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Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, modified to remove the pod! Version 1.21 for Sim Update 5 An OPTIONAL download is now available with lightened prop textures. Place these in: Community\Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod  - Parorng\SimObjects\Airplanes\parorng_C208-nopod\TEXTURE You'll need to delete any old installation in...


Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, modified to remove the pod!

Version 1.21 for Sim Update 5

An OPTIONAL download is now available with lightened prop textures. Place these in:

Community\Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod  - Parorng\SimObjects\Airplanes\parorng_C208-nopod\TEXTURE

You'll need to delete any old installation in Community and install BOTH downloads to use these prop textures. If you have 1.2 already, you'll only need the prop textures.

I've finally managed to get the modified default livery working again (but having issues with SU5 and the SDK - and I'm in the process of moving countries) - expect that to come with v1.3!

The mighty Caravan is in use around the world, and often the ones I see do not have the pod. This project started for me as a way to get my feet wet (hint hint) in 3d modelling and start creating some things for myself. Removing and rebuilding the floor of this aircraft took a lot of work! I have extended the nosewheel cowl to match the real aircraft, and remapped all textures to work with the changes.

This Asobo model has been completely reworked. 
  • All animations have been redone (and adjusted in some cases)
  • Pod removed
  • Nosewheel cowl extended
  • Textures remapped
  • Registration moved to the most common area from what I have seen, with the regstration italics accurately added. 3 registration locations are now possible. Run the Variants script to choose which you like!
  • The flight model is based on @Carbonprop's excellent performance mod, and edited to reflect the no-pod.
  • New rivets to better show off your amazing liveries! Feel free to use this on the Asobo caravan too, just remmeber to backup any original 'Ribbon' texture file (I rename them .org normally)
  • Check the changelog to see latest changes!
  • The frost textures aren't playing nice just yet, so they're omitted. Also the windscreen frost isn't active currently.
  • The Asobo modelled livery includes the pod (modelled), so for now I have removed the entire modelled livery.
  • The Main gear struts and brakes for some reason don't have textures again (they're black!) They are good in Blender and the UV maps are aligned so I have no idea why. If anyone knows, send me a PM!
  • Doors don't open still. I'll need to rework the entire cabin to allow that - currently way above my abilities and time constraints, but I'll keep at it. I'd love a roller door one day...

The livery converter is now packaged

Please read the converter documentation for details. No adjustments should be needed to current liveries to get them working. There is a slight issue with a few existing liveries on the new the nosewheel cowl extension (as the UV now covers a little more room). I'll consider rearranging the UVs for this part on update v1.2.

Registration Location Option:

v1.2 includes THREE different locations available for the registration. Currently it will affect all liveries.

Under 'Variants' run the batch file to change your variant. You can also do this manually if you'd prefer.

Again, currently this will affect all aircraft. It is possible to change them around at any time. If the sim is running when you change it, to take effect, you'll need to resync your aircraft (via the New Project - Aircraft Editor), restart/reload the flight, or restart the entire sim.

It IS possible to have this set differently per livery. The designer, or yourself, will need to add the correct .gltf and .bin models to the livery and ensure they're referenced correctly in the layout.json (If you need any guidance, drop me a message here or on my discord below!)

Copilot Option:

v1.2 includes the option to see your copilot! Run the Variants batch file to choose that option. By default it is on.

I played with adding a passenger as well, but they like their leg room and put their feet through the seat in front. So for now, no passengers.


As always, please place the 'Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng' folder into your community folder. I recommend removing the old one completely before doing this.

Working Title Instrumentation: ***IMPORTANT***

If you are using the WorkingTitle G1000/GX MOD you must copy and overwrite the CommonPFD_MFD.js file from the WTPATCH directory to the following location in BOTH the G1000 and GX folders.


If you neglect to do this the aircraft annunciator system will NOT work.

REMEMBER the WT G1000 mod is not compatible with the G1000NXi in the store, so choose one and enjoy!

Future Plans:

The float version is coming along nicely, but I've had to take some personal time as I'm moving countries for a bit to be with my family. I haven't seen them for 16 months now... A tropical beach should give me some motivation however!

I'd also love to do a skydiving and cargo version, as well as one with surveying equipment. I'd prefer to have a redone cabin for this, with all the seats removed. All I need is time, and motivation!

If you want to contact me, message me on flightsim.to, the MSFS forums, or at my discord. Grab your invite here:


Hope you Enjoy it!

As always, if you like what you see and want to help out with development of this and other projects, feel free to donate! 



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May 23, 2021
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2 year(s) ago — 1.21



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Cessna 208 B


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Hi, I have a request regarding the sound, could you could change the sound of the engine to the PC-6's sound to match the 4 blade propeller?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I just want to get rid of the pod.

I did the download:

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng v1.2 SU5_UmCo1.zip

I unzipped it and got a folder called:

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng v1.2 SU5

I found my Community folder on my X drive where I have installed MSFS 2020.

I created a folder:

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng

Then I put the contents of "Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng v1.2 SU5" into new folder in Community folder.

Now opening up that folder I see six directories and various other files.


Now it should work, right?

I have SIM10 Update, my MSFS 2020 is fully up-to-date.

Although I use "Addons Linker" program to load things in and out of the Community folder, in this case I did not use that. I put everything directly into the Community folder.

It should work, but have I done anything wrong? I load in the Cessna 200B and it still has that ugly pod.

Any help appreciated.




4 month(s) ago

Thank's for this but compatible with SU10 ?

