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This is no livery, this is a flight model mod. The idea is to make the flight behavior more realistic. The most important detail is a realistic maximum lift-drag ratio. This one change makes many other changes necessary. The second detail is I use gear and flaps drag to have a work around for missing propeller drag and ground effect. Now you can flare your airplane before touch-down.
By the way: the TBM930 allows gear out below airspeed of 178 KIAS. Below 122 KIAS I can extend flaps to LDG (landing). Approach speed is 85 KIAS. The speed values are from the POH.
See for more of my work for MSFS 2020:
Gliders: SG-38, Aircreations 582SL
Sailplanes: DG-808S, Ka 6E, ASK23
Trainer: Tiger Moth
Seaplane: Grumman Goose G21A
Warbirds: Fokker Dr1, North American P-51D
See my test video for approach from 5 miles out with nearly maximum cruise speed to touch down: or for landing without flaps:

Flight model modification version, date 2021-03-02:

MSFS 2020 version aka WU3 had the "Flight dynamics bug". Hotfix undid this bug. But version did change the CD,0 to (L/D)max relation, too. This change was not undone with version
Using the parameters drag_coef_zero_lift, htail_incidence, thrust_scalar and fuel_flow_scalar the maximum airspeed, (L/D)max and fuel consumption can be set to one operating point OP. I set the OP to no flaps, retracted landing gear, full thrust, level flight, no elevator input and altitude 27000 ft. From the table TBM 930 POH figure 5.11.13 with temperature is ISA and economy setting is „normal cruise“ I read 320 KTAS for 7100 lbs.

I use the MSFS 2020 documentation from Citations are in "". Asobo has expanded the documentation, but sadly the documentation is still far away from complete. Asobo please go on!

MSFS 2020 does not simulate propeller drag. There are many forum posts about this missing feature. I propose using the existing drag possibilities as workaround for the missing propeller drag. Maybe we never get a propeller drag parameter, but we can have more realistic flight models!
The following is my cookbook recipe about "how to make the propeller drag workaround". You find many Asobo airplanes flight model mods on

This flight model mod changes only a minimum set of parameters to apply the "workaround for missing propeller drag" to the Asobo TBM930 flight model. I copy the parameter files aircraft.cfg, engines.cfg, flight_model.cfg, systems.cfg and some more files from the Official folder to the Community folder.
What is propeller drag? If you set full thrust, you have first a mismatch between how fast the air around the airplane moves and how fast the propeller wants to move this air. You get acceleration until this mismatch is resolved. If you set thrust to idle, you have another mismatch. The air moves faster then the propeller wants to move the air. This results in a deceleration that we call "propeller drag". MSFS 2020 simulates the acceleration, but not the deceleration. The workaround increases available drag in the flight model. The available drag is induced drag, parasitic drag, gears drag and flaps drag.
To land the TBM930 with the workaround you first reduce thrust to idle. The parasitic drag reduces the airspeed. Below the gears out speed you bring gears out. This adds gears drag and reduces the airspeed even faster. Below flaps out speed you use flaps, add even more drag. If necessary you can increase thrust now to get the airspeed you need. With the workaround you can "flare" the airplane to the touch-down.
The induced drag parameters are induced_drag_scalar and flap_induced_drag_scalar. The MSFS SDK documentation version tells: "If you have this [induced drag] value, use it. If not, a value between 1.2 and 1.5 is usually fine. If this value is above 1.5, the plane will generate a lot of drag at slow speed. If the value is closer to 1, it will glide very easily at slow speeds". I choose 1.5 for the fast TBM930 and 1.2 for the slow C152.
The parasitic drag parameters are drag_coef_zero_lift and parasite_drag_scalar. I set parasite_drag_scalar to 1 and only adjust drag_coef_zero_lift. The airplane "idle thrust deceleration" is controlled by the maximum lift-drag ratio (L/D)max. The "1000 surfaces" airplane 3D model connects the zero-lift drag coefficient CD,0 to (L/D)max. That is you set a CD,0, use the MSFS 2020 build in DevMod tool Aircraft Editor, Debug, SimPolar VhVs to measure the (L/D)max and repeat the steps as needed.
You can ask the manufacturer for the (L/D)max value of the airplane. Very small propeller airplane like Cessna 152 have a (L/D)max of a little below 10. The Cessna 172 has a value of 11.6 and faster, more expensive airplanes have 13. I assume that the TBM930 has a (L/D)max value of 14.
As explained above the workaround increases available drag to compensate for the missing propeller drag. Therefore I set for the fast TBM930 the "workaround (L/D)max" to 80% of the real world (L/D)max or 11.2. For the slow C152 I set the "workaround (L/D)max" to 90%. 
Gears drag is simulated in parameter drag_coef_gear. The TBM930 has 4 different gears and flaps settings. Normal without gears or flaps, gears out, gears out with flaps position 1 and landing, that is gears out and flaps position 2. I select gears drag and flaps drag that I get a equal spaced increase in drag as I go through the different gears and flaps settings. Again I set values, test the values in flight, adjust and test again. For the test I set the airplane to maximum airspeed level flight at sea level and use the "active pause". In active pause I change gears and flaps settings and note the airspeeds.
Flaps drag is set in many parameters. First there is lift_scalar, drag_scalar and pitch_scalar. For this minimum change flight model mod I keep the Asobo numbers. I adjust drag_coef_flaps to get the intended behavior.
The values for the flaps-position.X parameter are tricky. My cookbook recipe is: Set the third parameter for flaps position 0 to 0 and set the third parameter for the other flaps positions to 1. The third parameter is a flaps drag multiplier. The flaps drag depends on this multipler and on the flaps angle. You don't need to play with the drag multiplier parameter.
I adjust gears drag and flaps drag until airspeed for the fast TBM930 in landing configuration is 50% of airspeed in normal configuration. For a slow airplane like C152 I adjust to 60% airspeed.
After you have changed drag, you have to adjust thrust, fuel consumption and brake power to get again the intended cruise speed. My definition of parameter cruise_speed is: the maximum sea level level flight airspeed in still air. I set TBM930 cruise_speed to 266. Thrust parameter is thrust_scalar. Because of more thrust I increase the "brake power" parameter toe_brakes_scale. Now I can give full thrust to the airplane on ground and the airplane barely moves. To adjust fuel consumption I use DevMod tool Aircraft editor, Debug, Engines. I set thrust to 75% or 80% LVR and adjust parameter fuel_flow_scalar as needed.
At last I take care of elevator trim. I like that I get cruise speed level flight without elevator trim. I adjust the parameters htail_incidence and elevator_trim_neutral for this.
One detail I have forgotten: The steering angle on ground is 15°. I increased it to 45° to allow the TBM930 to follow the yellow markings on the ground.
Here are all changed parameters. Reference are the parameter files of MSFS 2020 version The values behind the first ; are the Asobo values.

