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Version 2.1
Initial Release July 07, 2021
Last Updated August 06, 2021
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  • Version 2.1 August 06, 2021

    Confirm SU5 Compatibility

  • Version 2.0 July 08, 2021


    added airports:
    eddc, eddl, eddm, eggp, ekbi, eyvi, lkpr, lowi, lpma, lxgb & lebl

  • Launched July 07, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Hello! Mod works pretty well, but there's problem, that I spawn at the gate, where is another plane, i.e. my plane is on top of another

Great mod, works just as expected.

Just as of right now not a lot of airports added, making other airports completely empty (EBBR for exemple or EDDB).

But the mod hasn't been updated since 2 months now so OP might be working on adding a huge list of airports (or just stopped working on the project). Hope we see some more soon 😊

the planes are either partly in the ground or hoover 1 mtr above, how to solve ?

So... about this.

It added some aircrafts but very very few when compared with screen shots.

I did a flight between EGLL and EHAM.

At EGLL, there were a nice amount of BAW and some other companies.

But for example (and this goes to both airports), the only american company was DELTA. never saw anyother. The few planes I saw were a320s, 787s, 773s, some a34s.. didnt see 737s or 757s.

I will link some images at EHAM:

So, what did I do wrong?

I've been reading about some textures allowance problems with ICAO and FS2020 on the "EasyAirlines+aircraft matching" mod, can it be related?

Other thing... is there a way to avoid this: (load on top of a static plane)

Well done! Thank you. Could you please add LEST?

Would like to see Swedish airports ESSA, ESKN, ESSB. These airports are completely empty ... Thanks in advance

Running into Issues trying to add more airports:

Layout.txt is being blocked from my firewall, this is new since SU5, any ideas?

cant continue updating until i find out how to fix this


Great MOD. I'm using the live traffic version too. The only problem is that live traffic also parks at gates where static traffic is already parked. Is that fixable?

I get airplanes without any liveries. Just white colored models. Am i missing something?

for some reason it doesnt work, any help?

Best of the AI traffic add-ons available so far. More airports please!

Do we need to adjust the ground aircraft setting with this mod?

with me since the last update the airplanes are around one meter above the ground

can you please add EGPF and EGPH???? Highly popular airports which give good UK flights. I also use these at my hub for Europe so would be amazing to have static airlines there too.

please do consider making one for the middle east easpeaccly omdb ooms and ojai

Works very well and really makes the world look more real!

If you're having issues with planes on top of each other, simply set ai slider to 0.

Would love to know if there will be updates for more airports?

Or even maybe a guide in how to do this?

Thanks a bunch.

Hello, thank you for the great mod! Would you add Berlin-Brandenburg airport EDDB? The payware scenery from Aerosoft/ Lime-Sim is so empty, there is hardly any aircraft at the German capitol airport, though it is base for i.e. EasyJet, Eurowings, and Ryanair. Thank you so much!

Excellent Static Aircraft mod!! Has all the airlines in the right places, well done!!

One thing though... It would be greatly appreciated that you can indicate where the empty available parking spaces (without static planes) on the airports are on a list please. It is a bit of a nuisance when you get into the sim, put your flight plan you work so hard to do in with your gate start position in the main menu, only to to find out that you end up in a plane or under it, and it is in your cockpit too, a real immersion killer. Then you have to close the sim and restart by changing the gate, by luck and chance hoping not to be in the way of statics!

Again a list of empty gate spaces youleft out at the airports so we can start off in a clear spot would be very helpful. thanks !!!

I have DigitalDesign EGGP installed and no statics appear. However if I use the default MSFS EGGP I have statics. Anything I need to do to get your statics at DigitalDesign version of EGGP? Thanks

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