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Version 1.2
Initial Release June 27, 2021
Last Updated June 29, 2021
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Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category General Aviation

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  • Version 1.2 June 29, 2021

    Added legacy-vcockpits-instruments folder for instrument visibility... hopefully

  • Version 1.1 June 28, 2021

    Version 1.2
    Added legacy-vcockpits-instruments folder to hopefully make instruments visible

  • Launched June 27, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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CTD in update 6 guaranteed...............................

CTD after takeoff when i used active pause,up 'till then everything was ok...........

There is a relatively easy fix for our problem with the SU5 update and it does not only work with the Gipsy Moth, it works with most of the FSX planes that we have converted to MSFS. Here's what you have to do:

  • Fly in windowed mode
  • Before you go into VC mode, move your mouse all the way up to the top of your screen, so that it doesn't touch the actual MSFS field of view
  • Move into VC mode and you will see that nothing happens, you can move around freely (I use my joystick for this) and you do not crash (DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MOUSE!!)
  • But you'll notice that none of the gauges work. There is a fix for this too!
  • Go back to external view and reload the plane
  • Move your mouse again to the top of your screen and go back into VC mode
  • Voila, most, if not all of your gauges work again
  • Don't touch your mouse and enjoy flying the Gipsy Moth (and any other such plane)
  • Some planes are upgraded FS9 planes, so if those planes do not show their gauges even after reloading the plane, you have to forget about that particular plane.

I have over the last couple of months converted over 120 former FSX planes to work in MSFS. With this method,+ I still can enjoy over 70 of them, all with working gauges. I know that there is a method with Model Converter X (MCX) to make those planes work too. Problem is, since my latest PC upgrade, MCX refuses to function on my system, that is why I use my planes this way. Occasionally I forget to move the mouse up and have a CTD, but that's ok 😊

Its the cockpits generally causing CTDs. They need a rework to remove the problems. If you are lucky enough to get into the cockpit then just leave it and fly. The instant you move a mouse across it then CTD.

On another note: here's a wonderful De Havilland that could benefit from some cockpit TLC... flies really well to.

instant simulator crash out

A great airplane grounded by the latest update. First the textures were missing, then the hot fix started causing the plane to crash to the desktop.

Are you considering restoring this beautiful plane to flying condition? Many thanks for the flights I got to make in the wonderful blue Cirrus Moth.

Since latest MSFS update, it causes an CTD when you start flying this plane.

Really enjoyable low, slow VFR aircraft. Only reason I can't give it a five star is lack of Gauges working...but great job, with nice liveries too

Delightful aircraft, worth 5 stars when you get the instruments to reliably appear in their bezels. Unlike so many recent FSX conversions, your liveries are crisp and clear. Many thanks for your efforts.

tx very much

Thank you very much, but does this aircraft not belong to the category "General Aviation?

Thanks ever so much for changing it to a zip file. amazing.

First up : many thanks for doing these. They are beautiful models and ideal for MSFS's vfr world. Two points that you probably don't have any control over and may have been a problem in the original model for all I know.... the P4 compass seems to swing the wrong way: when you are flying 030 it indictaes 330, for example. Works fine as long as you are heading north! also on the compass the rotating ring that allows you to set a heading to steer doesn't rotate.


These models look terrific, are there any plans to make them VR compatible ? When I switch to VR, I get a crash to desktop which is a real shame as they would be excellent for touring.

Keep up the excellent work.

Beautiful, thanks so so much for changing it to a zip file.

Nice. great stuff. UPDATE: Now with working dials and realistic power. flies really well indeed. Here's a short video

Many thanks. I tried to do it by myself before but your one is much better (especially with the cleared compass glass 😊 )

My 4K movie of this plane =]

Thank you and looking forward -with nostalgia- for further development of this wonderful machine!

Lovely lovely thanks looks great and for me fly's great love these early planes. Just one thing and this is not a moan I have no dials in the cockpit mode I can live with this so no problem after all it is free and I thank you for sharing.

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