Geneva LSGG Airport (Basic)

Compatibility with Sim Update 6 has been confirmed.

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Version 0.6.0
Initial Release December 08, 2020
Last Updated October 19, 2021
File Size 777.08 KB
Downloads 8,332
GPS Coordinates 46.23833, 6.10944
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Intl. Airports
#Real-Life Switzerland Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.6.0 October 19, 2021

    Jetways are back (Asobo fixed that, not me!)

    Taxiway and Runways signage now the right size.

  • Version 0.5.4 January 01, 2021

    Runway guard "wigwag" lights (requires asset pack in main description)
    Removed terrain glitches on approach
    Even more terrain smoothing
    Grass runway removed (closed in 2017)

  • Version 0.5.2 December 21, 2020

    New tower model (kindly donated by hermano)
    Taxiway/runway terraform smoothing
    Corrected gate types

  • Version 0.4.6 December 19, 2020

    Roadways added for airport vehicles
    Y & Z taxiways runway turnoff/hold short signage
    Satellite jetways moved closer to parking spot
    RWY 04L/22R now reports correctly as grass
    Default circuits corrected for both runways
    Runway 04/22 terraform radius updated
    Outer taxiway bump removed

  • Version 0.4.2 December 16, 2020

    Runway sloped and terraform surround changed
    ILS corrected for Rwys 04 and 22
    Grass runway taxiway linked up

  • Version 0.3.4 December 12, 2020

    Pylon removal definitely included (actually did some QA this time - although it looks like it loads late if you're coming in at approach speed so it might need to be separate after all)
    Taxiway edges marked and lit properly
    Taxiway signage
    Issue with PAPI lights for RWY 04 resolved
    Private jet gates/ramps at south east of main apron
    Taxiways named for ground ATC

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merci, bientôt une mise à jour?

Sim Update 5?

Any chance of an SU5 update? Jetways have disappeared for me.

Hello is this still working with the world updates etc if so ima use it on my stream tommorow

Très très bon travail merci beaucoup!
Si un jours vous avez le temps, pouvez vous ajouter une pompe a carburant du côté de l'aviation générale, Il y en a une a l'aéroclub.
Merci encore
After installation, the flight simulator crashes every time.
at coordinates 46.237852, 6.102536, there are a number of helipads, it would be possible to make them operational?
what only 777 kB??

Grass isnt operated anymore? VATSIM gives me instruction to land there xD
Top, merci ! Approach on 22 is definitely less scary, and being familiar with the actual apron, parking finally makes sense 😊
Merci et bravo pour cet addon , c'est plus réaliste que l'original
Toujours super je vous est contacter par MP merci encore.
Great stuff. Thanks.
Fantastic night lighting.
Hi, nice mod. Just one comment, the pushback tugs are not needed on the satelitte terminals as the gates are are "drive-in/drive-out". I see this has also been requested below. Keep up the good work.
Bravo pour le travail effectuer, parce que cela doit pas être évident. de satisfaire tout le monde.

Au moins Genève ressemble au moins un peu à la réalité
Superbe mise à jour de l'aéroport j'adore. J'ai une petite déformation du terrain. J'ai comme 2 piques sur le terrain en dehors de l'aéroport coté RWY 22, et cela viens bien de la mise à jour car quand je remet l'ancienne version il n'y a pas ce bug. Merci quand même pour cette mise à jour.
Thanks for the work, this is looking better and better! Any chance to remove the pushback trucks from the satellite terminals? Aircraft are able to taxi directly from these gates. Thanks!
Hi, I get a crash everytime I use the taxi line integrated in FS2020 to taxi my plane to the runway or to the gate.
If I desactivate the mod all is wortking good.

Thank you for your work,
Hello, wonderful work! I just have a problem with an ILS arrival with the A32NX (mod version the best 😊 04 and 22. In the final approach the ILS does not work. No worries with the original airport, thank you
Perfect airport illumination, nice little tower and no stutters at all. Plus, the developer has updated the product quickly in order to resolve all the previous issues. Congratulations!

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