Hi, you unfortunately have to start from the runway with engines running.

We are working on it. Thank you for the warning.

I love this airfield but would it be possible to have a version without all the POIs that add so much clutter to the area on the World Map? And for some reason I see these icons inside a crossed out square which makes it even more ugly.

Hey, could you let me know of the specific area with terrain issues? Ive reverted to the default terraforming with just a profile rectangle around the terminal area on this last V1.2 update. I havent had any major issues but if you are having an issue in a certain area I could fix it real quick and update the file!

I also wholeheartedly agree, the major downfall of the SDK is terraforming in general. Unfortunate since it is so important for scenery production!

Hi, great trips, great work. I hope you that you create one in Cataluña and the East coast soon... In the meanwhile, do you know how to use a MIlviz C310R in your trips?. I'm using MissionChanger to modify the default aircrafts for bush trips and missions but I cannot select this plane there. In Milviz support I cannot find any useful help ;(

Can't you make something that only applies to Bravo Throttle?

It's hard to set it up because there's no alpha yoke.

I think it would be good to assign a light button to the middle row button of the Bravo throttle.

Just wanted to make you aware most of the plane models won't exist without installing 2 other mods I didn't realize I had used. Sorry about that. Still learning.

If your plane entered a slow left turn going down and is uncontrollable, it is not related to the add-on, I have that on a regular basis with long-haul flights, I had it yesterday on a SCEL-KATL flight after 7 hours, very frustrating. It is due to the MSFS performance degradation on some long-haul flights. I say "some" because I could also complete several such flights, but I have yet to understand what triggers (or not) this phenomenon, and it does not seem that Asobo is working on this either.

I only stream with your checklists! Fantastic work JayDee. Hope you will make Fenix A320 😊 thanks!

thank you so much! love your mode

Hey, I downloaded the latest update but it does not show up in the flight sim😞

Hi Andreoli,

I have just updated the download description, with my speed and smoothness settings (1 and 15 respectively). I hope that helps.

Regarding the video; I'm not sure there would be much to cover, as I simply use TrackIR with this profile and then the default MSFS camera settings.

All the best! : )

I definitely like the cleaning trucks, that’s planned. I’ll be sure to do a bit more research, thank you for your comments!

MJd Thanks for the info , I have uploaded updated livery , thanks

Quote "Whatever the problem is, it seems to be affecting all programs attempting to start up with MSFS, not just BBL. I'm attempting to find out what's going on"

Yes you are correct, none of my programs are starting as they should, since the update????????

Regards BJ from Oz

Southwest I know does.

And I know Delta uses their own cleaning: (They also have some catering trucks, but I think those are restricted to hubs)

Thank you brother. Great Liveries. Looking forward to your next products.

We'll see, I did message Fenix about this mod so I will happily remove it if that is what they wish. For now sit back relax enjoy the flight.

This is not planned at the moment, but companies like gategourmet, LSG sky chefs, newrest, etc are planned.

if you can provide images of airline-branded catering services, please provide them, it’s just not something I have seen personally.

also during my return flight (Gate 18) im requesting for pushback but no tugs can be found.

Excellent mod. Sauriez vous aussi faire la baie de Marennes d'Oléron ?

There appears to be a LOD issue where the interior turns pink when viewed from a distance. Otherwise it's still a stunning livery!

First of all, love this mod, great job on this one! Is there a 'classic' version available at all? Or is the g1000 version the only one available? Thank you again.

Love this livery, but unfortunately the interior turns pink from a distance and the MFD's are pink (WT mod installed).

Absolutely love this livery, but unfortunately the interior turns pink when viewed from a distance.

That's more like it. I think Fenix done a good job making the cockpit look used. This just adds to it. Never was a fan of the shiny brand new cockpit look some planes seem to have in MSFS... The wear and tear gives it character and immersion imo. Thanks for this.

Great job on this airport but somebody needs to figure out this terrain flattening problem. Not just yours, others too. It was so much easier on FSX. The scenery on yours is really good though. Hope you can figure out the uneven surfaces.

Is this a fictional plane? Because i cannot find the reg anywhere. If so, please put it somewhere into the comments.

Also, that wear and tear, its way overdone. And probably even impossible that it can wear like that. The blue doesnt look like the real one also.

The tail is very low res. Maybe 240px?

I dont like to give bad reviews, really. I appreciate everyones work and im aware that ppl give away their time for us. Thank you for this, honestly.

But time is very important for me too and figuring out after the install and loadup that the last 15 mins were wasted, i tend to take the additional time to make this comment. So maybe it saves other peoples time and maybe it puts you to improve it a bit.

Anyway, thanks for th livery but it would really be nice if you

I can't get rid of the watermark, you can see it on google maps as well.

You can switch to Bing (Latest) to avoid this problem.

Thanks again - I love flying the Pacific Northwest down towards these airports.

I know I know... Blender has broken for me, and until I get that fixed, I can't fix the 30-something liveries I have for the A330neo... 😓


Could you please do another Smartlynx livery or fleet package? Thanks!

yes, I also cannon move the ignition switch or remove the yoke

Just tried with update 9. Cannot remove yoke, starter switch is stuck to on and ignition switch stuck to auto and will not move.

Fantastic job, could you add the aeromexico logo into the winglets please?

-thanks you!

So why downding this when thre are other carrier that all is workign with animated crew so what is the point !?