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VTCC Chiang Mai Intl Airport Thailand Enhancement

VTCC Chiang Mai Intl Airport Thailand Enhancement for MSFS2020 Realistic terminal, Cargo terminal, Tower and many objects has been added.Original models are converted from FSX&P3D by K.Prasong and K.Tic A_A Sceneries from Thaiflightsimulator community. Installation:- Copy "vtcc" folder to your community folder in Microsoft Flight...

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VTCC Chiang Mai Intl Airport Thailand Enhancement for MSFS2020

Realistic terminal, Cargo terminal, Tower and many objects has been added.
Original models are converted from FSX&P3D by K.Prasong and K.Tic A_A Sceneries from Thaiflightsimulator community.

- Copy "vtcc" folder to your community folder in Microsoft Flight Simulator directory.

Hope you enjoy!

About this airport :
Chiang Mai International Airport is an international airport serving Chiang Mai, the capital city of Chiang Mai Province in Thailand.
It is a major gateway to Northern Thailand, and currently the fourth-busiest airport in the country.

Known issue:
- Static aircrafts in screenshot is not avaliable.
- Some jetways may not be connected to aircraft correctly.

Version 1.2 change log:
- Add more facilities.

Version 1.5 change log:
- Add animations.
- Repositioning airport lights.

Version 1.51 change log:
- Remove mis-placed GSE traffic.

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Intl. Airports
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Great effort however there are no taxiway markings or signs, or any gate numbers

Great job bro.. but here are some recommendations for you... That I fixed recently at my airport project.

There is no taxi to gate or taxi to parking option at the ATC panel for Heavy aircraft(777, 787, 747, etc...) after landing at the airport. You can think "oh this will be weird if there is only Heavy gates/park in this airport". But for this simulator, you could add the maximum size of small gates(i didn't test) or medium gate/park instead of the small gates to load the AI aircraft 320, or some.... otherwise only the small aircraft Cessna, crj... etc.. will be load at the gate. (look unrealistic, you can also see the Heavy aircraft also park at the gate on google map or bing map..)

To fix the no taxi to gate/park option you must add(replace to medium ramps?) the maximum size of the Heavy gate/ramp or Extra gate/ramp.

Btw, the airport... looks beautiful!

Thanks so much, this is a perfect add-on, and Chiang Mai airport looks really like it does in the real world, beautiful !

Lovely work!! Great job.

Small request, is it possible to add some parking spots at the military hangers?

Great scenery ! Looks realistic (was there in 2019) I uploaded a YouTube video just for fun and credited your scenery. Check it out at simPaul flights

Wow, great job, thumbs up, stil working with the SU5. Have you plans to make Chiang Rai Airport?

Still works great with SU5 ! good job !

Just shared a circle-to-land approach video on your scenery, just to remind me about my holidays there...before Covid...


Enjoy !

PS: Do you have an old Phuket airport to upgrade to MSFS ? This airport is really missing. Is it possible to convert P3D airport also ? I have one (ZUUU from Bridge) but the company is closed now.

Excellent work with VTCC, everything works as it should, both day and at night. Throughly tested and no CTD. I cannot imagine flying to Chiangmai without this mod. Now if possible U-Tapao, Krabi and Phuket please.

May you be blessed with thousend Camels!

Many thanks

Thank you very much. You've done an excellent job with VTCC.

I hope we get to see VTSP (Phuket) and VTUU (Ubon Ratchathani) one day too !
nice Airport, thanks. if I could wish for an airport, it would be Buriram Airport VTUO
Top class work
Phuket airport please.
Great job. I hope you could do U-Tapao, Pattaya’s closest airport. Got lots of (Russian and Chinese) tourist flights, but also Air Asia
nice enhancement 😊

any chance to do Bangkok Don Muang (VTBD) as well?
Thank You !!! 🙏
khop khoun khrap !!!!

Great release, i will try this today !!!

Please consider add TRAT airport !!!!! I was considering realizing it, but I didn't have much footage map and datas for modeling..

Very good job, Thank You
Great! Still remember looking at the airport from the mountain were the Doi Suthep temple is. Maybe for a future update? 😉
Thanks for this great work. Of course hoping for more (Koh Samui?), but I can imagine how much time it cost to make this kind of scenery!
Thank you so much ! Please consider doing Khon Kaen 😊
Sawasdee kap!

Finally I will fly to Chiang Mai this year.

Mae Hong Song could very good with it mountains approach.

Kub Kun Kap
more thailand airports please koh samui,krabi,phuket
Hadyai int VTSS airport please.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.51 May 23, 2021

  • Version 1.5 May 22, 2021

  • Version 1.2 May 06, 2021

  • Launched May 04, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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