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EDLT - Münster-Telgte Berdelhafen

Scenery offers real parking spots, a second gras type runway and all taxi ways and includes custom modeled objects for this scenery. The airport "Berdelhafen" is a small but really busy airport for General Aviation traffic in western Germany (NRW) near Münster.


The airport "Berdelhafen" is a small but really busy airport for General Aviation traffic. For more information have a look a the website.

The scenery offers real parking spots, a second gras type runway and all taxi ways. The buildings are modeled custom for this scenery with high-res textures (partly PBR).

Also included in this scenery is a custom made "satellite" background image as ground textur. The image was taken with a DJI Phantom and processed in QGIS.

Since Release 0.9, the scenery also includes a custom animated windock.

This is my first published scenery. If you have feedback or wishes please let me know.

Next steps:
  • more details for garage area
  • details (fences, lights and road plates) of the driveway


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Münster Telgte Berdelhafen EDLT
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February 06, 2022
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3 month(s) ago — 0.24



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  • Updated to version 0.24

  • Updated to version 0.20

  • Updated to version 0.10

  • Updated to version 0.9

  • Updated to version 0.8

  • Updated to version 0.7.1

  • Initial File Release

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Thanked by sasquotschi

Tolle Scenery, die ich als ehemaliger Fallschirmspringer noch sehr gut kenne und nun als Pilot auch öfters wiedersehe. Im Real Life und nun auch noch hübscher im Sim. Schön, dass Du so viel Liebe dort reinsteckst, das wünsche ich mir für Marl und Dinslaken. Beste Grüße - Alex / EDLE.

You scenery is even getting better!!

2 requests/remarks:

  • Do not know it's still a issue with CTD, yet your modellib has still the default name, better to make it specific in the name.
  • Is it possible to get a version without the 2 static aircraft (VL3 en Cessna Caravan)?
Thanked by sasquotschi

Danke für das Update und deine Mühe !!

Hey die Szenerie sieht echt Hammer aus! Gibt's die auch für den FSX?

Zufällig Lust auf eine EDWO Umsetzung? Habe ca. 2500 aktuelle Fotos - Mir fehlt nur ein Developer..der Lust/Zeit hat. Melde dich gerne!

Thanked by sasquotschi

Thank you for this great airport!


wie Uptempo schon geschrieben hat, mit dem Mod fehlen in den großen Flughäfen die Pushback-Trucks, die Ground Power sowie die Tank- und Baggage-Fahrzeuge und das sonst umher rennende Bodenpersonal.

Ach ja, generell, also selbst wenn EDLT nur allein aktiv ist.

Thanked by sasquotschi

You can find a short review here:


Thanked by sasquotschi

Great work Julian!

Thanked by sasquotschi

Looks great !!!

Thanked by sasquotschi

what a beautiful airport!

Aha, The Home airport of the famous Youtube VL/3 pilot "Hirnklempner" Very nice and keep up the good work !!!

Thanked by sasquotschi

Very good scenery, beatiful 3D models (think you can make them even better if you put PBR/Bump maps on them!

  • Version 0.24 December 21, 2022

    Christmas Release (0.24)

    * newly built microlight hangar
    * newly built car parking area in front of the Restaurant 'Berdelhafen'
    * night-lightning for all major areas of the airport
    * detailed forest areas around the airport

    * No more snow inside the Tower
    * No more snow inside Restaurant 'Berdelhafen'
    * No more snow on peoples

  • Version 0.20 October 15, 2022

    * Added custom modelled restaurant 'Berdelhafen'
    * Added custom fence with a lot of advertisment posters for the local flying clubs
    * Improved vegetation polygons for forestal areas in the vicinity of the airport for a nice feeling during final approach
    * Placed living people all over the airport. Note that they are all part of the MSFS World Update VI (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). You'll need to have it installed in order to see the 3D people.

  • Version 0.10 April 05, 2022

    - the food truck is ready for summer season. A cold beer after a nice flight is waiting for you right at the airfield 🍻. Depending on time and weather it is opened or closed with custom animations. Also this is the first object at the airfield with custom created PBR (physically based textures).
    - some minor internal cleanup

  • Version 0.9 February 18, 2022

    * added custom animated windsock
    * added custom animated signal area showing landing direction and traffic pattern

    Video Preview:

  • Version 0.8 February 10, 2022

    * fixed issue with dissappearing ground workers and vehicles on other airports
    * fixed taxiway center line on middle taxiway to runway
    * added noise abatement signs on both hold short positions (RWY10 and RWY28)
    * added signal area (to be animated according to wind direction)
    * added custom windsock mast (in preparation for custom animated windsock)
    * added tree row at short final of RWY28

  • Version 0.7.1 February 06, 2022

    fixed overlapping taxiway textures

  • Launched February 06, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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