Unfortunately this project has been abandoned. I liked this aircraft very much and had to uninstall after SU10 , left all the panels Asobo totally black.

Will the floats be updated with this mod or separate? Are the floats still being worked on?

Hi Parorng, great work on your no POD Version. "Black Square" just released a study level analog version of the Caravan. Is it somehow possible to make your no POD Version working with the "Black Square" analog version? That would be awesome!

Maybe there is just a line of code we have to change or something? Thanks, Tom

does it still work without it being updated

is it a separate aircraft or it overwrite's the original one?

is it also compatible with the Grand Caravan Improvment Mod by Magraina?

Sorry but seems that it will not extract (using standard 7-unzip package) many files (inc several dds) say filename too long to extract error. Latest version downloaded.

The true modern adventure comes to life thanks to this plane!! I didn't notice about the black main gear struts and brakes until you mentioned hehe what means your model is awesome in every ways, thank you! 😊 I made some captures, hope you like it.

PD:Your pic with the floats looks very well 😋

has anyone tried this aircraft in SU7?

Just beautiful!

I have an issue that some textures cannot be extracted or copied from the main file (.dds) resulting in missing fuselage etc.

I have tried it with multiple third party program but it seems like to have a "too long directory" or so... anybody can help? Thanks 😊

Is it normal for the rivets to show too much?

Could you create 3-blade prop version?

My asian liveries are flying with it in reality.

Sorry. Every time l try and load this it CTD's.

Seems to effect the stock c208 aswell. till l uninstall this.

What is the No Pod Mod and what does it do?

Just downloaded version 1.21. There is a terrible texture problem. The outside is not white. I can't even describe it. The cockpit is covered in pink and lavender squares in a chessboard pattern. It actually seems to fly nice.



2 year(s) ago / Thanked by Parorng

The new prop textures are absolutely spot on! This will now be my go-to plane for most local flights.



2 year(s) ago / Thanked by Parorng

Hi Regarding this - !!!IMPORTANT!!!

"If you are using the WorkingTitle G1000/GX MOD you must copy and overwrite the CommonPFD_MFD.js file from the WTPATCH directory to the following location in BOTH the G1000 and GX folders.


If you neglect to do this the aircraft annunciator system will NOT work."

The G1000 is now part of the game and doesn't seem to have that file anymore to overwrite.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.21 August 06, 2021

    As a separate optional upload, I've added revised and lightened prop textures.

    Please add these to your testure folder:
    Community\Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - No Pod - Parorng\SimObjects\Airplanes\parorng_C208-nopod\TEXTURE

    Default livery coming on the next update, as well as dust etc, as soon as I can get this SDK working again with SU5!

  • Version 1.2 July 30, 2021

    29/07/2021 - Version 1.2 for Sim Update 5
    - Livery Converter now included by default
    - Cockpit updated to reflect SU5 new knobs etc
    - Copilot option enabled. ***If you don't want this, run the Variant.bat script and choose your registration location and copilot/no copilot***
    - Performance is default (replace with @carbonprop's one - beta 1.2 engines.cfg and flight_model.cfg are edited and included. Simply rename them to their correct names, or just copy his files over the top of these ones.
    Differences are the loading sheet (delete Crago Pod stations), the steering (adjusted by me), and the drag (reduced by 5% to .95)
    - Reduced cockpit LODs as the interior smaller new default LOD textures are pink at a distance

    ***Known Issues***
    - Main gear legs and brakes are not textured (they appear black). I have no idea why they're doing this, they look perfect in Blender! I've been trying on and off over the last month. If anyone knows let me know! I'll play around with moving them across again from the default aircraft and reanimating them to see if that helps. Expect that, if successful, in v1.3
    - Working Title G1000 GPS (0.4.0) is showing DTK 000 instead of the required track. (if installed)
    - Working Title G1000 and GX Range knob not working (if installed)

  • Version 1.1 May 27, 2021

    27/05/2021 - Version 1.1
    - Added rivets to the bottom skin
    - Prop transparency - too dark fixed
    - Prop location - fix
    - Added livery converter
    - Added registration location options and installer
    - Change rivet transparency - Feel free to use with your default Caravan! (Make a backup first!)
    - Flight model reverted to Asobo's SU4 due to compatibility issues
    - Updated weight and balance, drag and nosewheel steering angle to reflect the 90 degrees the real Caravan can do!

    28/05/2021 - Version 1.1-1
    - Livery Converter had an old non-working format. The correct one is now included in the main pack or separately.
    * If you downloaded v1.1 already, just grab the converter as a separate download.

  • Launched May 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

How do I install this aircraft
How do I install this aircraft?

Simply extract and copy to your 'community folder' as normal

How do I use the livery converter?

Simply copy the entire 'C208 Asobo to C208 No Pod Livery Converter' into your working livery and run the C208.bat file

It will ask questions to confirm its location and the livery you are converting, followed by questions regarding the livery variant and registration.

At the end it will ask to generate your layout.json which I recommend running.

Restart or launch the sim and it should be there available for you. 

How do I use the registration location tool?

Find this under 'Variants'. There are three to choose from:

Default, Rear Italics, or a smaller registration on the tail. See the screenshots for examples.

Unlike the livery converter, this tool needs to be run from its Variants folder, without moving anything.

Simply run that 'Variant Changer.bat' and choose which location you would prefer!

***Currently this can only affect ALL liveries, not on a per-livery basis***

I'm working on a solution to this. It CAN be changed when the sim is running. Once you've changed it you will need to resync or reload your aircraft, restart the flight or restart the sim.


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