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492CA is owned by the Cava restaurant chain! Saw them at work earlier in the year

Awesome job Julien!! Thanks again for this amazing livery!

There are plans for multiple engine-related failures after the normal ops part is done.

Beautiful job, thanks so much. How did you get the military pilot with the gray helmet? Mine shows up white.

Thanks! By the way, can I ask what hardware (and if you use it - software) you guys use to control the throttle?

I am also experiencing an overly-sensitive throttle! Otherwise, magnificent! I always am excited to see what the next update will bring! Thank you for all the wonderful attention you are paying to this glorious bird!

Thank you...this is one of three I've been hoping someone would do. Very well done.


Thank you. If you could send me some pictures of those two, I could take a look at it and see what I can do.

There are also differences on the paint job. I've seen photos of it with red eyes and some with white eyes. Some with black wing tips and some without. There are more differences on the paint as well. All that on the same aircraft...same reg number.

New update has been published and it is one single profile now. MCDU and ECAM are now folders and no extra profiles anymore. Due to that no view changes are possible anymore. Check it out…and leave a like.



YES, the two countries can easily be confused. One country with its world-famous natives with wild rites and an incomprehensible language and on the other hand Australia....

Merci beaucoup. Oui j'ai travaillé pas mal fort au Saguenay, il y avait beaucoup de travail à faire là et j'ai pas fini. Je viens de terminé tout l'Estrie, là aussi beaucoup de travail. Le mod que tu mentionnes est uniquement pour Montréal alors oui il faut le garder.

Thanks for that - The previous one was really great inside, and looked like it will be a great little aircraft!

super belle job , je reconnais maintenant mieux le saguenay, je crois avoir vu une riviere dans le parc le long de la 175 qui débordais sur la route, mais avec cette nouvelle version peu etre que cela est corrigé. super merci. faut il enlever le cleanup de montreal

Also, will you implement engine damage if you mishandle the supercharger lever?

You should invest your time and talent to make that NAWDC paint so people won't have to stoop to downloading this "boring" one for free.



da gibt leider nur rs-khli in der Zip Datei?

Thank you for doing this nice Thomson Christmas Livery from 2009 Great Job Thank you. i did put nice comment on the other painter page on here (Benoit) asked him if he could do it as he done a very nice job of doing a TUI Christmas Livery & the coca cola Christmas Livery and he done few TUI liveries for The PMDG 737-800. and as Thomsonfly/ Thomson Airways UK are part of TUI i decided to ask but i didn't expect someone else to take it up and do it that quick which is great Thank you .this site got great talented painters.

Really glad you like it...a true labor of love....took a lot longer to design and create, but well worth the journey. Let me know if anything seems out of place. I used to live on Long Island but now I am out west so things most likely have changed. Again, thanks for the kind words.

Indeed, there are a lot of stuff regarding the MSFS development scene that's a bit weird. Anyways, thank you so much for both fantastic products and admirable swift respons to your users/the community.

C'est bien mentionné le contraire "Donc vous aurez besoin de la partie 2."

Fantastic! This will be great for touring the beautiful Rockies.

Thank you - Just moving back to Beta today because of this AC so can't wait to try it.

The differences that you mention are probably due to the fact that the original aircraft is a Piper 28 Cherokee 140, a much smaller and completely different aircraft. There are the cherookee 140, 180, Warrior, Archer, Dakota, Arrow, Arrow II, Arrow III, Turbo Arrow III, Turbo Arrow IV ....


You are a legend!

I flew this aircraft irl at Aerocon in Brazil.

I hope you can make the DYZ and the EPA.


This is a wonderful scenery that clearly shows the state of the airport in Mexico. Long live Mexico! ! !

Class job flew it into Enontekio tonight 😊


It's a very nice and clean airport. Makes flying fun. Long live Mexico.

Turns out I cannot use the latest update with my honeycomb flight controls, the magnetos wont turn and the ignition switch seems stuck, seems my controls don't like anything from version 2.0

This ist very sad, but thanks for the reply!