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SJFLY2 posted this
2 month(s) ago

Please make more of the ground vehicle reskins, I love them!

vLegion answered
2 month(s) ago

what would you like to see?

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All My liveries have been removed from the site. You may PM me for the dowload site.
I've done this one in that edition. will update soon,
Being that this is freeware I am not going to go to that extent considering ORBX will probably just release a full cityscape. However, if you have used the SDK you know that doing small things like this can take hours of work because of how broken it is.
will add it to the list
I can see it? https://cdn.flightsim.to/images/01/3k9A6YVH.jpg?width=1400&auto_optimize=medium
1.1 is sorry. I redid it all, but moving house atm so will update it all soon.
LMAO. I have all the PSD's. GG's Just follow whatever the liars say.
@flightsimthree thanks not sure why this happened.
@onlyforbrian Now supports Drag & Drop and slightly better lighting
@Casper88888881 Will see what I can do
@AussieRamboGFYS I have now added the wires :) Update releasing soon. Remember to follow my profile
@AussieRamboGFYS just have to get the game to see them :)
@Wingding65 I'll hopefully get the cables sorted soon, It seems that the game has a fit because there is too many.
@Mickhill l have done a video on it already. checkout my youtube. It's linked on my profile.
@PharaohSteve sadly no, it replaces those.

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