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Eindhoven Airport / EHEH - incl Custom Buildings

Version 0.7 has been uploaded to prevent double runways (or at least should) since the release of Eindhoven Airport by Asobo. I'm not planning on making any updates to the actual airport/scenery at this point, sorry! _________________________________________________________________ Eindhoven Airport is now available for everyone to download! Notes: - Custom airport...


Version 0.7 has been uploaded to prevent double runways (or at least should) since the release of Eindhoven Airport by Asobo.

I'm not planning on making any updates to the actual airport/scenery at this point, sorry!


Eindhoven Airport is now available for everyone to download!


- Custom airport buildings for a real and authentic Eindhoven Airport.
- Custom Stairs, GPU and Baggagecarts to make everything feel more alive
- Version 0.6 now includes the first buildings of the military zone, this is still a WIP.

Sim Update 11 2 0
Intl. Airports
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September 24, 2020
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  • Updated to version 0.6.2

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2 month(s) ago

Mooie scenery! |

Op mijn website https://www.lekseecon.nl vind je een airport file met parking informatie te gebruiken bij mijn real time traffic programma PSXT. Ook mooi dat er twee live traffic ATC kanalen zijn voor EHEH op LiveAtc.

Je airport ligt wel iets teveel naar het oosten. Als ik real live traffic zie op L1 en L2 dan rijden ze precies parallel aan L1 en L2 echter iets ten westen van L1 /L2 in het gras. Ik schat 70% van de breedte van L2 verkeerd. Dat geldt ook voor de stands.

Nico Kaan



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten


It is a very nice and beautiful scenery. It is even better if there is a parking spot for military aircraft. Thank you.

how to download version 0.6.2 (fixed)




7 month(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten

Running ok on FS9 6July2022



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten

An absolutely outstanding scenery that still works perfectly

I downloaded and installed EHEH from Spoorobjecten today April 13, 2022. And it all works fine for me. It also works well in World Update 8. I don't see any double runways or bushes on the runway or anything. The scenery is very good. The parking and parking garages and the parked cars are also very nice. ILS also works fine. In short, it is a nice addition in contrast to the version supplied by FS2020. I'll post a few screenshots in the user gallery. Spoorobjecten thanks for this addition.

Too bad this scenery isn't updated anymore. It's not compatible with the latest version of Flight Simulator.

Dear Spoorobjecten,

Thank you for your great rendition of this (previously) missing airport. I recently found out (after SU7, but I'm not sure if they might already have been added in an earlier update) that many of the missing airports have been added by Asobo into the default MSFS after all (EHVN, EHVK, EHTW, EHLW, EHKD, EHDL, EHWO and EHEH). Your addon is much better though, so I would like to keep using it. However, this now leads to double runways and taxiways as your addon is placed on top of the new default MSFS airport, without removing the one from Asobo. Moreover, in the SW corner, there now is a complete forest overgrowing the taxiways. I know that you wrote that you have gotten other priorities in life now, so I appreciate that you may not be able to look into this, but I did see you still replied to some of the comments here. Do you think it would it be possible to remove Asobo's airport when installing yours? I guess it should just be a matter of adding one "background layer" (I don't know anything about the Scenery Editor myself, so I probably don't use the correct terminology), to remove the existing scenery as that must have been done for other addons replacing existing default airports too...

P.S. I did try editing the content.xml file. There was no line with "navigraph-navdata" in that file anyway, but I did make sure that the line with eheh was below all asobo/microsoft entries. Still, that did not solve the issue(s).



1 year(s) ago

Nog steeds mijn favoriete airport. Hoop dat wat ErikNL80 schreef een keer opgepakt kan gaan worden. Groeten vanuit Sint Michielsgestel

@Spoorobjecten Tijdens het taxiën naar baan 21 zie ik een aantal lampen op de taxibaan in plaats van er naast: https://i.postimg.cc/Yqg4VCH2/EHEH.png

En mocht er ooit een update komen; zou je eens willen kijken naar de nieuwe overkappingen van de voetgangerspaden van de terminal naar de gates?



