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Version 1.12
Initial Release October 05, 2020
Last Updated May 10, 2021
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Regional Airports


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  • Version 1.12 May 10, 2021

    Version 1.12 Fixes the Rw 16 ILS broken by one of the updates. Also improves the taxiway lights.

  • Version 1.10 December 24, 2020

    Version 1.10 makes the ILS frequency visible in the airplane FMC/MCDU.

  • Version 1.8 November 09, 2020

  • Version 1.7 October 20, 2020

  • Version 1.6 October 17, 2020

  • Version 1.5 October 11, 2020

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Very nice visual airport. It looks realistic, but the ILS for runway 16 (ILW) isn't lined up with the runway. It should be 159 degrees. It now it seems to takes you about 2 NM south of the airport at a heading of 174 degrees.

Very nice work on this Thanks very much. Works fine for me with SU5

I think your sceneries are causing CTDs. Kelowna is for me.

what is the ILS frequency supposed to be? 111.3 doesn't work for me
Nice scenery! Would it be possible to remove the default aircraft? They don't look very good at least for me. Thank you for considering.
Please fix the jetways. They are not synced to move according to where you are parked. for example if i start at gate 4 and ask for jetway connection gate 7 moves. Otherwise love the work you did.
Could you add additional GA parking? Airport looks great but there aren't any small GA parking spots.
Now more like home. Thanks!!! If there was a 6th star I would probably use it.
do i need to delete the old one and copy the new one ?
Fantastic job, thanks very much, by the way Kelowna has no taxiway centre line lighting. Cant wait to see some more of you work.
Great job on the scenery. It is missing the tower across on the other side of the runway. I believe that is the current control tower.
Excellent thanks for sharing

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