lift_coef_flaps = 0.516 ; 1.03210
This is NOT the "flight dynamics bug" workaround. The Asobo flaps lift is just too exaggerated for my taste.

cruise_speed = 320 ; 330 ; Knots True (KTAS)

flaps-position.0 = 0, -1, 0 ; 0, -1, 0.25 ; 
flaps-position.1 = 10, 178, 1 ; 10, 178, 0.25 ; 
flaps-position.2 = 34, 122, 1

point.0 = 1, -7.5,    0,   -4.14,  720, 0, 0.52, 45, 0.327, 1.5, 0.9, 13, 13, 0, 0, 0, 4 ; 1, -7.5,    0,   -4.14,  720, 0, 0.52, 15, 0.327, 1.5, 0.9, 13, 13, 0, 0, 0, 4 ; 

htail_incidence = 1.1 ; 1 ; Horizontal tail incidence (DEGREES)
elevator_trim_neutral = 0 ; 2 ; Elevator trim max angle (absolute value) (DEGREES), for 

induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1
flap_induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1

drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.051 ; 0.02550
"this value is usually of around 0.02 to 0.025 for an aircraft with a glide ratio above 15, 0.03 to 0.04 for aircraft with glide ratios of about 10, and up to 0.1 for some slow bush planes with very low glide ratios."
I use Aircraft Editor, Debug, Sim Polar VhVs to set (L/D)max (glide ratio) to a realistic value. And the correct value is 2 times the Asobo value. Do we have another Asobo times 2 bug?

drag_coef_flaps = 0.14 ; 0.18440
"If the aircraft has flaps you can define the lift and drag coefficients"
BUT I use artificial flaps drag as "no propeller drag" workaround. The parameters flaps-position give more flaps drag for intermediate positions, therefore I reduce drag in final position.

drag_coef_gear = 0.035 ; 0.01000
"gear drag is usually between 0.005 and 0.01"
BUT I use artificial gear drag as "no propeller drag" workaround. Therefore a higher value.

fuel_flow_scalar = 0.95 ; 1 ; Fuel flow scalar

thrust_scalar = 3 ; 1.25 ; Propeller thrust scalar

toe_brakes_scale = 1 ; 0.66 ; Brake scalar
Maximum value is 1 in my experience. But  still not strong enough to hold airplane at full thrust ground test.

