Outstanding livery, any chance we could get the old etihad livery for the a330neo??


Celle la je la trouve oui, mais impossible a télécharger, j'ai beau cliquer sur Ad to account, mais rien ne se passe

it's ok, I have tried and deleted the saved files, (inside user / aapdata / roaming / MSF) to see if I can take the trips again, I have not had problems with all the other legs, and it also looks like to and work, after deletion, but we for see when I come again to No. 17


Bizarre que vous ne la trouviez plus car ce matin encore en lançant Orbx central elle se trouve dedans. Je ne sais pas sur quel site vous la cherchiez avant mais elle est toujours distribuée. Il faut juste sélectionner le produit channel island (free) qui va installer la library.

Bon vol!

How do you actually use the window views?


You do mean "from Google maps"?


  • did you clear

if the castering wheel is broken. then id recommend not using it

Super ! Je voulais le faire. Et Deaux aussi... A suivre ? (liste de mes scénes : https://claude-roure.webnode.fr/fs2020/ )

Merci ! Oui je dois reprendre les deux ponts et réussir aussi à faire passer correctement les véhicules dessus, la peinture réelle a effectivement changé depuis sa rénovation. Pour LFML c'est un travail trop exigeant par rapport à mes capacités et il est certainement l'aéroport du coin le plus attendu , je sais plus où j'ai vu cette info mais il y a quelqu'un dessus. Dès que dispo je retirerais ma mini modif des gros hangars sud.

Hey there, such great works you have man !

Regarding this trim thing - you might think about controlling the surfaces directly by manipulating SimConnect offsets (the plane might need a small WASM quickly compiled).

Then for trim you use this control formula:

x32000BC0, x3FFF0080 = trim up

(it's an SWord 0BC0 incremented with the upper limit of 16383, right, cuz it's an axis)


x42000BC0, xC0010080 = trim down

(same 0BC0 offset just applied the decrement with the negative limit of -16383)

The decrement is 128/16383 at 6Hz, and it makes trimming sooo perfect - also it stands the test of time...since...I wrote it back for FS2004 but it still works today in FS2020.

They can even change sim generations, but my dear trim shall endure trough centuries! 😁

Super travail, bravo!

Après c'est vrai, ce serait top quelques petites textures sur certains bâtiments.

Je pensais notamment au pont de Martigues.

PS: Par curiosité, vous savez si quelqu'un ou une équipe travaille sur l'aéroport de LFML?

Cet aéroport aurait besoin d'un bon coup de polish (tour de contrôle, aérogare...)

Nose wheel isnt working anymore... neither in the standard version nor the mod version. Tested free castering nose wheel steering but same problem. All other aircraft i tested work fine.. Any ideas? Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Thank you for taking the time from a distant place.

Thank you so much for this free ware. I have been using it for a month now and its freaking awesome!

Greetings from Malaysia. This is 200% way better than the default airport in the sim. Thank you so much for your great work

No updates for the KingAir in the Content Manager, everything is up to date. I did try unloading the G1000 NXi since I read down below that someone had issues with that, but it didn't work.

Main issue for me is that the middle screen is completely messed up. There's no engine information and the menu of the GTN is not showing any icons. I can see the grey-blue background the GTN has and the radio and nav frequencies.

When you first look at the plane, it's a great aircraft. However, as you dig deeper you find problems like buttons that don't make a sound, wipers that don't work, missing texture on the wings when you're looking from the cockpit, and more. Reading these reviews, I'm seeing a lot of problems that I haven't had, so I'd only fly with this plane if you're ready for glitches. Since it still is a WIP and freeware, I've still given it 4.5 star review

Понял😊 Хороших вам полетов😊

Danke für die Bewertung und den Kommentar!

Ich bin selbst aus Linz 😊

Just installed and flew over my local area. I was happy to see the twin smokestacks at the PG&E Power Plant in Moss Landing, CA. It makes my flights into and out of Monterey, CA much more real.

Thank you.


Won't show up in my liveries in MSFS 2020, I placed the folder in the Community folder.

Sry didnt look close enough... Thank you for your great work!!! Its the best mod in my opinion and aerodynamics are perfect!!! Triple A mod 😉

I tried version 2.1.2, run the file run.bat in administrator mode, but still get no photogrammetry from bing map. Can one help me out? Thanks.

Merci pour la Grand Combe, c'est top. As-tu l'intention de réaliser Alès Deaux ? Ce serait merveilleux. Milles mercis

NEED to fix the radio panels ...they do NOT work since update 6. The buttons are not functional either, such as turning off the copilot

It seems you're doing a couple a day! I've not grabbed any yet as I'm in the southwest of the UK but wondering if you're planning any in Devon? Hallwell, Branscombe, Eggesford, Eaglescott srping immediately to mind. I might grab some of the ones you've done in the southeast UK, Sussex, Hampshire etc.

I took this video https://youtu.be/gMDEPPA03dU of Longitude start sequence without aircraft-longitudeFDEfix mod.

This video is with aircraft-longitudeFDEfix mod: https://youtu.be/oN1TMTsSKpA

I confirmed removing all mods from the community directory, except aircraft-longitudeFDEfix still keeps these CAS lights on.

I looked through the code and didn't see anything obvious to why these specific CAS lights stay on.

I hope this helps resolve any issues.

Shouldn’t take long to do that one. Already done a few more to post this weekend. Feel free to put any up in the requests section.

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