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Version 0.89
Initial Release April 10, 2021
Last Updated November 24, 2021
File Size 267.76 MB
Downloads 46,552
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Military Aircraft
#Real-Life #Cargo Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.89 November 24, 2021

    -Implemented FA-10 HUD
    -Added Declutter (DCLT) Abilities
    -Implemented collinimation
    -Improved brightness of HUD

  • Version 0.88 November 18, 2021

    -Interior work
    - Remade crew rest area
    - Remade loadmaster station
    - Paratroop doors now functional
    -Exterior work
    - New APU model/textures
    - Added metal details to trailing flaps

  • Version 0.87 November 13, 2021

    -Fixed issue where displays render incorrectly for some users

  • Version 0.85 November 11, 2021

    -Front Panel re-work
    -Added more autopilot abilities (ILS, LNAV, Bank angle)
    -Added HUD (From 787)
    -Fixed bug with the final stage of flaps
    -Added circuit breaker panel at rear of the cockpit
    -Re-did thumbnails
    -Added 2 liveries made by Ashley-chan #5044
    -Fixed USAF texture mirror issues

  • Version 0.8 November 05, 2021

    - New Cockpit shell
    - New HUD model, glare shield, seats
    - New engines
    - Added additional autopilot functionalities
    - LVAV and VNAV are still not selectable, but will work if selected with a keybind/external app

    - Sim update 6 compatible
    - Landing speed lowered to ~125

  • Version 0.7 September 24, 2021

    -Added roughness and metallic textures
    -Added 2 more liveries
    -Cockpit Pedestal textured
    -Re-did lights to spec
    -Incorporated names for model matching
    -Fixed text on load screen
    -Condensed both folders into one (ONLY ONE FOLDER NOW GOES INTO COMMUNITY)

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- C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

- C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard\LocalCache\Packages\

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To test that you have put the correct file in, check that the layout.json is located at /Community/Destroyer121-c17/layout.json.


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Pretty empty over here.


Am I the only one that experiences this plane flying like HORSE SH!T? It's fine when I lift off but the second I'm airborne it literally flips itself, no matter what you do to control it, it will find a way to crash itself.

Very promissing mod! Just one observation, the windshield shape is slightly off, it should be identical to the dc10. Other than that, looks pretty nice

First off i wanna say the plane is amazing detail wise! But im having issues flying it?? it just wants to barrel roll and nose dive uncontrollably to the ground its almost like its weightless and just flops around?? ive checked the settings and nothing in my settings is controlled by AI?? so im confused??

Amazing model on the outside, nicely detailed and especially the extra interior is a nice touch.

HOWEVER, the cockpit is horrendous and unusable since most of the essentials don't work or are bugged in some way. The texturing and everything in there definitely needs heavy work and should be prioritized over anything first imo for this mod to really shine.

Can only give two stars for now.

Amazing plane! Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy this model!

I do not know how the real thing fly, but with the last update and the modern flight model, it is, in the sim, able to do barrel roll, loop and even to flight inverted. It seems maybe a little to agile for a plane of this size and this weight.

Nice! Won't follow a flight plan though...

This was an great model, now it's officially an awesome model. Thank you for magnificent work.

Awesome work of art. I just love this plane! Good job. Lookin forward to be able to fire it up on the ground and not only runway ready. But so much fun anyway.. Thanks man!!

Cruise speed is very very low real one should be 0.74-0.79 or a GS of 450kn. Im flying atm at 31000ft and i can only do 0.57 -GS 340kn or its over speed

Great work overall and a lot of fun to fly. The only thing I would hope for is being able to adjust the volume as it seems a bit loud, but other than that great work!

Discord link broken

Also, "Check if the battery is running AND...." i don't have any displays lol

SU7. No hud ☹

I've been following this project from very early on. This aircraft is awesome to fly. Destroyer121 is constantly updating this jet. As someone that has flown all over the world in the back of this plane, I can say that this model is excellent and getting better all the time. The best part is that it's free! So try it out for yourself.

I cannot wait to see this plane in its full glory.The exterior model is spot on.Maybe the best I have seen thus far!!!!

Such a good project. Love the continuous updates and attention to detail.

Landing lights switch has stopped working here, otherwise no issues

Have a question, all engines fired up hand brake off, but no thrust showing in gages internal and external, it will not take off ????

Please advise.



does not work and hasnt ever worked for me it doesnt fly straight it wobbles like a dying fish does barrel rolls flips loops and crashes all of this within 30 seconds of takeoff the interior and gauges are nice to look at but are worthless if i have to look at them while sitting on the ground I've tried changing every setting i can think of but nothing changes it feels like flying a slightly aerodynamic brick with giant poles for wings with extra heavy bricks on the end of said pole


My only thing - all I want is vertical speed to work. And an FMS. Any alternatives to the FMS right now ? Other then that, this aircraft is awesome. Exterior model is amazing.

Last version OK. I follow the evolution of the aircraft and now the cockpit. Great 😊

oh my god, this plane is so damn good. i cant believe it, i did a test flight in kabul and it worked out smoothly. the plane works beautifully even with autopilot, and just looks amazing. definitely the best military plane ive gotten!

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