraft (e.g. the JD GTN750 series), they require copying all the existing configuration to work properly. It would be helpful to be able to say "Aircraft X behaves like Aircraft Y" using some sort of aliasing mechanism, but it would be more flexible to support an inheritance feature. That way we could say "Aircraft X behaves like Aircraft Y but also adds in facilities from Z". That would allow us to say "I have an aircraft that behaves like a Cessna 172 but picks up autopilot mappings for a GTN750".
Warn about unconfigured aircraft
🕛 Planned

Estimated 01 Jun 2022 » When a user starts a flight with an aircraft that BBL doesn't know anything about, it's not obvious that BBL is having to resort to an 'unconfigured' defaults state, so they don't know what to expect from the lighting configuration. It would be useful if we could see an unobtrusive message _in the sim_ that warns that a default configuration is being used. This is surprisingly hard to achieve because MSFS doesn't provide any standard text display APIs any more.
List all variables
✅ Finished

Estimated 01 Dec 2021 » In BBL v0.7.0 there's a user interface for showing all A: and L: variables, live.

  • Version 0.8.2 May 26, 2022

    Bug fix:
    * Now supports LVars with spaces in the names, which is needed for the NextGen EMB110. Thanks for the bug report, @Dimitri-dW!

    * PMDG 737 built-in configuration: added REV light, mapping it to the VNav status. Thanks for the details, @Flintstone2k12!

  • Version 0.8.1 May 14, 2022

    Bugs fixes:
    * Fixed an error in the install +uninstall scripts which made installations from paths with spaces in fail. Schoolboy mistake - apologies!

    * PMDG 737 built-in configuration: more settings (Master Caution, Low Fuel Pressure, Anti Ice, Starter Engaged, APU, Low Hyd Pressure, improved Engine Fire light).
    * Variables list: now shows an animated highlight when a variable changes, and supported reducing the font size. It's now much easier to locate a changing variable in a huge list of lvars.

  • Version 0.8.0 May 12, 2022

    * BBL now uses its own logic to detect when MSFS has exited, rather than relying on the MSFS API. It should now exit much more reliably after MSFS ends.
    * BBL now warns if some other program has corrupted the MSFS startup configuration, preventing BBL (and other applications from automatically starting up with MSFS).
    * Updated experimental variables list for SU9

    New built-in configurations:
    * PMDG 737: Add autopilot, Engine Fire and Door settings
    * FBW A32NX: improve MasterEnable; invert AntiIce logic; add more autopilot entries. Enormous thanks to @BJ1960 and @A320AutoPilot for contributing to those!

  • Version 0.7.0 February 19, 2022

    A significant update to BetterBravoLights.

    - Split configuration file means that you can keep your own configuration separate to the configuration that BetterBravoLights itself ships with
    - Built-in configurations for several new aircraft
    - New 'MasterEnable' configuration option which makes it easier to disable all lights if, say, the avionics or battery is off
    - New bitwise operators in expressions
    - New (prototype) 'variable list' user interface

    The complete changelog is available here:

  • Version 0.6.0 November 05, 2021

    This is a hugely significant release which takes us quite a way towards v1.0.

    Detailed release notes are available here: https://github.com/RoystonS/BetterBravoLights/releases/tag/v0.6.0

    - BetterBravoLights now comes with its own WASM module for reading lvars, with several significant benefits:
    - FSUIPC is no longer needed
    - Better error handling for missing `L:` variables
    - Huge simplification of distribution zip
    - The top-level distribution directory contains far fewer files, enabling you to find the ones you actually care about, specifically `install.bat`, `uninstall.bat` and `Config.ini`.
    - `AND` and `OR` now "short-circuit", so we can write expressions able to ignore missing variables
    - significant improvement in efficiency for detecting `A:` variable changes
    - corrected unsubscribe of `A:` variables
    - lights are now disabled when in the simulator main menu

    New aircraft configuration:
    - [Grumman Goose](https://flightsim.to/file/19718/grumman-goose-g21a-redux-ii) oil + pressure lights

    Thanks to @xDalle for diagnostic and fault-finding help!

  • Version 0.5.1 October 23, 2021

    - Added specific configuration for the JustFlight Hawk T1; this replicates the relevant CWP lights onto your Bravo, so even the indicator light test works. Note that this configuration makes *heavy* use of L: variables, so please make sure you have them working.

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Does this work with all aircraft?

Better Bravo Lights (BBL) works by reading the state of the simulator and deciding which lights to illuminate on your Bravo as a result.

Some lights, such as 'Parking Brake' are easy: the simulator has a built-in piece of state which tells us whether the brake is on, and we turn the 'Parking Brake' light on or off based on that.

Other lights, such as 'Low Oil Pressure' are harder: we need to read the oil pressure from the simulator and decide whether that's 'low' or not. An oil pressure of 50psi would be low for some aircraft, and fine for others, however, and the simulator doesn't tell us what's 'low' for an aircraft.  This means we need to know, outside of the simulator, the 'low' value for each and every individual aircraft.

To complicate matters further, some third party aircraft don't use the standard simulator state, so we need to read oil pressure in a completely different way.

The same goes for low fuel pressure, low volts, and all the other lights.

So, to answer the question:

BBL is capable of supporting any aircraft but won't necessarily know how to map each light to the simulator state unless there's specific configuration for it for that aircraft. BBL comes with configuration for lots of aircraft, built-in, but if you're using an uncommon or new aircraft there may not be configuration for it. Some lights such as autopilot and parking brake lights may work without specific configuration but others won't.

There's a lot of documentation available to help you figure out the configuration for a new aircraft, and you can then share that configuration with others.


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