Summary: "If Asobo only knew what Asobo knows". Some Asobo engineers write documentation and tell everybody what to do and why. Other Asobo engineers write cfg files. As you can see above, these two groups don't talk to each other. Specially not about the induced_drag_scalars and stability parameters.
That Asobo nowhere writes about the importance of (L/D)max (glide ratio) and how to set a proper (L/D)max value is for me the single most important reason for the poor quality of Asobo flight models. Let's see what Asobo will do in the next software release!

atc_type = "TBM" ; "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME_DAHER.0.text"
Set the correct ICAO ATC type.

GuiFarias31/Uwa’s light mod/mixMugz changes:

density_on_torque_table = 0.0005:0.01, 0.0006:0.4, 0.0007:0.5, 0.000850:0.7, 0.000950:0.745, 0.002378:1.000 ; 0.0005:0.01, 0.0006:0.4, 0.0007:0.6, 0.0008:0.75,  0.0009:0.9,0.000975:1.0, 0.002378:1.000000

min_n1_for_starter_cutoff = 52 ; 50 ; % - Minimum N1 at which the starter is automatically disabled
min_n2_for_starter_cutoff = 80 ; 200 ; % - Minimum N2 at which the starter is automatically disabled

n1_to_shaft_torque_table = 0:0, 68:0.12, 87:0.88, 100:1.34, 110:1.3 ; 0:0, 68:0.07, 87:1.0, 100:1.34, 110:1.3 ; Corrected N1 -> Shaft Torque

tp_high_idle_throttle_pos = 1 ; 30; throttle position of high idle (Percent)
rated_shaft_hp = 850 ; 0

//External Lights
lightdef.0 = Type:3#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.7,-20.2,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_NavigationRed#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationRed
lightdef.1 = Type:3#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.7,20.2,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_NavigationGreen#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationGreen
lightdef.2 = Type:8#Index:0#LocalPosition:-14.6,-2,0.3#LocalRotation:0,0,90#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_IceLight#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_IceLight
lightdef.3 = Type:2#Index:0#LocalPosition:-37.56,0,3.04#LocalRotation:0,0,180#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_StrobeSimple#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_StrobeTail
lightdef.4 = Type:3#Index:0#LocalPosition:-37.53,0,3.05#LocalRotation:0,0,180#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_NavigationWhite#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_StrobeTailStatic
lightdef.5 = Type:2#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.75,-20.27,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,80#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_StrobeSimple#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_StrobeWing
lightdef.6 = Type:2#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.75,20.27,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,-80#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_StrobeSimple#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_StrobeWing
lightdef.7 = Type:7#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.93,-20.4,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,45#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_Recognition#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_Recognition
lightdef.8 = Type:7#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.93,20.4,1.2#LocalRotation:0,0,-45#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_Recognition#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_TBM930_Recognition
lightdef.9 = Type:6#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,-10#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Taxi#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.10 = Type:6#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,10#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Taxi#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.11 = Type:6#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,-5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_vTaxi#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.12 = Type:6#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_vTaxi#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.13 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,-5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Taxi#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.14 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Taxi#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Taxi
lightdef.15 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,-5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Landing#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing
lightdef.16 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,5#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Landing#PotentiometerIndex:2#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing
lightdef.17 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_vLanding#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing
lightdef.18 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_vLanding#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing
lightdef.19 = Type:9#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,-19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,-10#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Pulse#PotentiometerIndex:3#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing
lightdef.20 = Type:9#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.4,19.8,1.15#LocalRotation:-15,0,10#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_Pulse#PotentiometerIndex:3#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing

//Internal/Cockpit Lights
lightdef.21 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.6,-0.79,3.6#LocalRotation:50,0,-25#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:7
lightdef.22 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.6,0.79,3.6#LocalRotation:50,0,25#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:6
lightdef.23 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-14.76,0,3.35#LocalRotation:80,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_CockpitSpotNarrow#PotentiometerIndex:8
lightdef.24 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-17.35,-0.59,3.6#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.25 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-17.35,0.59,3.6#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.26 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-20,-0.85,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.27 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-20,0.85,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:9
lightdef.28 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-22.13,-0.82,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:9
lightdef.29 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-22.13,0.82,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.30 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-25,0.6,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.31 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-25,-0.6,3.55#LocalRotation:90,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot#PotentiometerIndex:8
lightdef.32 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-15.5,0,2.2#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_CockpitMinimalAmbiant#PotentiometerIndex:14
lightdef.33 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-13.5,-1,1.9#LocalRotation:20,0,-180#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_ScreenBlue#PotentiometerIndex:16
lightdef.34 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-13.5,0,1.9#LocalRotation:0,0,-180#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_ScreenBlue#PotentiometerIndex:17
lightdef.35 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-13.5,1,1.9#LocalRotation:20,0,-180#EffectFile:LIGHT_TBM_ScreenBlue#PotentiometerIndex:16
lightdef.36 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-21,0,1.5#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CabinBounce#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.37 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-25,0,1.5#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CabinBounce#PotentiometerIndex:5
lightdef.38 = Type:10#Index:0#LocalPosition:-14.5,0,1.5#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_CabinBounce#PotentiometerIndex:15

