On this world tour, you will land at 101 Airports in 26 Countries around the world. Your journey will go through 3 continents and will be 21.243 nm long.

The longest leg on this world tour will be 590 nm so you have to use a plane with at least this range but I personally would recommend the Beechcraft Bonanza G36. 

Your journey will start at Munich airport (EDDM) and head south along the coast and the beautiful islands of Croatia. When you are in Montenegro, you will fly east until you reach the northern coast of turkey. You will fly along the coast of the Blach sea until you are in the beautiful city of Sinop which is one of the most northern points of turkey. From there you will fly south through the Taurus mountains. You will then cross Syria and the desert of Saudi Arabia until you are in Dubai. From Dubai, you will fly along the coast of Iran and Pakistan and then through India. After that, you will fly through Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China. After that, you will cross the Yellow sea and land at the capital of South Korea which is Seoul. From there you will fly south until you reach southern Japan. You will then fly through the whole country and make several stops. After you crossed Japan you will fly north and after a few stops at the Kuril islands, you will reach Kamtchatka. You will then fly north through the beautiful Peninsula of Kamtchakta, then turn east and cross the ocean, you will make some stops at the Aleutian Islands and after a few hundred nautical miles you will reach Alaska. You will then fly along the west coast of Canada and the US until you are in Seattle. The stop before Seattle is Friday Harbor airport, this was the default airport of FSX. After you reached Seattle you will fly south through the Nevada desert until you are in Las Vegas. From there your journey will lead along the grand canyon. From there you will cross the US until you are in Florida. From there you will fly along the East Coast to the north. When you reach Iqaluit, a little town at Baffin Island in northern Canada you will cross the Baffin Bay and reach Greenland. When you leave Greenland you will fly to Iceland. You will then fly to the Shetland Islands. From there you will fly to the south through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany until you reach arrive in Munich again.

How to install:
-Unzip the file
-Start Msfs2020 and go to the world map
-Click: Load/Save
-Click: Load
-Select the extracted .pln file