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Version 4.0
Initial Release April 05, 2021
Last Updated November 28, 2021
File Size 1.07 MB
Downloads 12,107
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  • Version 4.0 November 28, 2021

    - add z-Newlight-settinglight-DA62X

  • Version 3.9 November 20, 2021

    Models update for SU7

  • Version 3.8 November 17, 2021

    add crj 900 1000

  • Version 3.7 October 30, 2021

    - correction on traffic planes

    - correction on h135

    - improved flashlight intensity

  • Version 3.6 October 27, 2021

    - addition of the salty 747 setting (fix for the interior model file)

    - A320 taxi light height adjustment ASOBO, NXDEV, NXSTABLE (back lighting in the cockpit)

  • Version 3.5 October 26, 2021

    add setting salty 747

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How much need to donate to include Longitude fix?

Ca marche pas en VR

I observed a conflict with the DA62 Improvement Mod, please see my comment in

I'd love to have better lights, the default taxi/landing lights in MSFS are absolutely horrendous. The MSFS default lights are basically invisible from the cockpit, which makes them completely useless.

Any plan for work on Carenados pa44? Probably not owned and flown by many so understand if there isn't.

Or PMDG dc-6 ?

Looks great anyway 👍

awesome job! any plans to add new crj 900/1000 profiles as well?

is it possible to make for the 787 real strobes and beacon led lights ?



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by nicottine


Super boulot, merci de nous en faire profiter.😌

Je ne sais pas si il n'y a que moi :

mais quand j'allume le taxi light :

- 320 FBW Dev et z-Newlight-effects-Base-noflare,

j'ai le cockpit qui s'éclaire en même temps.

Avec z-Newlight-effects-Base je n'ai pas ce détail.

Quoiqu'il soit merci pour votre travail.

@ + Bonne journée 😉

Is this updated because 3.3 though called SU6 ready, was causing crashing? I was about to report it seems to have cause crashes last night in flight after a while. Speciifically KLNK to KCYS

FBW just updated their own lighting w/in the last week or 2.

hello, j'avais l'intérieur de la cabine un peu rose, c'est normal? merci

Is this correct? (see figure)!AmUrw_zd2DVvhZNkHH4qLwwGGD6XGw?e=WlrpJQ
  • sorry can not put the link in the right way, please copy all string-

There is a problem with version 3.2.. He caused the game to load infinitely.. The reading bar is full. I can’t enter the game after waiting for 10 minutes.. I only used z-newlight-effect-base and z-Newlight-settinglight-A320NX -dev these two projects

thanks for your mod, any chance to have dr400 new lights ?


Hi i downloaded this mod. I have a320nx latest version. but the lights are completely gone. no lights are on. Any tips?

Hi, can I use this mod with CRJ from Aerosoft shop?

Ok i just saw where u said it was a bug... no worries man you'll sort it out I know that for sure....

Hey bro sup for some reason I'm not seeing any lights on the TBM D40 C172 C208 those are the aircraft I tried out with the lights..... not sure abt the others. so just a heads up....Piece!!

when installed on the A32nx i cant see no lights at all. And when I tried stock a320 the aircraft didn't show but some weird lights did. Is this a known bug?

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