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#Real-Life #Nature #Sightseeing Chile Exclusive Drag and Drop
The Capitán Fuentes Martínez Aerodrome is the main air terminal in the Chile's Tierra del Fuego, located approximately: 5 km (2.7 nm) north of Porvenir and 39 km (21 nm) east of Punta Arenas (on the other side of the Strait of Magellan). It's main purpose is to provide air cargo and passenger services to the province, also allowing medical emergency operations and developing local turism.

This aerodrome is located next to Los Cisnes Lake and 8 km (4.7 nm) from the coast, which added to its high latitude explains why this airport commonly has strong winds and rapidly changing weather. It has 2 asphalt runways to facilitate crosswind landings: runway 09/27 of dimensions 2500 m x 30 m and runway 03/21 of dimensions 960 m x 30 m. It also has a control tower and lights to operate runway 09/27 with low visibility or at night.

In MSFS, SCFM does not exist since a cloud covers half of runway 09/27 and its surroundings in BingMaps. Given this, this airport was made from scratch with the elements included in the simulator's library and MrMo's light pack ( Due to the fictitious terrain created by the simulator to cover where the cloud is, there could be some lag during the final approach to runway 27. Hopefuly in the future, a closer to reality model of the main terminal building may be added.

INSTALLATION: Just drop both folders (the airport scenery folder and MrMo's EDHK library folder), into your community folder.

Description of the content:
Included in Version 1.0:
  • Reconstruction of the real airport with its runways, parking, fencing, control tower (the beacon is higher that it should but I couldn't fix it), roads, lights, buildings, antennas, among others; according to satellite images and DGAC.
  • Runways have yellow markings as in real life.
  • I tried to cover and hide the large light-green spot that was left in place of the cloud in BingMaps (however this is seen in the GPS as a black spot in exchange for the more natural terrain). 
  • The 3 windsocks present were added.
  • Improvements were made to the city of Porvenir, with a new Plaza de Armas, illuminated sports fields, a new pier and boats were addead, as well as antennas on the south side oof the bay. All this with lights at night.
  • The Porvenir Bay Lighthouse and arrangements to the Porvenir Port were added.
  • Water was added to more than 450 lakes, lagoons and ponds not properly originally rendered in the simulator in the vicinity of the aerodrome and northwest coast of Tierra del Fuego.


El aeródromo Capitán Fuentes Martínez Aerodrome es el principal terminal aéreo de Tierra del Fuego chilena, encontrándose a aproximadamente: 5 (2,7 nm) al norte de Porvenir y 39 km (21 nm) al este de Punta Arenas (del otro lado del Estrecho de Magallanes). Su principal uso es proporcionar servicios aéreos de carga y pasajeros a la provincia, permitiendo además operaciones de emergencias médicas y de turismo local.

Este aeródromo se encuentra junto al Lago los Cisnes y a 8 km (4,7 nm) de la costa, lo cual sumado a su alta latitud implica que comúnmente presenta fuertes vientos y clima rápidamente cambiante. Tiene 2 pistas de aterrizaje asfaltadas para facilitar los aterrizajes con viento cruzado: la pista 09/27 con dimensiones 2500 m x 30 m y la pista 03/21 con dimensiones 960 m x 30 m. Asimismo cuenta con torre de control y luces para operar la pista 09/27 con baja visibilidad o de noche.

En MSFS, SCFM no existe dado que una nube cubre la mitad de la pista 09/27 y los alrededores en BingMaps. Ante esto, se hizo este aeropuerto desde 0 con los elementos que incluye la librería del simulador y pack de luces por MrMo ( Por el terreno ficticio creado por el simulador que cubre donde debiese estar la nube, en la aproximación final a la pista 27, pudiese presentarse algo de lag. Idealmtente, en el futuro puede que se agregue un edificio del terminal aéreo más cercano a la realidad.

INSTALACIÓN: Tan solo mueve ambas carpetas (el escenario del aeropuerto y la librería de MrMo) a la carpeta Community.

Descripción del contenido:
Se incluyen en la Versión 1.0:
  • Reconstrucción del aeropuerto real con sus pistas, estacionamiento, cercado, torre de control (el beacon se encuentra más arriba de lo que debiese pero no pude arreglarlo), calles, luces, edificaciones, antenas, entre otros; según el mapa satelital y DGAC.
  • Pistas con marcas amarillas tal como el aeropuerto real.
  • Se trató de cubrir y disimular la gran mancha verde claro que quedó en lugar de la nube en Bing-Maps (sin embargo esto se ve en el gps como una mancha negra, se tuvo que sacrificar esto a cambio del terreno más natural).
  • Se agregan los 3 windsocks presentes.
  • Se hicieron mejoras a la ciudad de Porvenir, con una nueva Plaza de Armas, iluminaria en canchas deportivas, nuevo muelle y embarcaciones en la bahía y se agregan antenas en el lado sur de la bahía. Todo esto con luces durante la noche.
  • Se agregó el Faro Bahía Porvenir y arreglos al Puerto de Porvenir.
  • Se agregó agua a más de 450 lagunas y lagos no bien representados originalmente en las cercanías del aeródromo y costa noroeste de Tierra del Fuego.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.1 January 23, 2021

    Windsocks blowing towards the wind is now fixed.
    Vegetation near the airport has now more shrubs and less trees (as it is in RL).

  • Launched January 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates -53.252664, -70.324131

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    January 25, 2021

    Gorgeous airport, it looks great! I was waiting for someone to do this scenery! Thank you!

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    January 24, 2021

    Many thanks for your clarification, I'll go ahead and install the new file over the old one. Thanks again for all your hard work and quick response.

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    werepug replied Author
    January 24, 2021
    You're welcome! Please let me know how you did and your opinion on the scenery! :)
    fosheem replied
    January 25, 2021
    I flew in here yesterday and it was delightful! I spent several minutes "walking around" after I landed. Very nicely detailed. I also loved the addition of the scenery in the bay by the village. Thanks again!
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    January 23, 2021

    This airport looks delightful, and I can hardly wait to try it, but your folder name mrmo-modellib-edhk-devpack is the same as used for EDHK in Denmark. Could you please rename the folder to eliminate the conflict? Many thanks, and I'm looking forward to landing here soon!

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    werepug replied Author
    January 23, 2021
    Hmm, given that its the same scenery pack, you could try if it works with the one for EDHK. If it doesn't, let me see if I can change it without breaking the scenery :) You'll know it works if you are able to see the taxi lights around the apron and taxiway or the red lights on top of antennas and the control tower.
    werepug replied Author
    January 23, 2021
    I just checked and downloaded EDHK to see if it would work with my scenery and the latest version has the folder named "mrmo-airport-edhk-holtenau", so it shouldn't have any conflict with "mrmo-modellib-edhk-devpack" in SCFM. I tried having both sceneries, EDHK and my SCFM, and they worked fine. If that's not what you ment, let me know to see how I can help you :)

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