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Updated - Cadiz Landmarks - Full City in Photogrammetry

Updated - Cadiz with full photogrammetry Now includes Cadiz, Bridge and surrounding industrial areaInstallation:Simply extract both CADIZ_1 and CADIZ_2 files into your Community folder.

Updated - Cadiz with full photogrammetry 
Now includes Cadiz, Bridge and surrounding industrial area
Simply extract both CADIZ_1 and CADIZ_2 files into your Community folder.
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October 11, 2020
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Buenos días tu escenario de Cádiz es fantastico, el mejor diría yo; pero desde que MS actualizó el puente de la Pepa, no cuadra con tu escenario; no se si sería mucho pedir una update para que se recorte tu escenario o desaparezca el de MS. Sé que configurar eso lleva mucho tiempo, además de conocimiento. Un saludo y gracias por tu fantástico trabajo. /

Good morning, your Cadiz scenary is fantastic, the best I would say; but since MS updated the 1812 bridge, it doesn't fit with your scenario; I don't know if it would be too much to ask for an update to cut your scenario or make the MS scenario disappear. I know it takes a lot of time to set that up, as well as knowledge. Best regards and thanks for your fantastic work.

Sorry to be blunt, but this is not worth a download. Most of all, I guess because of World Update VIII, the whole city in this download is below sea level, causing the water around it to bend down and form all sorts of pillow-y structures around Cadiz. The bridge is superimposed over the stock Asobo bridge.. and looks way worse. And despite the download size, the resolution of the photogrammetry is really low, reducing trees and objects to single triangles.

If you don't plan on updating this, it may be worth a note that this does not work with WO VIII.

There are two similar add-ons for this area. I tried them both. The other one is slightly more detailed but has an AWEFUL SAND COLORED CONCRETE. So I prefer this one

Is this compatible if we also load in the other CADIZ add on? This one is rated 4.8 the other one 5.0 but this one looks better from colors of buildings. ???

Grasia, pisha
Perfect¡¡¡ eres un crack . 30 años esperando poder volar por cadizzzzzzzzz.Ole , ole y ole.
Solo una cosa .¿No hay circulación? ...o yo hago algo mal. Graciassssss
Very Very Good .
Amazing work, it just need to fix the water color. I really appreciate your work, thanks you.
Thank you very much! Great job!
Hola, una pregunta, Cadiz1 y cadiz2 se quedan en 2 carpetas separadas? porque aparece una diagonal sobre la ciudad y, a un lado esta con fotogrametria y al otro lado no, no se si es porque esta hecha la mitad o porque lo he instalado mal.

Please, make Huelva city, near to Seville and Cadiz, Huelva is another beautiful city and default are not detail...

Por favor, haz la ciudad de Huelva, cerca de Sevilla y al lado de Cadiz, Huelva es otra preciosa ciudad y por defecto, no esta detallada...
Great work. Thank you. Almost perfect. You should just learn how to solve the bluish tint in the afternoon hours of your sceneries (Cadiz, Granada, Leeds...), and make the transition a bit smoother between photogrammetry and default scenery
Espectacular! Gran trabajo!
MI querida "Tacita", muchas gracias por el aporte. A ver si puedo ir el próximo verano.
Fantastic job.
Que pasada. Ya si haces San Fernando te hago un donativo para que te tomes unas birras.
Excellent work!!
Nice update, you have added Puerto Real shipyard. For the next version please add Rota NAVSTA to, the base is placed on the opposite side of the Bay.
Mate! thanks so much! amazing job
Im from cadiz!!!!!! thank you. Excellent work, i hope to have a real scenery very soon!!!. Thank you for your effort and this gift!!!!
thanks !! five stars and like

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  • Version 1.1 October 12, 2020

    Complete Cadiz City with Photogrammetry.
    Please ensure that both CADIZ_1 and CADIZ)2 files are moved into your Community folder.

  • Launched October 11, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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