rotation_speed_min = 80 ; 90 ; Min speed required (Kts)
cruise_alt = 31000 ; 30000 ; (ft)
best_glide = 120 ; 0 ; Best Glide (Kts)

pitch_takeoff_ga = 10 ; 8

lift_coef_ground_effect_mach_table = 0.0:1.10, 1.0:1.10 ; 0.054:1.25 ; Hotfix for

number_of_interactive_points = 3 ; 0
interactive_point.0 = 0.3, -14.4, -2.2, 0, 0, 25, 0, -90, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
interactive_point.1 = 0.3, -22, -2.1, 0, 0, 25, 0, -90, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
interactive_point.2 = 0.3, -11.2, -2.2, 0, 1, 25, 0, -90, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version March 03, 2021

    Realistic (L/D)max for MSFS 2020 version

  • Version February 20, 2021

    I included GuiFarias31/Uwa’s light mod/mixMugz engine and lights changes.

  • Version February 19, 2021

    Flight model mod based on Asobo version files.

  • Version 2021-02-16 February 16, 2021

Pretty empty over here.

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    February 27, 2021

    Great mod!

    V. has a few light bugs, though...

    1. The strobe light does not work.
    2. Position lights are on when the switch is off, and vice-versa... they also do not light anything up even when "on".
    3. Neither landing nor taxi lights work.

    Once again, thanks for all your work!

  • image
    February 21, 2021

    Hello. Just a quick note. I flew two years with the X-Aviation TBM900 under X-Plane 11 and noticed that at the time the suitable ITT was around 800 ° and that when the intertiel separator was activated , there was a 40 ° thrust which meant that we had to systematically reduce the throttle. In MSFS, I have the impression that it is to reverse. Thanks for commenting. Sincerely, F-HRBL

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 21, 2021
    Yes, there is a ITT problem. Many people post in the MSFS 2020 forum that things should decrease with altitude, but increase. I did not look into this topic. And as I understand this is something only Asobo can fix.
  • image
    February 19, 2021

    Wonderful work you have done. It is flyable again after the latest update. Keep developing????

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 21, 2021
    Thanks! At the moment we have Covid times and I spend much time tinkering with MSFS 2020. But soon we can hopefully meet again people, enjoy the nice weather and more. I hope that Asobo includes my findings into the official MSFS 2020. Because I don't know if flight level mods will work together with the Xbox or Playstation version of MSFS 2020.
  • image
    February 17, 2021

    Excellent mod!
    Does it also correct the wrong TRQ increasing with altitude increase, making it decrease instead, like it should be?

    Thank you and congrats for the great mod!

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 17, 2021
    What is TRQ? Please check mixmugz TBM930 mod and tell me if there this "TRQ" thing is realistic.
    DenisFerrari replied
    February 18, 2021
    TRQ is torque, shaft torque...and given a throttle position set, it should decrease while altitude increases. Instead, on this aicraft it strangely does the opposite!
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 19, 2021
    I did not look into the torque/altitude stuff. I read that other modders made progress, but maybe this is only for jet engines.
    Other topics on my mod to-do list are ITT and airplane lights. But I make no promises - all in all this is freeware.
    Borgillios replied
    February 19, 2021
    Taxi and landing lights definitly needs some attention. Looking forward to that
  • image
    February 17, 2021

    Just a correction to an incorrect statement made on your description: "MSFS ground effects". That is incorrect, fellow simmer. MSFS had some of the strongest ground effect ever felt, and in the Autumn, Asobo dialed that back a bit to make it more manageable (adjustment quoted in their livestream). In fact, the DA40 as an example feels far more authentic to the real thing from my own experience (before it was quite floaty on landing and just wouldn't touch down).

