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Version 1.0
Initial Release March 07, 2021
Last Updated March 07, 2021
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  • Launched March 07, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Loved using this, but can confirm it is now obsolete with SU5... If you create a folder in your Community folder as follows:


(mod folder name isn't important but the bold folder path MUST exist or it won't work). You do need a relevant layout.json and manifest.json.

Then put any and as many splash screens in the FreeFlight folder. The Sim will pull files from there randomly as well as the new default ones in the Official folder, interchanging them between flight loading and ending. No exe files are required.

It would be brilliant if you could update this to work with SU5

Could you tell me where the "main" loading screen is please? So I can change that too. Even though it updates when Asobo upgrade the sim.

Simply Perfect!
can you please update the mod that the user can make own picturs inside.
also i whish me a rotation of the picturs. All in all it is a verry nice modification ^^
how i can bring my on picture in what i have to switch 😉 good mod
Wow this is amazing, now all i need is for it to change to a different image everytime!
Thanks for this neat little mod!!! I managed to replace the default you gave us with my own (JPG appears to work fine). I'm wondering, though, do the images need to be the same size (or at least the same *aspect ratio*) of the user's monitor resolution? Mine is 1920*1200 so I created a pic at exactly that size. What happens to users with super-wide screens (3840*1200)? Does a 1920*1200 image get stretched, cropped, or both?
Awesome addon - thanks so much for sharing !
And yes: a random image change would be great.
I tried substituting my own picture. Placed in both places yours were, got black screen My picture was much higher size.
This is very nice. Thanx
Beautiful! Thank You.
Really really good! Thank you for this.

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