EA-7 Edgley Optica

Current Version 2.0 by Jonx
Version 2.0
Initial Release April 14, 2021
Last Updated June 11, 2021
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#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Handcrafted Exclusive Drag and Drop


Final Version 2.0:This has been a massive project and I couldn't have done it without the help of TwoSeventyInc. He did an outstanding job with the textures and I couldn't be more honored to have had his help. Without further ado, I give you the final version of the EA-7 Edgley Optica...

  • Delete any old "aerosoar-optica" folders in your Community folder.
  • Extract the new "jonx-optica.zip" to your MSFS Community Folder.
  • Make sure you folder structure is /Community/jonx-optica/SimObjects/
  • Download the GTN 750 Mod and extract the base and/or premium to your community folder.
  • Remember you can turn on/off the Winter Kit and the Doggo using the knobs near the top of the canopy.

  • Brandon Yaeger "Jonx" (MSFS Developer)
  • Craig Richardson "ClassicWings78" (Original FSX Developer)
  • Pam Brooker "Warchild" (Original FSX Flight Model Devloper)
  • TwoSeventyInc (Texture Artist)
  • MSFS (Various Sounds)
  • PMS50 (GTN 750 Mod)

  • Please Join Jonx's Discord: Join Jonx Discord
  • Consider donating to support freeware development and other future payware alternatives using the links below.
  • Also consider donating to TwoSeventyInc for all his hard work with this project: Flightsim.to Profile Link

My Display/MFD is not turning on?

You need to download the GTN 750 mod by PMS50. There is a free "Base" version that includes everything you need to work GPS, AP, COM, NAV, and DT. You have the option to upgrade to a paid "Premium" version that includes weather, flight aids, maps, etc.

I recommend you download both the Base and Premium packages and install them directly to your community folder. That way if you like the Base version enough and want to upgrade you will not need to re-download anything. The GTN 750 mod works across all aircraft equipped to handle it.

Download Link: GTN 750 Download Page

The Tachometer on the Gauge is not matching the external HUD.

This is due to an issue that I haven't been able to find a solution for. Fortunately the RPMs read correct on the interior gauge. If a viable solution is found I will surely implement the small update.

How do I remove/add the Dog?

In the cockpit you will find a knob up top near the very top of the glass canopy that turns on/off "Man's Best Friend". It is the bottom right knob. You will see more information hovering over the knob.

How do I equip the Snow Skis for Snow landings/take-offs?

In the cockpit you will find a knob up top near the very top of the glass canopy that turns on/off the "Winter Snow Kit". It is the bottom left knob. You will see more information hovering over the knob.

Does any OrbX data work with this aircraft (Vice-Versa)?

Textures: No. Liveries made for the OrbX Edgley Optica will not work on Jonx's Edgley Optica. 

CFG/FLT: Possibly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do not exchange any data points between the two aircraft's cfgs/flts. I cannot guarantee a working product and it may crash Microsoft Flight Simulator if you try.


Will there be further updates?

Yes, if minor fixes are reported, I will be able to address them in minor updates. As for the final version 2.0, I don't see there being a need for a 3.0 unless something is found that is game breaking in MSFS' future. Future updates may include Tachometer fixes, VR Zoom, Livery Updates, and various flight model fixes.

Will there be other types of Dogs and/or Cats?

Currently additional breeds and animals are not planned on this aircraft. However I am working on a "Man's Best Co-Pilot" mod that will add a doggo to every aircraft in the game (Official or Community). Once released, I plan on implementing more breeds and/or animal types. 


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15 USD

I just flew in Hawaii with the EA-7 Edgley Optica. Do you know how FREAKING COOL it was to fly in Hawaii in this? This weekend I will fly in VR in Germany, London, France. Thank you so much



10 USD

Nice plane.! Would love to see a cat livery. And maybe some other plane liveries but very good job.!?




Hey here is coffee, its a dog!! ☕???










good job




Incredible job on the EA-7 Edgley Optica!







Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.0 June 11, 2021

    Massive Overhaul Update!
    - Trim Sensitivity (Elevator)
    - Trim Sensitivity (Ailerons)
    - Flap Drag/Lift Scaler
    - Aileron Effectiveness
    - Elevator Effectiveness
    - Rudder Effectiveness
    - Landing Gear Compression
    - Landing Gear Animation
    - Heat Effects Added
    - Animated Dog Added
    - Various Engine Tuning
    - Added Realistic Stall
    - Tuned Overspeed Settings
    - Adjusted Blowout Speeds
    - Modified Contact Points
    - Integrate GTN750 HTML
    - Add GTN750 Betzel
    - Fixed Loading Hints
    - Updated File Naming
    - Re-Scalled 4K Texturing
    - Added Normals/Comps
    - Textures has been Overhauled
    - Working Autopilot
    - Memory Leaks (+20 FPS)
    - Interior UV Flickering
    - Weather Effects on Windsheild
    - Added Instrument Views
    - Add Copilot/VR Views
    - Added various Quickviews
    - De-Amp Engine Bass Sound
    - Stall Warning Horn Sensitivity
    - Various Model Improvements
    - Various Animation Smoothing
    - Windsheild interior/exterior fix
    - Fixed LOD 0 and LOD 1 interior
    - Pilot Node positioning
    - RPM Tachymeter (Gauge) Fix
    - Changed Base Livery
    - Removed Aerosoar affiliation
    - Modified Brake Sensitivity
    - Added Winter Kit Sensitivity
    - Aileron Trim Wheel MouseRect
    - Light Effects (Blender)
    - Added Luminance on GTN750
    - Altimeter Barometer issues fix
    - Takeoff Stability
    - Com/Nav Radio setups
    - Ai flight conrol settings
    - Phase of Flight Configurations
    - Electronic Bus/Systems Updated

  • Version 1.2 April 17, 2021

    - Trim Wheel Animation Fixed (Reversed)
    - 3D Model Improved
    - Texture Overhaul thanks to TwoSeventyInc
    - Removed Paint Kit (Still Available to Download on Flightsim.to)
    - Added % to Trim
    - Changed Trim Neutral
    - Changed Trim Limits
    - Fixed Oil Error, Standby Battery, Fuel Low, and More on GX Touch
    - Slightly Tweaked Overstressing the Aircraft

  • Version 1.1 April 15, 2021

    - Carbon Fiber Panels + Various Comp/Norm Maps Added 
    - Fixed Reversed Trim Animation
    - Fixed Reversed Left & Right Brakes
    - Increased FPS with Model/HTML Optimization
    - Added Bigger Heat/Exhaust Effects
    - Open/Close Doors with Red Buttons on Top of Yoke
    - Lowered Aircraft Engine Sound
    - Improved Carpet Texture
    - Fixed Carpet Flicker
    - Improved Miscellaneous Interior Texture
    - Fixed Interior Door Frame Flicker
    - Replaced GX Touch with Hype Performance Group's GX Touch
    - Improvements to Auto-Pilot's Internal Functions
    - Fixed GX Touch not displaying Total Fuel Quantity
    - Adjusted Elevator Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted Aileron Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted VR Camera View Settings
    - Updated Community Paint Kit to include Albedo, Comps, and Normals

  • Launched April 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.


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Really enjoy flying this aircraft, thanks!

I was going to ask how this compares to the OrbX payware version but some here say that this version better! In what ways is this version differ from the OrbX version? Keen to find out.

Awesome! much better to download this than the ORBX version! Really nice work man!

Wow, thank you for putting so much work in this plane!

I know your change long says "too many to count" but can you try? 😞

This puts the Orbx version to shame! Absolutely brilliant man!

Just downloaded 2.0, love the pup!! Any special way to turn on the MFD? all i see is a black screen.

So much better that the broken ORBX pay version. Thanks very much.

Awesome, thanks for the final update! How can we join your Discord? It currently says "Unable to accept invite" when using your link.

Thanks a lot, good work. I have just an issue with tachymeter (rpm out of the range of tachymeter instrument, but not on HUD tachymeter (value not corresponding)).

thank you for this one!

Excellent work, there's basically no difference with the payware version, but yours is free. Thank you!

How about a new project.....I give you an idea....TURBINE LEGEND!!!!

Thank you very much for keeping it freeware! It's the greatest aircraft for sightseeing.

Long names error

OK, a silly question. Is there an autopilot to this wonderful plane? Howto engage it?
This is my favorite sightseeing plane, bar none! Well done!😊
Hey great job on the Optica but one thing there is a BEEP that is very loud a, it beeps when I climb ,slow, put flaps down, turn ,I cant find what it is But its so loud....i cant stand it. what is it?
dont have see nothing else, the dog is the best touch. coffee got is the best. enjoy.
The plane is nice but maintains a constant 5 degree or more right turn at neutral controls that I cant correct. Also the Elevator trim constantly creeps nose down. Both make it very hard to control the aircraft. I have the Honeycomb yoke. Nothing I have tried works.
**** UPDATE **** Today it seems to work fine.! don't know what happened. Pilot error I guess.! 😄

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