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 17, 2021
    I am an armchair pilot. Therefore I say: ground effect is too complicated for me. Drag and flare I understand and - most important - I can measure and change.
    tasev1 replied
    February 19, 2021
    You're an armchair pilot....working on mods. That makes you smarter than many! One day, you will understand. Keep at it, and you can have the best TBM mod out there.
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 19, 2021
    Well. I have 30+ years at computer science, 20+ years at digital filters. Some know how I can transfer to flight simulator.
    tasev1 replied
    February 20, 2021
    That's awesome man! Love hearing about what people do outside of FS. I'm was a pilot, but continuing to work in the automotive industry. Thanks Covid.
  • image
    February 15, 2021

    Please, could you also do something about the turning radius? The guys from WT fixed the default radius of the CJ4. What about the TBM, do you think it is possible?

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 16, 2021
    I changed the steering wheel from 15° to 45°. Please test if the new value is realistic.
  • image
    February 15, 2021

    Hi Paul. It still takes of really really fast. Maybe a bit to overpowered?

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 16, 2021
    I will not change acceleration now. The MSFS 2020 flight model has limitations. If I change this, it will also change that. I try to make an overall more realistic flight model. The too much acceleration at take-off is needed for enough deceleration after you reduce throttle before gear and/or flaps are out.
    My tipp: take-off with full flaps. Flaps produce drag and therefore less acceleration.
  • image
    February 08, 2021

    hello Paul,
    this mod MUST BE incorporated with msfs_tbm930_project... I mean flight model. As said "earthdog", please join forces and work together, because these mods alone are nonsense... looking forward for updates :)

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 08, 2021
    It is very easy to copy "my" cfg files into the larger TBM930 project. Does anybody have a email address to the TBM930 project?
    epgd replied
    February 09, 2021
    Heloo Paul,
    I just contacted with Maksim -"mixmugz" mod Tbm, and he told me that already was trying to contact with you..... but still no answer....
    He is very active in MSFS forum - aircraft default -turboprops folder - and TBM 930 fixes topic...
    please contact with him..
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 10, 2021
    Okay, I try to contact him. And again: he can just use my cfg changes. It is all allowed by my license CC-BY.
    epgd replied
    February 11, 2021
    Hi, After a few more flights....
    something is wrong with engines on your mod - specialy on start... its like a rocket.. too fast - dont you think?
    only one better to me is flare on landing.
    Did you do something with the engines?
    for now I m back to mixmugz mod, because it better related to engines.
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 11, 2021
    You are very observant. The trade-off is: if I set the (L/D)max correct, I have to set higher acceleration/deceleration to get the same level flight cruise speed. This makes the "rocket ship" effect.
    You can try to use more flaps at take-off to counter-act the "stronger" engine. Or give less throttle.
    Update: Version is out. Please test and report if the balance between flare and acceleration is now more realistic.
  • image
    February 08, 2021

    Sincerely very nice job !!

  • image
    February 08, 2021

    Paul, it looks absolutely stunning! i would love a video of your process in this looks like fun and worthwhile enough to get involved. Im I could help and at the same time the project would be a great learning moment for me..

    I see no Docs on install, If I am blind, please advise. I am presuming this goes into the Community folder. Please confirm and thanks!

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 08, 2021
    You find install instructions at
  • image
    January 23, 2021

    I am very happy that you showed up. The original mod of TBM is abandoned but another guy took it up here :

    It would be great if you joined forces. The community would greatly appreciate it. The mod works perfectly with Working Title mods. On the other hand the TBM needs improvement in the area you work for with this mod here, so i see a win win situation for all here :)

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    January 23, 2021
    Hello earthdog. The TBM930 mixMugz project can use my engine.cfg and flight_model.cfg files as they like - it is license CC-BY: Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works and remixes based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits (attribution) in the manner specified by these.
    earthdog replied
    January 23, 2021
    Nice, i will try them . You know what we are all afraid . An MSFS update to ruin TBM or other aircrafts and then we will have to search for you guys to fix it :) Thanks!
    PaulFalke replied Author
    January 24, 2021
    Hello earthdog, I hope the days of "late night patches" doing more harm then good are over at Asobo/Microsoft. I luckily had never big problems with download or with CTD, but I read enough about it.
    And I always write a Zendesk report about my findings. If Asobo want, they can implement my changes into the official release. I wish they are smart enough for this!
  • image
    November 24, 2020

    Can you please make this compatible with the MSFS TBM 930 Improvement Project?

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    December 08, 2020
    Normally you can have the livery mod and the flight model mod together. Please try to load both into your community folder.
    At the moment FS2020 moves too fast and I change the flight model mod too often to consolidate already.
    pilotjohn replied
    December 21, 2020
    +1, or perhaps contribute these changes to that project?

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