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GamerDEAL -Mercedes C63 Coupe [V1.0]

GamerDEAL - Mercedes C63 Coupe [V1.0] The Mercedes AMG C 63 S Coupe realizes the vision of a sporty and luxurious coupe car according to Mercedes. The AMG C 63 S Coupe has balanced proportions and the beautiful body manages to look sporty and "combative", and...


GamerDEAL - Mercedes C63 Coupe [V1.0]

The Mercedes AMG C 63 S Coupe realizes the vision of a sporty and luxurious coupe car according to Mercedes. The AMG C 63 S Coupe has balanced proportions and the beautiful body manages to look sporty and "combative", and elegant and luxurious at the same time. The sloping roof, muscular waist and impressive grille produce a visual effect that cannot be ignored. Innovative LED High Preformance lighting units, 18-inch rims, a chrome package and a unique metallic color add to the luxurious look and dynamic look. In the cabin, the ergonomic and high-quality driver environment, sports seats with nappa leather upholstery and aluminum finish complete the look, and the panoramic glass roof contributes to the feeling of space. Illuminated door sills with AMG lettering and AMG steering wheel will remind you at all times how much power and performance you have on hand.



  • fixed front window is blurry
  • fixed screen dont have touch
  • fixed the car model (better graphics)

    New Lights:
    the light got a huge graphic update
    + new interior lights


  • fixed car spawning in aircraft parking


  • Added working speedometer screen
  • Fixed wheels freaking out at slow speed and in full stop


  • Multiplayer Fix

thanks to OᖴEK ᑎOᐯᗩ#3824 on making the trailer

Usage rights:

The use of the above files for a private purpose is absolutely free, Any commercial use / advertising on any conditional media Providing credit includes a link to the Discord server- "Gamer Deal" http://bit.ly/GamerDEALDiscord

Beer Sheva RaceTrack:

With the C63 we also release a racetrack so you have a place to drive with the car


Make sure you read the PDF if you have problems with the car or if you need help operating the car.

the PDF is located in the "Manual" folder in the main car file.

  • Engine - V8 Twin Turbo engine
  • 0 - 100(km/h) - 3sec [7sec in sim]
  • HorsePower - 510
  • Max Speed - 250 km/h electronically limited [350 in sim]
  • Physics - the car behaving like a drift car and drifting like any drift car in any car game / simulator

Liveries Include:
  • 3 1-Color liveries: White(default), Red and Orange.
  • 2 normal liveries: one is the "GamerDEAL" livery and one normal car livery.


  • working doors
  • working speed gauge (in km/h)
  • working RPM gauge
  • working steering wheel animation
  • working wheel spin animation
  • working steering animation
  • working parking brake switch
  • working mirrors fold at engine start / stop
  • working Gas pedal
  • working Brake Pedal
  • working interior lights
  • working exterior lights
  • working brake lights
  • working engine start / stop button


GamerDEAL Is the largest Israeli community: http://bit.ly/GamerDEALDiscord and for people who dont speak Hebrew go check our projects server, where all the projects are made and tested. So if you want to see all of our projects before everyone join the server:

Known Issues:
  • the car acceleration is to slow(now at 0 - 100 in 7s needs to be in 4s): will be fixed in the next few updates

  • the car model was made by: ishaknapitupulucxr2.
  • all the others stuff made by: YANIV#1257 on discord
  • thanks to OᖴEK ᑎOᐯᗩ#3824 on making the trailer
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July 01, 2021
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  • Updated to version 1.0

  • Updated to version 0.4

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2 year(s) ago

Make sure you have the racetrack as well!!!


Join our discord server:




3 month(s) ago / Thanked by LivToAir

Cool, but difficult to manage

Throttle not working, how to move the car? I can move aircraft no problem but cars.



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by LivToAir

RIP throttle not working anymore regardless of it using key and peripheral bindings. Hopefully gets fixed since it's not drivable at all like it was in previous sim updates.

When I load into the world, the car falls like, halfway through the ground, so the bottom half of the car is beneath the ground and the top half is above. Also is undriveable. Do you have a fix?

idk where do put it i download it then what i do??????

Can you please update for SU9

Yesterdaty the throttle was working but today no :/ I don't know why, in the planes the throttle axis works fine



10 month(s) ago

I attempted Discord but it is not for Americans who speak English...sad... Anyway, your manual does NOT include putting the car in gear to drive. I can start it, but it will not go anywhere, even when I move the parking brake lever either way

no power to climb? How do you speed up, can't you brake?

haha car go VROOM!!!!


Seems a lot of people are having throttle axis issues, to fix it, set your controls to use each of throttle axis 1-4 instead of the main throttle axis... also you may have to reverse the axis as well. Once you do that, it works great and is a workaround until the car is fixed! 😊

how to drive?



1 year(s) ago

Car is stuck in Park mode?

Why can't I throttle? I'm using the same airplane throttle axis and the engine won't revving up.



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by LivToAir

Changing my review to 4/5. If you flip the car, use slew mode to get her upright again. Only thing I can ask for is a reverse which we'll hopefully see in a future update. Or perhaps a better turn radius? Either way, great work my man.

p.s. I find it hilariously odd there's a bunch of us on here looking to do a roadtrip in a flight sim. We humans are.. complicated.

Fantastic job but in VR the cabin looks giant almost twice as normal. Is there a way to reduce the scale and also the steering wheel control would have to be with ailerons and not with rudder also the side windows are blurred, not the front if you can modify these things it would be excellent thank you.

Doesn't work properly for VR. This cars cockpit is wider than a Beoing 747 and the steering wheel the size of a tractor tyre. It's how cars looked when you were three years old and sitting in the drivers seat.



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by LivToAir

Jeezzzz, Mate, I simply love your work ... Finally a good car for a sunday afternoon right through Naples, Rome and New York City <3



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by LivToAir

I really do love it. and i would have asmall wish. is there a possibility to turn this car into a follow me car.? with the follow me livery and follow me sign and lights. really would appriciate it.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.0 November 04, 2021

    Update V1.0 Changes:

    1. front window is blurry --- fixed
    2. screens don't have touch --- fixed
    3. car model --- fixed (better graphics)

    the lights got huge graphics update!
    + new interior light

  • Version 0.4 July 12, 2021

  • Version 0.3 July 03, 2021

    Fix the wheels freaking out at slow speed and in full stop

  • Launched July 01, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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