KBLI Bellingham, WA

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Version 1.4
Initial Release October 28, 2020
Last Updated May 24, 2021
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Intl. Airports
United States


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  • Version 1.4 May 24, 2021

    Version 1.4 improves the taxiway edge lights

  • Version 1.3 December 24, 2020

    Version 1.3 adds the fuel station next to Twy F, and makes the ILS frequency visible in the airplanes FMC/MCDU.

  • Version 1.2 November 04, 2020

  • Launched October 28, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Thanks for your hard work on this! I look forward to flying into this airport tomorrow night with a group flight. Only comment I have is that you have a bunch of runway hold short lines separating the parking/gates from taxiways. I think what you want there are the non movement lines instead.

Works well with SIM UPDATE 5, no issues at all. This is with a clean installation of the sim I must add. All other scenery is ORBX. Thanks, PropellerBC. KBLI Bellington, Washington is still one of my favorite U.S. Departures. Great Job as I said last year.

I wanted to let you know I've discovered a very odd bug with this scenery. Whenever I have it enabled, if I get too close (though I haven't managed to determine how close is "too close") to KBFI, then my sim congratulates me with a CTD. At first I thought it was the plane I was flying, and then I thought it might be, of all things, a scenery file for Miegs Field, but further testing has narrowed it down definitively to THIS scenery. I have no idea why, or if this is even an active project still, but I thought you'd want to know.

It's a relatively recent development, so it may have it's roots in one of the updates from Asobo since you put out the last version, but I see that's been awhile. (Which is why I'm wondering if it's even an active project.)

It's freeware, so I can't complain because it's not like I can ask for my money back, but I thought you'd like to know!

Apologies for not replying sooner, only just noticed your reply.

I'll give it another go.
As you say may be a quirk with my setup.

All I did on a few occasions to reproduce it was to fly with KBLI enabled & then when disabled the ILS came back.

Thanks for looking.

A very nice addition, I use it a lot, thanks.
With version 1.3 I've still not got the ILS displayed.
The fuel pump by taxiway foxtrot/the hangars and the FBO are missing.
Awesome PropellerBC!!!! This is my home airport! I can't wait to try this one out! Thank you!
Nicely done! Agree with the PAPI being wrong. Shows you as too high even on the deck. Also, I think we are missing GA parking spots. Only gate is being offered.
It's not CZNL but she'll do very well. I always used KBLI in P3Dv4.5 or OS9 for a refueling point coming from PAJN or PAKT for my DC-3 VA Group. It is very surprising that there isn't a DC-3 in this series of MSFS or a DHC-2. Two very iconic aircraft. Thanks for another great creation PropllerBC.
YEEEAAAHHH!!! YES, YES, YES!!! You break all records. Great relaese frequenz. THANK YOU
Please keep an eye on VASI. Glideslope isn´t correct.

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