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten

Probleem opgelost en laad weer goed zonder problemen

Ik heb EHEH airport helemaal verwijderd en opnieuw gedownload.

Misschien werkt dit ook voor anderen. Veel succes iedereen!!

Helaas bij mij nog steeds hetzelfde probleem.

Dit na WU6 .....

Tijdens het laden van Eindhoven Airport stopt het proces.

Dit steeds bij dezelfde stand van de voortgangsbalk.

Dus bij het aanroepen van een bepaalde routine.

Deze scenery van Eindhoven Airport krijgt voor mij een dikke 10!

Kan zelfs wedijveren met veel payware Scenery.

Wat zou het fijn zijn wanneer er een oplossing komt omdat dit mijn thuisbasis is.

Woon zelf in Eindhoven 😊

The Runway is shown double with the Stock Eindhoven Airport

How can i fix this?

MSFS loopt vast als EHEH geladen wordt bij het starten van een vlucht. Als ik EHEH uit de community folder verwijder worden de vluchten wel gestart.

Dit is ontstaan na de verplichte update die nodig was om de world-update duitsland en oostenrijk te kunnen installeren.

Waar is de Readme????

I've a building that is just white between the parking garage and the hangars. Furthermore, the markings for GA1 and GA2 are just yellow squares. Is there something wrong on my side?

The rest looks fantastic!



2 year(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten

Works great in SU5



2 year(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten

vous avais fait un grands effort il est vraiment très beau merci



2 year(s) ago / Thanked by Spoorobjecten
Great - Thanks!

This looks great! But when I download and install it. It doesn't appear in my World Map. Am I overlooking something?

Hope to fly from your EHEH soon 😉

Kind regards,
Ralph Schoonhein

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.7 February 17, 2022

    Version 0.7 has been uploaded to prevent double runways (or at least should) since the release of Eindhoven Airport by Asobo.
    So if all went well, you should be able to experience my version of this airport like before.

  • Version 0.6.2 (fixed) January 28, 2021

    Hi everyone,

    In the past few weeks I've received numerous complaints about crashes.
    Crashes I thought I had fixed by removing the STAR arrival in 0.6.2
    These fixes actually do work!

    The main download for this Airport, while it stated it was 0.6.2, it was actually downloading 0.6, the version with the issues.

    So while you thought you had downloaded the fixed version, you probably originally downloaded the broken one again :(

    This said, please don't expect any update on this Airport anytime soon.
    My personal life has changed and I have made the decision to allocate my time to some other things rather than flying in FS2020.

    Please make sure your download file shows:

    SpoorObjecten - Eindhoven Airport v06 2_2GCoR

    and not:

    SpoorObjecten - Eindhoven Airport v06_ReKgh


    I just tried this myself and I was able to load the airport without any problems and I really hope you guys are able to load it fine again.

    One last reminder is that I have heard of people who need to clear their cache before it started working in FS2020 as at first it still crashed their game and then suddenly it didn't anymore.

  • Version 0.6.2 December 21, 2020

  • Version 0.6.1 December 19, 2020


    Due to reports about CTD after the latest Flight Simulator patch, I have removed the STAR arrival for the time being.
    This makes sure your game doesn't crash anymore when trying to select ILS in the worldmap.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    When I have time I'll try to figure out why the STAR Arrival causes CTD

  • Version 0.6 November 14, 2020

    New version includes heavily optimized Eindhoven Airport, hopefully improving a lot of FPS issues!

    In addition this includes the first part of the military zone.
    This is still a work in progress area and will be improved upon when I have time :)

  • Version 0.5 October 16, 2020

    Version 0.5

    If you have an older version: please delete the "spoorobjecten-navdata" folder, you don't need this anymore!

    - Scenery: Stairs
    - Scenery: GPU
    - STAR arrivals, arrival can now be selected from a range of options, allowing for transition to ILS arrival at both 03 and 21

    - Improved LOD, hopefully increasing FPS
    - Improved Aeroclub building
    - Improved Rainbow Hangar

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